We are 36 days away from WrestleMania 40 after an explosive time at Elimination Chamber this past Saturday as The Bloodline opens up the night after Cody Rhodes challenges The Rock in a match.

The more Roman wants the fans to acknowledge him, the more the audience continue to chant Cody’s name. Ha! His pissed off face. You can hear some booing and some yays at the same time, it’s hilarious. Even when The Rock makes his entrance, the fans still chant Cody’s name.

Apparently, The Rock did his research. Phoenix, Arizona has the highest use of meth and cocaine in America. Let’s drag them through the dirt. Yes… That means that Arizona has meaning in life. Wow.

He does, finally, answer Cody’s challenge by declining. He warns Rhodes that he’s stupid for challenging him prior to a Championship against Roman. Despite all that, The Bloodline have a counteroffer for Cody. On Night One, Rock proposes that he and Roman team up in a Tag Team match versus Seth Rollins and Rhodes. But, it’s not your regular kind of match. If Rhodes and Rollins win, then on Night Two, the American Nightmare’s title fight will be free of any interference from The Bloodline.

I’m kind of shocked by this turn of events, but I like it. Regrettably, there’s always a but. In this case, if Seth and Cody lose, then they’ll be victims of a Bloodline Rules battle where anything goes. Chairs can fly from any direction, Jimmy could jump in, Solo could sing the National Anthem. Regardless of all that, Cody might not be able to finish his story.

The Rock wants Cody to meet them next week in Dallas for an answer. Before The Rock could close off this segment, Roman wants him to acknowledge his Tribal Chief. That seems to be a hard thing for him to do since he’s sure taking his time… Ha! However, he acknowledges Reigns.

I can’t lie to any of you, but I laughed my ass off when The Rock concluded this chapter by saying “Now go home and smoke some more crack!”

Naomi vs. Tiffany Stratton 

Stratton shoulder tackles Naomi in the early start of this match, but Naomi is able to return the favor with one of her own with a spin. She reserves and sends Tiffy into the turnbuckles then squashes her even further by stomping. That face buster by Naomi was a sight to behold, but Stratton survives.

That double stomp from Stratton was good, yet it wasn’t enough to hold Naomi down. Naomi retaliates with a beautifully shocking face plant against the apron. Her sense of unique offence is always great to witness.

Naomi was preparing something impactful, however, Tiffany manages to counter by scratching her opponent’s eyes then shoves her into a post. Because of this, Naomi loses to Tiffy’s Prettiest Moonsault. Unfortunately…

Winner: Tiffany Stratton 

The Kabuki Warriors vs. Bayley & Dakota Kai – Tag Team match

When Dakota and Bayley arrive in the ring, the Kabuki Warriors make an abrupt exit. Apparently, they simply want Bayley, not Kai. But if you guys remember last week when Dakota was attacked, she said they’ll make Damage Control pay together.

Prior to the bell ringing, Kairi and Asuka pounce on Bayley early with a double team as Iyo is seen clapping her hands in amusement. While Asuka had the official distracted, Bayley was shoved from the top rope by Kairi.

Bayley manages to take Asuka down by tripping her leg, punches Sane from engaging with her then attempts to tag Kai in. Sadly, Asuka thwarts her efforts by whipping Bayley into Dakota, sending her crashing on the floor.

The Kabuki Warriors play another double team with a meet in the middle maneuver that leaves Bayley reeling for help. It wasn’t sufficient to keep Bayley down, though. The role model is later able to create some space to breath to tag Dakota.

What surprised me, but also didn’t, is that just as Bayley reached for Kai’s hand, her partner quickly sidestepped, leaving the role model to fend for herself. Bayley goes for Dakota, but the numbers game was too great. Iyo joins in, too.

Winners: No one

Following the assault we witnessed earlier, Iyo, Dakota, Kairi and Asuka come face to face with Jade Cargill backstage. Nick Aldis comes in to warn Kai that he’ll deal with her later then advises Cargill to back away before anything happens.

Bron Breakker vs. Xyon Quinn

Um… What? Breakker spears Quinn out of the gate for one of the quickest wins I’ve seen thus far. This being the second one after the match between Cameron Grimes and Baron Corbin last year where Grimes won with a Cave-In.

My Lord…. I guess that’s that then. Ha! Sorry, Xyon.

Winner: Bron Breakkker

In memory of Michael Jones “Virgil” 1962-2024, rest in peace. And thank you for being you.

