The global superstar posted a video today around noon calling out Cody Rhodes and the fans of the American Nightmare. In it, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson seems to staddle between reality and the wrestling angle.

Johnson posted a 20-minute video about the lead-up to the WrestleMania XL Kickoff press event on all his social media platforms. In the video, he edits clips of a reaction of what people thought about the alleged and agreed upon match between The Rock vs Roman Reigns. Johnson uses the video to show how he accepted Rhodes changing his mind about the agreement but the problem was how he did it.

“I’ll say it again because it’s important,” Johnson said. “To all the Cody crybabies and all the goofs out there and the idiots who still complain, Cody, you had a right to change your mind; you won the Royal Rumble but what the Rock doesn’t accept is how you did it.”

He also rambled on about how Cody waited for Reigns to announce he was facing the former 10-time champion and waited for the family tree to be shown. Johnson added that Rhodes disrespected his family and Rhodes has a new best friend in Seth Rollins.

He had quite a lot to say about Rollins as well. Johnson showed clips of Rollins speaking about how The Rock is bad for business but Johnson counters that he helped nail the Netflix deal and overall is good for business.

He explains if Rollins continues running his mouth and tries to interfere, Johnson will strip Rollins of the WWE World Heavyweight title from him because Johnson, as the Director of TKO Group Holdings Inc., has the power to do so.

Johnson ends the video saying “Cody Rhodes, from the bottom of my heart, man to man, f–k your story.”

The video was posted hours before tonight’s Smackdown, which could hint at Rhodes replying to the message live or even an interaction between The Rock, The Bloodline and Rhodes.