The National Wrestling Alliance is still chugging along on The CW app, providing action for wrestling fans everywhere. Tonight, we’ll get to see the Junior Heavyweight division on display with Colby Corino facing his toughest opponent yet for his title, Mecha Wolf. Also, Thom Latimer wants to get his eyes back on the prize as he faces Bryan Idol in a street fight.

We get a vignette of what The King of All Evil is driven by at this point.


We’ll find out tonight if Idol will remember his name, as we come to you from Revolution Live in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Joe Galli and Danny Dealz have the call, with your First Match of the Night with a…

Six Women Tag Team Number One Contenders Match:  Ruthie Jay, Natalia Markova, and Taylor Rising vs. Missa Kate, Miss Star, and CJ

Galli points out that whoever gets the pin or submission is the new number-one contender for the NWA Women’s Championship. Everyone has a stake in this match, as Jay and Kate start.  They shake hands in sportsmanship until Kate boots her in the mush.  She gets the tag to CJ and Jay pulls off a Northern Lights suplex with a bridge but CJ kicks out at two.  There are a bunch of fast tags and faster pin attempts that highlight the match.  The one that lasts longest in the ring is Markova, who gets staggered by a one-two combo of Kate and Starr, and CJ is getting left out of the tags.  Finally, CJ tags in, only to receive a triple superkick.  Everyone is on the same page until Markova gets punked out by her team.  Things look dire until Rising runs roughshod over the competition.  It’s a free-for-all in the squared circle and the end comes as CJ tries to pin Rising, but the ref advises she is not the legal person.  Markova managed a blind tag in all the confusion and lands a missile dropkick, and a Beautiful Destruction kick delivers the three count.


Your Winners via Pinfall:  Ruthie Jay, Taylor Rising, and Natalia Markova

Markova is the number one contender and will be facing Kenzie Paige for The Burke at a later date.

But speaking of title matches next up is for the…

Courtesy of the NWA.

NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship Match: Colby Corino (c) vs. Mecha Wolf

Corino has been on a roll since winning the NWA Junior Heavyweight title at NWA 75, but the wrinkle here is Homicide is the special guest referee for this match.  One thing’s for certain, Corinos and Homicide just do not mix.  At all.

Wolf attacks the champ straightaway and does a tope suicida through the ropes.  He rolls Corino back in the ring and nails a springboard spear and cover, but Homicide gives….a…slow…two…count.  Wolf is upset as he rips off the turnbuckle pad in the corner and whips Corino to said corner.  He blocks and chops away at the La Rebelion luchador, but Wolf responds in kind to Corino.  He goes up the top turnbuckle for a superplex, but Corino dumps him to the ground and lands a swanton, and then follows with a somersault senton over the top rope to Wolf.

Things look good for the champ until Wolf stuns his arm on the top rope and begins to target the bad wing.  He follows with a pop-up powerbomb and a running knee for a close two count.  Homicide taunts Wolf with counting, as Corino chops away and then connects with a forearm, and covers for…another…slow…two…count.  Corino gets in his face, but Homicide reminds him he is like Eric Cartman and to respect his authori-tah.  Wolf uses the distraction to nail Corino with a TKO variation that ends with a knee to his face and then sets up for a 450 splash.  He dives and misses and Corino retaliates with the Styles Clash for another two count.  Corino clotheslines with his bad arm three times, but still can’t put him away.  Wolf whips him again to the exposed turnbuckle and pulls up short.  Wolf lands a Busaiku knee for a two-count.  Corino counters with a poison ‘rana to drop Wolf as they both collapse to the mat and Homicide tries to bring them to life before making the count.  Wolf gets on his feet and lands a step-up enzugiri, but Corino counters with a nasty BRAINBUSTAHHH on the exposed turnbuckle for the pin and the win.

Your Winner via Pinfall, and Still NWA Junior Heavyweight Champion:  Colby Corino

Homicide holds the belt but Corino yanks it away from him. This is far from over, and I love it.

May Valentine is backstage with Talos and Daisy Kill with his trusty ukelele to serenade us with a song:

Daisy Kill (right) gives May Valentine a serenade as Talos listens on.

Every time we put it on the line, we go out and risk our neck.

But we get to the back and we don’t get Jack.  Not an ounce of respect!

Well, The Immortals cheated.

No, we weren’t defeated.

You see, we can never lose.

We’ve been on a path to whup that ass, and we got to a point to prove.

But tonight we fight The Spectaculars before we get our due.

Your mommy packed your bow tie and headgear. Did she pack a lunch for you too?

