The Elimination Chamber is looming large on the horizon. Let’s see how WWE hypes the Aussie PPV tonight.

DM Hunk vs. Cody Rhodes

We’re starting out hot with what will be a PLE main event in the near future.

Drew starts out hot with a full-out ADV, albeit with basic moves. Cody gets a Dragon Screw to take over and locks in the Figure 4 to wear McIntyre down. Drew takes back over heading to break and continues post-break. Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker gets two.

McIntyre heads to the outside and squishes Cody’s head against the post in an inventive spot.

Cody hits a Bulldog out of the corner and starts to build momentum. Snap Powerslam but no cover. Disaster Kick gets two. CKO gets two.

Both men are outside into break number two. Back from break though, the two are trading good spots. McIntyre with a Spinebuster and a Batista Bomb. Each gets two. Reversal series stops dead with a Pedigree by Rhodes. Drew regains and hits the Future Shock for two.

Cody brings both down from the top with a Superplex. Top rope CKO gets two. Just as the match gets hot, Jimmy Uso runs down for the interference. Cody shoos him off, goes for the Crossrhodes but, while the ref is distracted by Jimmy, Solo hits the Samoan Spike. Drew spots Solo but still takes Cody out with the Claymore. Really good match pooched by the interference.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

Andrade vignette is next. I can’t imagine we get him back in the ring in a meaningful manner until post-Mania though. Interesting that it seems he’s using the same Andrade El Idolo moniker as he did in AEW…

Backstage, ADAMMMM is chatting with Cody in the trainer room. Seth Rollins waltzes in wearing polka dots, daddy.

Last Chance Battle Royal

This is an Elimination Chamber qualifier.

Raquel Rodriguez is back. Xia Li makes a rare appearance. Elektra Lopez is making her in-ring main roster debut, and Chelsea is wearing Minnie Mouse ears. Very little of this makes sense.

Looks like somewhere between 12 and 20 women in here.

Maxxine is out first to the surprise of no one. Sarah Logan is out next, then Xia. Raquel is cleaning the ring well.

No, I’m not going to name every elimination.

Isla is out next courtesy of Raquel and we head to break. Feels much emptier when we’re back.

Nattie tosses Tegan to perhaps start a feud no one will care abuot.

Zoey and Shayna toss B-Fab. Lopez eliminates Vega to many boos. Michin soon after eliminates Lopez and the rivals go after each other don’t the outside.

Chelsea eliminates Candice LeRae. Shayna eliminates Indi to end her hometown dream. Katana Chance eliminates Shayna.

Kay Lee Ray eliminated by Raquel. Ivy Nile Superman Punches Nattie into elimination. Nile is eliminated by Shayna and Zoey.

Final four are Michin, Stark, Shayna and Raquel. Shayna and Stark eliminate Michin.

We go to the standard overwhelmed face ending quickly. Baszler is eliminated first, Stark soon after. Chelsea tries the Santino Marella spot and fails just like he did.

Winner: Raquel Rodriguez

Split screen interview with Nia and Rhea. Good stuff from Rhea, crappy stuff from Nia. Can we move on from her quickly? PLEASE???

Jackie Redmond then goes through the J-Day/R-Truth schtuff. Feh.

Michael Chandler is shown in the crowd before the next match and cuts a promo on Connor McGregor.

Awesome Truth/DIY vs. Judgement Day

Cluster starts quickly as we head into break.

Back from break, DIY is in control of Balor before Gargano is the designated face in peril.

We Want Truth chant as Gargano does an evasion series to get to the corner. Truth comes in and hits the Cena Set. Truth gets victimized on the outside heading to another break.

Back from break, Ciampa is taking out J-Day pretty efficiently. Willow’s Bell on JD and a corkscrew plancha to Priest. Balor sneaks a roll-up for two back in the ring. Stinger Deathdrop from Ciampa gets two before the cluster really gets going again.

Priest and Truth are in the ring next after hot tags. Twister Elbow starts the offence for Truth. Scissor Kick but no cover attempt. Truth hits the Facebuster for two. More cluster with plenty of Planchas. Priest goes for South of Heaven but Truth reverses into the Roll-up for two. South of Heaven connects this time and the three count follows. Not a bad match but a little too cluster for my liking.

Winners: Judgement Day


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