As Becky Lynch prepares for her WrestleMania 40 bout against everyone’s favorite Mami, Rhea Ripley, she took some time to hold a virtual Q&A and signing session for fans who had pre-purchased an autographed copy of her new book, Becky Lynch: The Man: Not Your Average Girl. 

The book is about Lynch’s life and the path that led her from Dublin all the way to becoming an American citizen — just this week. Anyone who was invited to the Q&A was able to ask a question, and Lynch — real name Rebecca Quin — had over 750 questions to choose from.

For those that don’t know, Lynch is married in real life to fellow WWE superstar, Seth Rollins (Colby Lopez), and some fan questions included him within them.

One such question was if there was a specific moment in which Lynch knew that Rollins was the one for her. She responded with a smile and stated that it wasn’t a specific moment, but … “He’s just the best. It was quite early on in our relationship, and we were inseparable. And he’s always been such a great friend to me, and so, I loved him before I loved him. So I don’t know if there was a specific moment, it was gradual but it was also rapid.”

Another Rollins-related question was how special it was for the couple to win WWE Championship belts on the same night at WrestleMania. “It was amazing. It was so incredible, to do that together, and to be able to make history like that together.” Lynch also looks back on that memory fondly as when she got back to her hotel, Rollins had left a bottle of her favorite tequila in her room to celebrate.

Questions about opponents were a hot topic as well, with Lynch revealing that her dream matchup and venue would be in Crow Park in Dublin, against the likes of Beth Phoenix. “This is a match that I’ve been trying to get for a long time, would be Beth Phoenix. I’ve been trying to get her in the ring and whoop her ass for a long time now and it’s just not happening. And I want to know why is that? Why is that Beth Phoenix? Why won’t you fight me?”

Lynch also named the wrestlers that were her ‘soulmates’ in-ring and could wrestle against forever. “I think Charlotte and I obviously have an undeniable chemistry and an undeniable history. And no matter how many times Charlotte and I have wrestled, I think that people are always going to want to see more. Another is Bianca Belair. She’s fabulous and I love stepping in the ring with her and I think that every time we do there’s a bit of magic that happens.”

“The Man” also mentioned that she’s “loved beating the bejesus out of Nia Jax” and that “I loved leg dropping her through an announce table on Monday Night Raw, that was fun.”

If any fans felt like listening to music whilst reading the book, Lynch had a suggestion on who to listen to as well. “Pearl Jam. My favorite band of all time, the GOATs, the greatest. One of my favorite Pearl Jam albums is Lightning Bolt, they just have so many great songs on there. “Infallible” is one of them, “Sirens” is another one of my favorites, “Future Days” is another one so I’m always going to recommend Pearl Jam and Lightning Bolt.”

After accomplishing all that Lynch has so far, a fan wanted to know what it was the keeps motivating her to be the best. “I love this. I love what I do. I love wrestling. I love being out there in front of the fans, I love everything about wrestling. And that’s enough to motivate me. Because it’s not about the accomplishments anymore. It’s really about what I can give back now. It’s not what I can get from wrestling but how I can give, how I can make it the greatest viewing experience for the audience, how I can make sure that it is a better place after I leave it than how I found it. And that’s what continues to keep me motivated.”

Storytelling also keeps motivating her, so the new role as “The Writer” works. “I love telling stories, that’s why I wrote a book. I love performing, and that’s why I do what I do. I studied acting, that’s what I would probably be pursuing, acting and writing if I wasn’t a wrestler. And one day, when this is over, I will continue to pursue storytelling.”

Lynch finished up the Q&A by giving away three memorabilia items in a raffle which were her trench coat, the Relent-Lass T-shirt which she cut her favorite promo ever in, and her leather jacket.

She also answered some rapid fire questions (including her favorite word, which is “puddle”, and the last gift she gave which was Buzz Lightyear Crocs for her daughter) and announced that she would be signing 250 copies of the book in golden sharpie rather than purple, and that five of those golden signed books would contain golden tickets, though the golden tickets are not valid for entrance into any chocolate factories. Instead, they could be used for tickets to any WWE event happening in the next month, as well as a meet and greet with her after the show.