A former Reality of Wrestling talent is claiming Booker T fired her from the promotion because of issues, problems her stalker caused reports Fightful. She also accuses the promotion of not following through on their promise to hire security to protect her and others.

Raychell Rose, who was in a long-term relationship, claims trainee Shawn Reed was barred from having anything to do with or attending anything Reality of Wrestling because of his behaviour towards her and others.

Despite being warned by police and Reality of Wrestling officials Fightful states that Reed continued to harass, threaten Rose, other wrestlers and officials including confronting Booker T in a parking lot.

The situation became physical when Reed showed up at a bar (the Stuttgarden Tavern) Reality of Wrestling stars frequent after their shows. Rose confronted Reed as did other RoW stars. A fight broke out. Rose claims Reed hit a wrestler with a glass mug and tried to hit her. Rose maintains she was fired after a conversation about the issue with Booker T even though she was the one being stalked.

“Booker screamed and cursed at me when he arrived on the scene while I was talking to police at the December incident that this was my fault and I’m the reason people got hurt and arrested,” Rose told Fightful.

Rose told Fightful she is stunned by the lack of support she received from Booker T and Reality of Wrestling.

“To speak on the personal side of things, My safety has not been secure for years due to Shawn Reed and the lack of support I received from the people in charge at Reality of Wrestling which allowed Shawn’s actions to escalate the way they did unchecked. This issue being allowed to fester for so long has resulted in many hours of speaking in person to and on the phone with police officers, district attorneys, and lawyers because of this situation. I’ve spent and continue to spend a great deal of time in therapy sessions to process trauma related to this incident in hopes of one day fully overcoming the effects of it. That itself comes with a stigma, but it’s all a part of the healing process which I am learning to navigate and fully embrace,” she stated.

For his part, Booker T said the entire situation was a “non-story” and wondered why the past was being brought up now.

Fightful and Rose also claim that talent have left the promotion over the incident.