Greetings and Salutations! TNA is back with another edition of Impact. After a historic Royal Rumble appearance, Trinity and Jordynne Grace team up and take on Gisele Shaw & Savannah Evans. We also have Josh Alexander taking on Alan Angels. Mike Bailey and One half of the Rascalz, Zachary Wentz go at it. Its a jam packed show with tons more action, so without further ado, let’s get to it!

We get a “In Memory of Toby Keith” graphic with a recap from last weeks show.

Chris Sabin VS John Skyler

Skyler gets the action going as he tosses Sabin knee-first into the ring steps. Sabin is up and Hotch gets his feet and trips him. Skyler hits a huge Spear but it was only good enough for a 2-count. After a lot of back and forth, Sabin finds the Cradle Shock for the win.

Winner: Chris Sabin

Backstage, Gia Miller speaks to Alex Shelley. Shelley talked about how he knew what it took to be a member of a team, while The System didn’t. He said if you take one out of the system, it falls part and tonight its Eddie Edwards.

Tasha Steelz VS Xia Brookside

Steelz and Brookside have a 50/50 match. They trade strikes often.  Xia gets Steelz in an Octopus, but Steelz is able to land a Spinebuster. Xia is looking for a Brooksie Bomb, but she’s pushed off and lands hard on the mat. Steelz finds a Sunset Flip and gets a pin with a whole lotta tights for the win.

Winner: Tasha Steelz

ABC are backstage. They talk about their best 2/3 series with the Grizzled Young Veterans. Out of the blue, GYV attacked them and in the end Ace Austin looked like he injured his shoulder.

A recap of Kazarian’s heel turn aired. Jake Something and Frankie Kazarian faced off. Something said he used to look up to Kazarian, but now since words aren’t working, its time to fight.

Mike Bailey VS Zachary Wentz

Bailey with his quick kicks that send Wentz down to the mat. Bailey with a Triangle Moonsault that sends him on Wentz at ringside. After the break, Bailey is in firm control of the match. Bailey with a Missile Dropkick. Bailey continues his flurry of offense as he unloads with his quick kicks again. Wentz is down and Bailey is looking for a Shooting Star Press, but Wentz moves out of the way and hits a German Suplex on Bailey. Wentz is in full control of the match and slams Bailey for a nearfall, then hits the UFO cutter for the win.

Winner: Zachary Wentz

After the match, The Rascalz beat down Bailey until Trent Seven comes out for the save. Steve Maclin takes out Seven. Nic Nemeth is out and takes out Maclin. Nemeth helps Seven and Bailey up.

Kon gets a hype vignette…

We see footage of Crazzy Steve attacking Rhino on Xplosion. Backstage, Rhino says he wants the Digital Media title next week.

Trinity & Jordynne Grace VS Savannah Evans & Gisele Shaw

Grace and Evans have a test of strength. Trinity is in and does the Splits fall on Evans. Shaw and Evans double team Grace and cut the ring in half isolating her from her partner. Grace takes a beating for a while, until Grace connects a Back Elbow on Shaw and is able to get the hot tag to Trinity. Trinity comes storming in and first she Dropkicks Evans, followed by a Crossbody. Trinity with a Rearview and goes for the pin, but Shaw breaks up the pinfall. Grace shoves Shaw into Jai, and now Trinity and Grace double team Evans. Trinity hits Code Red and locks in the Starstruck, forcing a submission.

Winners: Trinity & Jordynne Grace

AJ Francis asks Deaner for help. Hendry shows up and interrupts them. Deaner tells Hendry not to talk for him.

Kon VS Richard Adonis & Ori Gold

Squash match alert. Kon with power moves, a chokeslam, and a pin.

Winner: Kon

Kon keeps the attack going until PCO’s music hits and he comes out. Kon attacks PCO’s scientists and then he and PCO go at it. Security is out and they keep brawling.

Josh Alexander VS Alan Angels

Angels attacks Alexander before the match even starts. Alexander comes right back, but that doesn’t last long as Angels hits Alexander with a poke to the eye. The match ends ups outside as they brawl it out. Back in the ring, Alexander drops Angels and locks in an Ankle Lock. Angels breaks it as he gets to the ropes. The match is 50/50 until Josh traps Angels in a second Ankle Lock and this time is enough to end the match with Angels tapping out.

Winner: Josh Alexander

After the match Alexander is celebrating with the crowd and high-fiving the fans. A masked man slaps him and jumps the barricade, and beats Alexander up. The masked man takes off the mask and its……Simon Gotch.

Eddie Edwards VS Alex Shelley

Shelley and Eddie slapand punch each other. Edwards takes a break outside the ring and Shelley goes for a dive, but Alisha with the classic boot grab. Eddie makes the attack and takes Shelley down. After the break, Shelley is back in control. Shelley with a Stretch on Edwards. Shelley is taken down and Alisha chokes Shelley on the ropes. Shelley is back up and is able to hit a Dragon Screw on Edwards. Shelley continues to go after Edwards left leg. Eddie comes right back and takes Shelley down and gets a Boston Knee Party, but Shelley gets a pin out of nowhere and gets the win.

Winner: Alex Shelley

Brian Myers attacks Shelley. Kushida makes the save and eventually Kevin Knight is out and jumps the ropes to attack The System. At the end of the show, Shelley, Knight, and Kushida are together!