Speaking to The Wrestling Observer, Jack Perry has shed more light on his status with AEW.

Perry claims that Tony Khan and AEW didn’t contact him for two months following the on-camera and backstage situation at All In.

During the Zero Hero preshow Perry wrestled Hook for the FTW Championship. As Perry and Hook were wrestling on top of a limo that Perry came out in, Perry looked directly at a camera.

“You know what this is? REAL glass. Cry me a river,” he said before being suplexed on the windshield by Hook. Perry ended up with cuts on his shoulder and arm.

Perry’s comments go back to a him wanting to use real glass for a segment on Collision. Punk, Tony Schiavone, AEW officials and medical staff denied the request saying it was dangerous and against AEW new policy. They feared for his safety. That decision upset Perry at the time.

That call out live on camera resulted in an altercation backstage at All In, the firing of CM Punk and according to Perry, Khan ignoring, dismissing him.

“Perry said he never texted to say he was sorry and told Khan’s lawyers he would not initiate first contact. Khan finally set up an in-person meeting before Full Gear in Los Angeles where they discussed plans to bring him back last December. However, after Punk returned to WWE at Survivor Series, those plans were scrapped,” writes Bryan Alverez.

Perry claimed he asked for his release from AEW but that request was denied by Khan. Since he hasn’t had any direct contact with AEW none of what he has done in NJPW has been authorized by the brand including him tearing up his AEW contract on air.

TOP PHOTO: Jack Perry wins FTW Championship, at TD Garden, in Boston, on Wednesday, July 19, 2023. Photo by George Tahinos, georgetahinos.smugmug.com