Following his loss of his World Heavyweight Championship, Alex Kane was talking about leaving MLW for a while. The fans said “No!” as well as Mr. Thomas. He knows that Kane isn’t a quitter, so he ventures to inspire his friend to try again.

Mr. Thomas reminds Kane that the Bomaye Fight Club is for the people. Now, to put in the work to retrieve that title. None of us are going anywhere. “Bomaye is forever!”

But as if things weren’t shocking enough, AJ Francis AKA Top Dolla makes a video appearance to Kane. I haven’t seen his ass at WWE in some months, I believe. When did he make his way here?

He’ll be making his debut at Intimidation Games Feb 29 as part of the World Titan Federation.

Ha! Ha! Ha! Kane made the joke that AJ couldn’t clear the top rope while he was on SmackDown since he’ll see him on the 29th.

Marcus Mathers (Wasted Youth), Austin Luke & Nolo Kitano vs. Tony Deppen, Griffin McCoy & TJ Crawford – Trios match

The team of Kitano, Mathers and Luke assert domination early with a triple suicide dive against Deppen, McCoy and Crawford. While Marcus deals with Tony, Crawford is seen battling Austin as Nolo is handling McCoy outside the ring.

Griffin and TJ very nearly took out Marcus with that double team, but Mathers remains in the game, thank God. However, that means more punishment is on the horizon for Marcus as he’s trapped in his opponents’ corner.

Griffin and Deppen miss striking Marcus while he laid on the mat, but TJ manages to get his grubby hands on him to prevent him from making a tag. Fortunately for Marcus, he avoids the incoming assault and tags Kitano.

Later on, Marcus is on the receiving end of Deppen’s double knees to his face in the corner. Mathers was able to ward off Tony and Griffin until he got a boot to the jaw from Deppen that knocked the living hell out of him in order to lose.

Mather simply didn’t see the kick coming.

Winners: Griffin McCoy, Tony Deppen & TJ Crawford

Well, it would be an understatement to say that Rickey Shane Page and Sami Callihan are pleased with what transpired at SuperFight not too long ago when Raven made his return to the stage only to annihilate The Calling, his creation.

Sami and Rickey have come to the conclusion that Raven is a false prophet and should be taken care of now that his paired himself with Akira. “You will bleed,”

Also, now that Matt Riddle is part of the MLW roster, he wants to challenge anyone from NJPW in New York at Intimidation Games. Oooh.

Tiara James vs. The Notorious Mimi vs. Delmi Exo vs. Zayda 

Before the match began, Delmi made her entrance and ended up sharing words with Salina de la Renta, who’s meant to be a guest at commentary. De la Renta says that she’s here to check out the chump, namely Delmi Exo.

Aside from her feuding brawl with Salina, there’s the matter of what Azteca Lucha want with Delmi since they’ve been watching and supplying her with a key, an envelope and a phone.

“Doesn’t Delmi look like a cheap Buzz Lightyear?” asks Salina. I nearly choked on air because of that. Anyway, I’m not surprised that the moment the bell rings, everyone gangs up on Zayda. Ha! She has been a thorn in my ass since she arrived.

After that leap from the top stuns everyone, Mimi forces Delmi back inside the ring to plant her opponent’s face against the mat plus a drop kick to Zayda using Delmi’s back.

Tiara gets back into the games with double punishment to Mimi and Exo. She almost pinned Delmi for a three count, but she couldn’t due to Zayda’s interference.

Zayda’s opportunistic ass isn’t a delight to watch as she fails to cover anyone long enough to win. And her whining. Oh my Lord. Be quiet. James connects with a Humble Her to Zayda then gets knocked out by Mimi. Delmi returns to the fray to take down Mimi.

Salina wasn’t expecting Zayda to win in order to be Janai Kai’s next challenger with that I’m Prettier move that ended Mimi, but she succeeded… unfortunately.

After the match, Salina’s anger about the Lucha power struggle has driven her to the edge as she attacks Delmi at ringside. However, the roasting that followed suit between Salina and Zayda with Brett Ryan Gosselin was hilarious. Go watch again, I promise you’ll love it just as much as I did. Ha!

