Greetings and salutations! Its Wednesday so that means that its another episode of AEW Dynamite! This week on the show we have Adam Copeland and Daniel Garcia going at it to determine the next TNT Championship challenger. Also on the show we have Jon Moxley facing taking on Dax Harwood. The EVP’s, Matthew and Nicholas Jackson are scheduled to face Top Flight. We have a full slate of matches this week so without further ado, let’s get to the action!

Jon Moxley VS Dax Harwood

The match saw tons of back and forth action from the two. As we neared the end of the match, Harwood had Moxley down on the mat and Harwood is looking for a Sharpshooter, but Moxley is able to escape. Harwood with a fake, and gets Moxley on a Piledriver for a 2-count. Mox runs outside and Harwood chases him. Mox is in the ring first and as Harwood gets back in the ring, Mox hits the ropes to crotch Harwood. Mox with a Cutter and Curb Stomp and is only good for a 2-count. Harwood hits a Brainbuster on Moxley for a 2-count. Mox is down on the mat and Harwood climbs to the top and jumps, but Moxley catches him and is able to lock in a Rear Naked Choke. Harwood tries to fight it off, but can’t keep holding on and is forced to tap out.

Winner: Jon Moxley

Moxley keeps the submission on. Out comes Cash Wheeler to break things up. Wheeler and Mox go at it. This makes Claudio Castagnoli run in and is able to take out Wheeler. Moxley and Castagnoli lock dual submission on FTR and they end up leaving through the crowd.

The Don Callis Family is backstage with Renee Paquette. Callis gets right to business as he says that Takeshita and Hobbs are the victims of their own success because no one wants to face them. Callis says that at AEW Revolution, all of his family memebrs will face each other including Takeshita taking on Will Ospreay.

Wardlow (w/ The Undisputed Era) VS Barrett Brown

Wardlow hits Barrett Brown with a Last Ride Powerbomb and that was that!

Winner: Wardlow

We see footage from earlier today that showed the EVP’s, Matthew and Nicholas Jackson exiting a private jet as they wore the same blood stained white suits from last weeks attack on Sting and Darby Allin.

Adam Copeland VS Daniel Garcia

The winner will face Christian for the TNT championship. Copeland used his height and strength as much as possible. Copeland controlled the ground game as Garcia tried to use his speed. Garcia tried a cross body from the corner, but Copeland catches him with a huge Shoulder Breaker. Shortly then, Garcia hits a Dragon Screw from the second rope. Garcia goes for a Saito Suplex, but Copeland fights through it, but Garcia hits another Saito Suplex. Copeland runs for a Spear, but Garcia counters with a Punt Kick, then put Copeland in a Jackknife Pin for a 2. Copeland is able to lock in the Grind House as Nick Wayne and Killswitch come for the attack on both causing a no-contest.


Christian Cage and Shayna Wayne are out. Cage grabs a chair from under the ring and Daddy Magic tries to stop him, but Killswitch takes him out for his attempt. Killswitch hits Garcia with a chokeslam and then Cage goes for a Conchairto, until Copeland stops him. Copeland tries to hit Cage with a chair but is low-blowed from behind by Shayna Wayne. Cage hits Copeland with a Conchairto. Cage holds the TNT Championship over is head with one leg over Copeland.

A video package showed the Hangman Page/Swerve Strickland time-limit draw. We are reminded that both men will challenge Samoa Joe in a three-way match for the AEW World Championship at Revolution.

Samoa Joe Talks…

AEW World Champion Samoa Joe is out and says that all was great with his reign until last week. Joe says they made his title match bigger and dumber and he says that AEW rewards mediocrity so they put him in a three-way match at AEW Revolution. Joe says he will injure both men and will teach them a lesson. Swerve Strickland and Prince Nana are out. Strickland says when they started this whole thing, it wasn’t supposed to be personal but the more that Joe runs his mouth, the more personal its getting. Strickland says that he’s on his way to becoming one of the best of all time and Joe needs to put some respect on his name. Swerve reminds us that he has gone onto face the biggest, baddest, and best that AEW has to offer and he always proves that its his house. Swerve reminds us all that at Revolution he will be the one holding the AEW Championship when the night is done.

