On the eve of Elimination Chamber looming, we are greeted by one of the women’s participants welcomed at commentary, Bianca Belair, to watch the proceedings.

Liv Morgan vs. Tiffany Stratton

While the fans we expecting a match between these two ladies, Stratton reminds them that Elimination Chamber is tomorrow, she tries to skedaddle out of there, but Liv isn’t too far behind as she forces her against the barricade and the stairs.

Tiffany fights back with a harsh clothesline that whiplashes Morgan down to the mat. Stratton kept making fun of her by saying “Cry about it,” imitating what Liv said in a clip prior to the match.

Liv delivers a backstabber as a comeback, surprising Stratton. However, Tiffany turns things around by stumping on Morgan’s chest. Luckily, Liv nearly pins Tiffy with a crucifix driver.

Let’s not forget to mention this little bit. Corey Graves accidently mistook Wade Barrett for Liv Morgan. Ha! I didn’t expect that either. Barrett appreciates that, though.

A few exchanges of back and forth slowly dimers down once Liv delivers a couple of well placed shoulder tackles followed by a striking Code Red, but it wasn’t enough.

Stratton misses with the Prettiest Moonsault, yet Liv succeeds with a quick stump. Tiffy returns the favor with a cartwheel Alabama Slam that almost puts Liv away. Tiffany tried her best to hold on to the rope when she notices that Morgan was trying to stack her up. Alas, her grip wasn’t sufficiently tight, so Liv slams her for a near fall.

But… But, I have no idea in hell what Tiffany was thinking when she slapped Bianca. Gasp! So, naturally, Belair ventures over to attack her, Morgan rolls Stratton up, but the referee was distracted by Belair, so it didn’t matter. Tiffany manages to get out of there, and pushes Morgan into Bianca, who crashes on the floor.

While Morgan kneeled there in disbelief, Stratton uses that opportunity to roll her up and win.

Winner: Tiffany Stratton

Drew McIntyre has gone CRAZY. I had to say that right now before anything else has the gall to interrupt. Anyway, everything he’s done has led up to this moment. And if he loses inside the Elimination Chamber, his “…career would be as useless as CM Punk’s return to WWE.”

Despite how upset that comment makes the fans feel, Bobby Lashley actually finds it hilarious. The WWE universe have been hyping CM Punk for several months only for his ass to get hurt. Lashley thinks that McIntyre’s brutality with the memes has him chuckling in the background.

However, this conversation goes in a whole different direction when Lashley mention WrestleMania 37 where he beat McIntyre by forcing him to pass out. It’s similar to the hype fans were giving CM Punk, the same applies to Drew a few years ago.

Meanwhile in Ashante Thee Adonis’ house, we’re blessed with a potential Tag Team between Adonis and Cedric Alexander since Top Dolla, who goes by AJ Francis, made his abrupt exit and joined MLW at Burning Crush last Saturday.

I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was both laughing and choking when I saw Dolla. Ha!

This past Monday on RAW, McIntyre had a match with Cody Rhodes. But that wasn’t the shocking part, it’s the fact that Solo Sikoa and Jimmy Uso came to ruin any advancement the American Nightmare could have given the warning The Rock so firmly laid last Friday.

What came after that annoyed me even further… Jey Uso had his Intercontinental Championship match against Gunther. He was so close. So Goddamn close until Jimmy once again ruined everything knowing his evident jealousy.

How can he be so proud of such nasty behavior? Jimmy yells in Jey’s face saying that “Not matter how big you get, I’ll always be the big brother,”. Possibly thinking he’s the only one of the two who’s allowed to be on top.

As we return to the present, Paul Heyman is seen panting next to Roman Reigns in their little ass clubroom. He had a message to deliver and comes back to inform his Tribal Chief that Grayson Waller is here.

Bron Breakker vs. Dante Chen

Breakker comes out of the gate hot with power, but Chen isn’t backing down too easily as he manages to hold his own in the early goings of the match. But damn… that shoulder tackler from Bron isn’t normal. Ha!

