The Rock ain’t taking none of that.

On X, The Rock posted video response to Cody’s “slap heard around the world” on last week’s edition of Smackdown. He was holding his own weightbelt throughout the video with his Brahma Bull symbol on it.

“Finally, Cody Rhodes grew some balls! Finally, that little boy got some hair on his nuts and he slapped the s–t out of The Rock!” he laughed.

The Rock explained that he had been waiting for Cody to “man up” and that he didn’t pretend to be angry or gather a “group of jabronis” to hold him back.

“The Rock took your slap like a man,” he said.

He then mocked Cody’s promo on Raw during which he talked about not being to give the WWE Universal Championship to his father but that he could give it to his mother when he wins it.

“You started crying? Are you f—–g kidding me? No wonder all of your fans are crybabies….Shut the f–k up!” spat The Rock. “You ain’t giving the title to your mama. That title is going to remain with Roman Reigns but here is what is going to happen at WrestleMania. The Rock wants your mama to have a front row seat. Mama Rhodes, The Rock is talking to you. Now, you are in The Rock’s crosshairs. Mama Rhodes you aren’t going to get the Universal Championship handed to you. You are going to get a title handed to you. You are going to get a belt handed to you. It is going to be The Rock’s belt,” he said claiming he would whoop Cody the “piss” out of Cody with the belt.

He went even further describing what the scene would look like at Mania.

“I am going to look at your son in the middle of the ring who is going to be bleeding and crying. I am going to look at the Cody crybaby fans and tell them “off is the direction they can f–k” and that’s how you end a story,” he said smiling.

The Rock also took credit for wrestling being “relevant” and “cool” again.

“It is because of one man and you are looking at him,” he said referring to himself as the “Final Boss”.

“Memphis, Tennessee! The Rock is coming home, baby!” he said about tonight’s Smackdown.