Winner: Zayda

On Feb 29, Satoshi Kojima defends his World Heavyweight Championship versus Minoru Suzuki. Also, the first stop to getting the title back, Alex Kane faces newcomer Bobby Fish.

Jake Crist vs. Rickey Shane Page (c) – National Openweight Championship match

Jake explodes out of the gate with a hard kick to Rickey’s head that sends him crashing on the floor followed by a suicide dive plus a DDT on the cement. Yet, all good things come to an end when Page catches Crist in mid-air then plants him into a power slam. How quickly the tied has changed.

Crist makes a comeback with a few kicks to the champ then follows that up with a successful crossbody from the top rope. He almost got that title. Jake also got rid of Cannonball with a thunderous kick to the side of his head before he could interfere… but that was left for someone else to do.

Sami Callihan bulldozes through Jake out of nowhere. Jake was at The Calling’s mercy. Akira tries to help, but he gets dropped by Rickey. Things do go well when Akira was able to save Jake from getting his ass squished by Cannonball by handing him a chair.

Crist leaps from the top and collides with the back on Cannonball’s head. Now, it’s evident to say that Jake has aligned himself with Raven and Akira.

Winner: No one 

Court Bauer has his hands full with Cesar Duran demanding that Azteca Lucha be more on the forefront by collaborating with MLW to bring in the best Luchadores in the world as well as Mistico. On the other hand, he also has MSL to deal with, too, when he wants to challenge the Champions for the World Tag Team titles.

I don’t know if I mentioned this already, but Mistico has his first title match against the World Middleweight Champion Rocky Romero at Intimidation Games. Promociones Dorado versus Azteca Lucha. Wow-wee!

The only thing of any notoriety I want to mention between WTF, CozyMax and the Second Gear Crew is when Kojima stuffed a bagel in MSL’s mouth. Ha! Ha! Ha!

BREAKING NEWS Battle Riot VI is going to Atlanta, Georgia June 1.

Tom Lawlor vs. Matthew Justice 

I’m happy to say that while Tom Lawlor was making his entrance, he’s attacked from behind by Matthew Justice’s Tag belt. Ha! Alas, Lawlor returns the favor. A brawl starts prior to the bell ringing.

Justice fights back after that side German suplex delivered to him by his opponent. However, Lawlor sends Matthew teeth first into the middle turnbuckle. Tom has a submission cinched in tightly around Matthew, luckily Justice is able to grab the bottom rope using his feet.

Matthew is standing on the second rope as he delivers a tornado DDT. Justice may been able to spear Tom out of oblivion, but due to MSL’s interruption, the cover didn’t matter once the referee started counting too late.

Because of his nonsense, 1 Called Manders shows up. Saint Laurent had the disrespect to wear Manders’ hat, which only got him ploughed through by a clothesline from Manders. Ha!

Back to the match, Tom wasn’t able to pin Matthew with that roll up, but he did win after that harsh kick to the side of his challenger’s head. I was soo confused for a moment.

Winner: Tom Lawlor

Riddle’s challenge has been answer in the name of Big Bad Tito. I’m excited regardless of the fact that I don’t know this man. It’ll be great.

El Jefe Cesar Duran has been recruiting Luchadores from all around the world and brought them here such as Mistico. Now he reveals that Barbaro Cavernario and Atlantis have also joined Azteca Lucha.

Duran favors himself a better promoter compared to Salina de la Renta he refers to as “that Boricua b*tch”. The thing is, Salina and Cesar have both done unspeakable things to each other in order to gain the higher ground in this business. So, when Duran says that the money he offered to Salina was used to make everything about her is sad. He reckons that she’ll come begging for more soon enough.

I don’t know what Cesar said in Salina’s ear after suggesting a title match between Romero and Mistico that caused de la Renta to viciously shove him off, but we might get what he wants. If anyone can get inside Salina’s head, it’s definitely Cesar.