It was clear the moment I saw Dante Chen was Breakker’s opponent on his debut match, the poor unfortunate man was going to lose. So sad. Bron’s speed is simply too fast and archaic.

Chen does manage to ward off the big dog for as long as he can when he drags Bron against the ropes. However, he gets planted by a sudden slam followed by a spear with the same tremendous destruction as an earthquake. Thank you for coming, Mr. Chen. You did valiantly.

Winner: Bron Breakker

Backstage, LWO’s Cruz Del Toro and Joaquin Wilde are devising a way to deal with Legado del Fantasma more efficiently. Elektra Lopez walks in to warn them that LWO is dead, and if they aligned their beliefs with someone with more vision compared to Rey Mysterio, then their fortunes could have been better.

And as if on cue, Humberto and Angel jump them from behind. According to Santos Escobar, this is the price to pay for abandoning him… for being a little shallow prick that he is. Ha!

Pete Dunne & Tyler Bate vs. Dominik Mysterio & JD McDonagh – Tag Team match

Tyler Bate is a wonder to watch because every time he wrestles, he embodies Irish Strong Style they’ve been talking about. He keeps up with McDonagh fairly well during this match.

Bate performs a long distance Monkey Flip that completely destabilizes JD off his feet before tagging Dunne in. They play a double team against JD, launching him to the sky.

After Tyler quickly punches Dom off the apron, that gives JD some time to avoid Bate’s strikes and yank him by the hair.¬†Judgment Day were working well together for the moment, attempting to double team against Bate, yet McDonagh ricochets off the turnbuckles as Bate turns his attention towards Dom.

The Bruiser-weight is looking to inflict some pain as he delivers double knee strikes to Dominik’s left arm. He c0ntinues by finding a body part and exploits it. Dunne and Bate nearly break Dom’s arms by stomping simultaneously by targeting the elbows.

Sneaky tactics helps Judgment Day get back on track. This is the very definition of getting your ass bamboozled.

Later on, JD is getting rag-dolled at this point by Pete, who’s as unfiltered as his assaults. McDonagh came too close to ending Pete with that standing Spanish Fly, luckily, Dunne remains in the game.

Behind the official’s back, Dom delivers a 619 to Dunne. Tyler counters that with a knockout hit to the jaw. Dunne and Bate power slam JD against the mat for an epic victory.

This accomplishment is easily said to be a good thing, but the Undisputed Tag Team Champions don’t seem to think so as they march their asses to the ring. Thankfully, “these English boys keep fighting.”

Winners: Pete Dunne & Tyler Bate

The Street Profits vs. AoP – Tag Team match

Montez Ford was looking to establish dominance early, but to no avail as he’s quickly overrun by AoP as a, dare I say, tenfold attack. Once Dawkins comes into the ring, he does manage to equalize the force with his.

AoP aren’t your average brawlers, they’re rather intense beings to say the least. Hardly anything the Profits have done has left much of a dent since Akam and Rezar swat that away like flies on a hot Summer day.

Angelo looks for some high flying ricks as he takes AoP on the main floor. That small wave of momentum is easily neutralized by Rezar. Or mammoths, according to Barrett. Scarlett is left in awe when she witnesses that double team knee kick from AoP.

The beating Ford is getting is hard to watch. Damn. Fortunately, Montez will fight on to create space by sending Rezar into the post. Despite the wobbling, Ford is able to tag Dawkins in. Angelo is rolling.

The big boot from Akam stops Angelo in his tracks. AoP nearly picked up the win, however, Tez’ interference pauses that for the time being. The Profits amaze us with a super Blockbuster from the havens. Alas, Rezar thwarts the cover.

Karrion and Scarlett were relived.

Just when it seems that the Profits were on a roll, I think Ford made the mistake to tell Kross to suck it before attempting to frog splash Akam. While Scarlett had the official’s attention, Kross shoves Montez into the ropes.