Carlito vs. Santos Escobar – Street Fight match

I love Street Fight matches where anything goes because they’re the best types of battles with the most havoc to be seen. Carlito’s offence is strong as he goes after Santos with clubbing fists ablaze. He’s not letting Escobar run.

Things begin to turn around as Santos starts to fight back with a couple of well-placed chops to the chest of Carlito. Luckily, Lito ricochets Santos spine first into the stairs. Yikes.

Because Carlito was distracted by the fact that he found an apple under the ring, that he didn’t see Escobar flying and crashing into him. Wade Barrett was wondering why do they always have those under the stage? What’s going on here?

Escobar puts a trash can above Carlito’s head then delivers a double knee strike. He was rolling for the time being until he runs face first into a chair. While Carlito is setting up a table inside the ring, Santos strikes him with a knee kick to the jaw.

Never mind what Santos was about to do because Carlito stops him. Sadly, he wasn’t able to gain insight on a secret attack set up by Humberto and Angel, who jump him. Legado del Fantasma nearly pin Lito, happily, he kicks out much to the shock of Santos.

The numbers were momentarily overwhelming for Lito, luckily, Joaquin Wilde and Cruz Del Toro take on Angel and Humberto. They start to brawl near the announcement table, alas, it didn’t last long since Legado del Fantasma disposed of them like garbage.

And just when things went back to how Santos likes it, Rey Mysterio returns. The Hall of Famer doesn’t look medically clear, but I knew he was just fine as he swings his crotches at Humberto and Angel.

Escobar is beside himself at the earthshattering comeback of Rey that he engages in a brawl with him. Wilde and Del Toro take out Humberto and Angel as Rey delivers a 619 to Santos. Oh, let’s not forget that Lito spat some apple chunks in Escobar’s face earlier. Gross…

Nevertheless, Lito plants Santos through a table and reigns supreme as the rest of the LWO join in the celebrations.

Winner: Carlito

I don’t know who the hell asked Logan Paul to show up next week, but you made a big mistake pissing me off. Fortunately, Randy Orton will make him pay for costing him the victory at Elimination Chamber. Anyway, Bobby Lashley and Karrion Kross have a brawling meeting as well.

Backstage, the New Catch Republic, Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate, are talking to Nick Aldis about a rematch for the Undisputed Tag Team Championships due to “that Muppet” Dominik Mysterio, they could have won. Although, they were hoping for a match at Mania 40, that’s a tall order in Aldis’ eyes. So whatever the decision ends up being, Aldis and Adam Pearce will announce it soon.

As for LA Knight, he’s still searching for AJ Styles after he screwed him over last Saturday by entering the Chamber. LA Knight just wants to give he’s just desserts. Annoyingly, Aldis advised Styles not to come in. Naturally, that upsets Knight to issue a warning that nothing is going to stop him from beating the living heck out of AJ in the next coming weeks.

Randy Orton vs. Austin Theory

Orton comes out of the corner red hot as he delivers a couple of uppercuts to one of the most irritating beings in this industry, Austin Theory. But don’t worry, he’s not as antagonistic as Logan Paul. That spot… oof.. cannot be taken by anyone else.

Ha! Ha! I love how KO begs Orton to slam Theory’s head against the desk like a child at Disneyland. It was a buzzkill, but Grayson Waller saves Austin. Unlucky for him, the Viper begins to stalk him until Theory shoves Orton into the post.

Theory slams Orton on the desk instead, which made Owens really disappointed. I am, too. Ha! Randy turns things around with one of weirdest suplex reversals I’ve ever seen that it almost looks like Orton got the worst of it, but I can see it was Austin… I think.

I’m blind. Ha!

KO is so happy when Randy plants Theory on the commentary desk. Ha! Love it. Waller tried to get involved, yet he meets the same fate as his friend. “Did you see him bounce?” laughs Owens

Theory is able to perform a sudden blockbuster that whiplashes Randy, yet he doesn’t get the win. So, he chop blocks Randy at the knee. Theory foolishly attempts to add insult to injury by imitating Orton’s vintage DDT. The Viper slithers out of there and delivers a conclusive RKO just as Austin was about to drop kick him.

Randy, rightfully, celebrated his victory, but Grayson wanted to destroy it. Thankfully, Owens throws hands. He even makes Theory bounce like a cartoon character after that Stunner. Ha! And for good measure an RKO to Waller swats them away for good.

Winner: Randy Orton


TOP PHOTO: The Rock and Roman Reigns clashing hands. Courtesy of WWE