Love, Doug vs. Brett Ryan Gosselin – Lumberjack and Jill match

Right off the start, Doug sends Brett outside. The funny thing is that Gosselin tries to run away, but he fails to since there were other wrestlers planted outside to prevent either two from escaping.

What the hell were Mimi, Deppen, McCoy, and Crawford doing assaulting Doug once he also got sent out? Apparently, they were having a little bit of fun despite that not being their roles.

Brett has no idea that Doug didn’t fall on the floor when he sent him out again, the lumberjacks caught him. Doug delivers an impressive crossbody much to the surprise of his challenger.

At some point during the match, a brawl breaks out between the lumberjacks and jills until Doug halts it by taking out the majority of them. Regrettably, that distraction from Zayda cost Doug the match as Brett ends it with his best friend’s move I’m Prettier.

Winner: Brett Ryan Gosselin

CozyMax vs. WTF – Tag Team match

Introducing team number one, Davey Boy Smith Jr. and Richard Holliday from WTF. As for CozyMax, we have the World Heavyweight Champion Satoshi Kojima and Shigeo Okumora.

At the beginning of this battle, Okumora is the one with the most control over Holliday as he applies a deep arm drag. Once Kojima is tagged in as well as Davey, the champ tries to display his strength by twisting Smith Jr.’s arm.

However, Davey takes Satoshi down with a shoulder tackle. Ha! Ha! A series of Sumo-like collisions in the middle of the ring has occurred between these men.

Shigeo is back in the match as he plants Davey on his face followed by a low drop kick to the side of Smith Jr.’s ribs. Later on, Davey retaliates with a vertical suplex. Okumora nearly didn’t kick out.

Shigeo does impress with his quick clothesline to Holliday to create some separation, so he could tag Kojima. Satoshi makes a b-line attack to Davey before turning his attention towards Holliday.

The brutality of those Strong Styles strikes to Richard’s chest is always a pleasure to witness. There wasn’t a tag made between Holliday and Davey, but Smith Jr. enters the ring anyway. Kojima is able to hold his own with a double from Okumora.

Shigeo puts his body on the line when he delivers an overhead suplex to Davey plus a splash leaving Kojima and Richard inside the ring. Satoshi is able to pin Holliday after that electrifying clothesline.

Winners: CozyMax

Jacob Fatu vs. Mads Krule Krugger – Baklei Brawl match

Damn. Krugger’s Contra theme music freaks me the hell out. I actually thought the weird rumbling sounds was coming from outside my window. I got scared. I’m just lucky I was wrong.

As we move on, Jacob Fatu doesn’t make his usual entrance sparkling for the fans. Instead he goes straight after Mads with his head still bandaged up from the hit he suffered at SuperFight.

The battle is already out of control as the bodies spill themselves all around the ring near the barricades and commentary. They both try to suplex the other onto a table Krugger setup, but neither can get a grip.

Mads slams the chair Jacob grabbed from under the ring against Fatu’s stomach and back. The Samoan Werewolf get overwhelmed as Mads plants him face first against the chair.

Fatu tries to fight back with chops, but Mads proves to be a cunning foe as he withstands every blow like they meant nothing. Krugger strikes back harshly that it forces Jacob’s body to collapse on the mat.

The Samoan Werewolf is able to sidestep an incoming assault by sending Krugger crashing into the very table he setup in the corner of the ring. However, Mads flipping then slamming Jacob down was even worse.

Fatu holds his ground as he Super Kicks Mads against the jaw then delivers an Aller Uce out of nowhere. That leaves the leader of Contra reeling for a bit, long enough for Jacob to perform a springboard Moonsault. He also connects with a spear plus a Swanton.

I was shocked when Krugger momentarily set Jacob’s face on FIRE to distract him. Oh, my God. I’ve never seen this. Wow. That may have blinded Fatu to lose to a Scorched Earth ending.

But that wasn’t all. Krugger orders his Contra followers to place Jacob in a body bag to completely remove from the equation as they carry him out like a funeral ceremony. This is some next level messed up stuff…

Winner: Mads Krule Krugger 


TOP PHOTO: Contra surrounds Fatu. Courtesy of MLW