That pisses both B-Fab and Lashley to respectfully go after Karrion and Scarlett. Kross may have broken Bobby’s arm with that steel chair. What about Elimination Chamber if this were true? I know he wants to go. Drew McIntyre said he’ll pray for him, but I know you don’t want to receive his prayers. Look what happened to CM Punk.

Back inside the ring, AoP destroy Ford in order to secure a victory. You know, despite the fact that Ford and Dawkins lost, you can’t overlook the determination they had to keep fighting. I think they made Akam and Rezar really work for their food.

Winners: AoP

In the medical room, Dakota Kai is still being looked at after suffering from an attack that the audience aren’t sure what happened. Bayley comes to see her.

I’m sure by now everyone has put two and two together and figured out that it’s the new Damage Control who’s responsible.¬†Bayley promises that they won’t get away with it since now, she’s sticking by Kai’s side.

In The Bloodline locker room, Roman eludes to wanting to tell Grayson Waller something, but it’s for his ears only. That’s all we get.

Anyway, speaking of Waller, he’s welcoming the World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins and Cody Rhodes to the show. Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley defends her title against Nia Jax. Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate are looking to take the Undisputed Tag Team titles from Finn Balor and Damian Priest.

During the kickoff show, The Kabuki Warriors defend their Championships versus Indi Hartwell and Candice LeRae. Of course, let’s not forget the Women’s Elimination match to determine who will be Ripley’s or Jax’ opponent at Mania 40. As for the men, whoever wins faces Seth Rollins.

There’s plenty to look forward to next week. Bayley and Dakota Kai are squaring off against The Kabuki Warriors. We’re also getting a Street Fight match between Santos Escobar and Carlito.

LA Knight vs. Drew McIntyre

Can someone explain to me why Logan Paul is here?? Corey Graves reckons that Paul won’t miss an opportunity to go viral. But doesn’t that just show how desperate he is, or am I somehow the crazy one? The second one, I think not. Regardless, I’ll be ignoring him.

I know just by looking at this matchup that neither men will give an inch if it meant they’ll lose. Hard-hitting, this fight will definitely be. LA Knight delivers a clothesline from the second rope followed by a twisting neck breaker.

McIntyre retaliates with an eye-squinting headbutt. Yikes. He’s got a hard-ass head. And while Drew was distracted by the little blob at commentary, LA Knight is able to capitalize. It’s later taken care of when McIntyre plants Knight with a belly-to-belly suplex on the main floor.

Since the blob is at commentary, I’m happy that Kevin Owens helped balance it out with his presence. Owens participates as another commentator.

Knight is in a bad way when he’s on the receiving end of Drew’s wrath as he collides with steel under the ring. A bruising match is going on inside the ring, but a scuffling of words is happening at commentary. I hope everyone is enjoying themselves. Ha!

LA Knight is taking back control of this match with a DDT to the Scotsman. A superplex from the Megastar nearly slips the ring in half. McIntyre makes a comeback with a future shock DDT.

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! McIntyre misses, again, with a Claymore. Alas, it was only a matter of time when either Paul or Owens get hit. Unfortunately, McIntyre swings LA Knight into Kevin instead of Logan of all people. So, naturally, Owens goes after Drew, which prematurely ends the match.

McIntyre defends himself by shoving Kevin into Logan. Finally, something was done right. I’m sorry, Kevin. It doesn’t matter that the official fight is over, a brawl is still underway between Logan and Kevin, then LA Knight and Drew.

After the BFT McIntyre suffered, it would appear that Lashley has joined the party as well. He spears Knight. Logan kicks Bobby. Kevin delivers a Stunner to Paul. Lashley spears Owens. McIntyre delivers a Claymore to Bobby. Following that, we thought it was over, but Randy Orton said “My turn.” to Drew with an RKO.

Ha! See you tomorrow morning or afternoon, folks.

Winner: Ding. Ding. Ding. No one


TOP PHOTO: LA Knight and Drew McIntyre match card. Courtesy of WWE