Hangman Page is out and says that he signed on for a match where the winner would become the number one contender and Strickland couldn’t do it. Page thinks the match should be one-on-one with two people who respect that championship. Hangman says Swerve doesn’t deserve the title shot, nor the extra 5 minutes because he couldn’t get the job done. Samoa Joe says he’s heard enough from both and at AEW Revolution, he’s gonna whoop both of their asses.

Timeless Toni Storm Presents: Wet Ink

Storm talks about her tattoo, which reminds her of a girl she became friends with because she felt sorry for her. Storm said Deonna Purrazzo was her young girl, who she helped get into Japan. Storm says that Purrazzo was nurtured on her bosom of brilliance and suckled on the teat of talent. Storm said Purrazzo bit the tit that fed her and Purrazzo forgot she was just an extra. In the tattoo parlour they are in, Storm had her matching bird tattoo she shared with Purrazzo changed to a dagger going through it.

Renee Paquette was backstage with Deonna Purrazzo and asked her thoughts on what they just witnessed. Purrazzo said Storm talks too much she’s going to break her arm at Revolution.

The Young Bucks (Matthew & Nicholas Jackson) defeated Top Flight (Dante & Darius Martin)

The Jackson’s and Top Flight had a match you thought they would have. The match was very much full of high and intense spots. After a 50/50 match, Dante hits an assisted DDT with his brother and this resulted in a 2-count. Dante with a Suicide Dive on Nicholas, and Darius hit a Spanish Fly on Matthew. Nicholas managed to take out Dante on the floor. In the ring, Matthew went ofr a cover with his feet on the ropes, but the ref saw it. Nicholas argued with the ref and while this was happening, Matthew hits a Pop Up Punt Kick and his brother joins in for the EVP Trigger for the win.

Winners: Matthew & Nicholas Jackson

Tony Schiavone gets in the ring with The EVP’s and saus that they are undefeated this year so that makes them top of the rankings. Matthew says beating a team like Top Flight makes them the Number One contenders. Schiavone says Sting isn’t there because of the attack from last week. Matthew says he’s tired of hearing Schiavone burying them on commentary every week and calls it a breach of contract. Nicholas gives Schiavone a $1000 fine and asks him if he has a problem with that, then Nicholas pushes him down to the mat.

Matthew apologizes and wants to help Schiavone up, but he’s set up for a EVP Trigger, but Darby Allin is out and grabs a mic. Allin says the original mission statement of All Elite Wrestling was to change the world. Allin says he just wanted a job and did all he could, but the Bucks just hired their friends instead. Allin says he’s thankful that there was an EVP back in the day that had some sense. Allin then says that they don’t know what they got themselves into at AEW Revolution.

Renee Paquette is backstage in the Bang Bang Scissor Gang Lounge with the Bullet Club Gold & The Acclaimed. Switchblade Jay White said they have new merch. Daddy Ass & Austin Gunn want a 12-Man Tag on Rampage.

Willow Nightingale (w/ Stokely Hathaway) VS Skye Blue

Nightingale went up the ropes, but Blue slid through and hit a Nandos kick. She followed that up with a Powerbomb for 2-count. Blue with a Code Blue and the pin, but Hathaway distracted the ref which gave Nightingale the time to recoup and hit the Doctor Bomb for the 3-count

Texas Death Match: AEW International Champion Orange Cassidy VS Matt Taven

Bennett threw a bunch of chairs into the ring and Trent Beretta comes out holding a box of roses, which actually had a lead pipe. Beretta hit Bennett’s chair into his face with the pipe. Taven throws a chair at Beretta. Taven hit a Bulldog Driver  onto a chair. Shortly then on, Cassidy hits an Orange Punch and Beach Break onto the huge stack of chairs and tacks. Cassidy wrapped his hand in the chain and then hits the Orange Punch on Taven. Roderick Strong ran out and goes for a knee on Cassidy, but Beretta gets in the way and eats the knee. Cassidy hits Roderick out of the ring. The ref was still counting and Taven was out and never got up at the 10-count. Cassidy wins!

Winner: Orange Cassidy