Sting fans felt a wide-range of emotions during his last match at AEW Revolution. They were proud of the wrestling icon and also sad he was finally hanging up his wrestling boots. One emotion fans probably didn’t expect to feel was anger but many did.

After Sting and Darby Allin’s AEW World Tag Team Championship match against The Young Bucks a battle-weary but exhilarated Sting addressed the crowd…but only for a short time. After a brief speech thanking fans for all of their support over the years Sting looked a bit confused.

“I’ve got to wait. I’m getting cues, hold on,” were Sting’s last words before the broadcast was unceremoniously cut off, went dark.

AEW is notorious for not keeping time very well during their broadcasts. Routinely their weekly Dynamite show goes overtime cutting off the conclusion of the broadcast for those still using PVRs to record the show.

Some compared what happened to Sting to the end of The Sopranos series in which the final scene ended abruptly signaling Tony Soprano’s death.


Fans on X expressed their displeasure with the production gaffe especially on a night that was supposed to be all about paying tribute to Sting.

To placate fans AEW finally posted what happened after the broadcast went off the air on X: