At the Collision tapings last night Buddy Matthews almost joined the ranks of The Fiend, The Undertaker, Jim Ross, Kane and Edge.

He was almost barbecued.

Matthews was set to compete until he was attacked from behind by Mark Briscoe. The match was thrown out as both men fought and brawled.

Briscoe set-up a table at ringside and put Matthews through it. Briscoe pulled out a steel spike. The House of Black arrived on the scene to save their Buddy.

Briscoe used a steel chair to battle back. He and Matthews fought up to the stage where Briscoe attempted to set Matthews on fire using the pyrotechnic equipment used for entrances there. Security swarmed Briscoe to save Matthews from becoming a human marshmallow.

The House of Black and Matthews took off backstage as Briscoe set off the pyrotechnics for the crowd.

For those who haven’t been following Collision, Briscoe returned to TV last week with a kendo stick in hand prepared to take on the House of Black. Briscoe attempted to use his spike onĀ Malakai Black. Black ducked and the spike ended up getting stuck in the turnbuckle. The numbers game prevailed and Briscoe got taken out. Weeks ago after his match with Brody King, Julie Hart spiked Briscoe to ignite this feud.

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