Oh, I bet she’s nice. I bet she’s a real sweet thing. That’s fine. You need somewhere safe, somewhere comfortable you can go and cry those pretty little eyes out. Maybe you can turn on the TV, flip to The CW, and watch as we regain the NWA US Tag Team Championships of the world.

Shine up those Daisy Kill and Talos action figures. Have a good time. Good Time!

Strange you can’t find Daisy Kill’s music on Spotify.

Oh, well, let’s head back to the ring as we get tag team action with…

Courtesy of the NWA.

Talos and Daisy Kill vs. The New Spectaculars 2.0 (Rush Freeman and Slade, with Rolando Freeman)

Kill and Talos want to get back in the hunt for the US tag titles, and the New Spectaculars are finding their groove as they are on a hot streak of…(checks notes)…one win.  

Hey, ya gotta start somewhere.

While we’re on that topic, Talos throws Rolando into the Spectaculars, and then they focus their offense on Rush.  Rush manages to escape the corner and he tags in Slade, who is on fire against Kill.  Rush comes back with a slam and a Spectacular elbow drop.  Kill goes at Slade, and before he can grab him the ref blocks him and tells him to go back to the corner.  Meanwhile, this distraction allows Talos to attack Rush from behind, and he and Kill take advantage as Rush is Spectacularly in Peril.  Talos attempts a splash and misses, and Rush manages to get the hot tag to Slade and he makes sure they Fear The Gear while he is En Fuego.  A tag by Rush and he leaps off the top turnbuckle into a crossbody but the big man catches him and Talos plants with a choke slam to end it.

Your Winners via Pinfall:  Daisy Kill and Talos

Latimer now speaks to Valentine about his feud with Idol, and the only history they will have after this is him kicking his arse and he will bury him.  Then it’ll be onto EC3 and there will be three more bodies to bury, if you will, as he still has eyes on the prize, which is in the form of the Ten Pounds of Gold.

But let’s get to the Main Event, and it’s a…

Courtesy of the NWA.

FTL Versus FTW Street Fight: Thom Latimer  vs. Bryan Idol

As far as I can tell, this is a “Fort Lauderdale versus Fort Walton Beach” street fight.  But I keep wondering if it should be “FTL vs. FWB?”

Meh.  Acronyms.

The bell rings and Idol starts talking smack at Latimer who slaps the taste out of his mouth.  They come to blows and Idol sends him out of the ring.  He presses on the attack and Latimer whips him hard into guardrails, but Idol manages to counter and crotch him on the steel.  He covers for a count of two, and then Idol pulls out the steel steps and launches at him but Latimer throws a chair right in his face to cover for a two count.  The action goes into the Fort Lauderdale crowd, and they make a pitstop at the bar and the screen goes back and we are told Idol is getting waterboarded by Latimer.

(Author’s Note:  OK, The CW.  I get it, you didn’t want people to see blood on the app so you went to black and white.

But this?

I’ve seen gorier stuff on old episodes of “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” than I have with pro wrestling.  I get it that somebody is giving marching orders in the wake of the Samhain PPV, but whoever the Monkeys in the Truck are doing this editing on the fly, it is beginning to irk me.  You wouldn’t like me when I’m irked by annoying TV.)

Back to the action, where Latimer rushes at him, and Idol backdrops him from the crowd to the ring floor, and then leaps and nails a double axe handle to cover for two.  They go back at it and head into the crowd and it’s chaos in Florida (or, y’know….a Tuesday night) as they battle up the stage and Idol gets a backslider for a two count, but Latimer comes back with a clothesline for another two count.  The King of All Evil follows with a vertical suplex on the hard stage floor to get a two count and then picks up Idol.  He escapes and chops away at Latimer and connects with an Unprettier on the stage for a two count.  He tries to kick him off the stage but Latimer keeps his balance. He then throws the ref at Idol and clobbers him with a steel chair.  Latimer goes behind the announce desk, grabs another steel chair, and then delivers a piledriver on Idol through the chair, and that is the end of the street fight in one, two, and three.

Your Winner via Pinfall:  Thom Latimer

Latimer basks in the fans’ cheers as the show goes to the credits.

NWA Powerrr - 02/20/2024

Final Thoughts:

Corino and Wolf had a great title match, and the finisher was insane.  Then Latimer and Idol went, “Hold my Guinness” with their street fight in the crowd.  Had the blackout not occurred, this would have been a lot more fun to see.

Until then, see ya next Tuesday on The CW app.