Oof. Oof. Oof. After the electrifying drama that went on yesterday at the WrestleMania 40 Kickoff show, especially between The Rock, Cody Rhodes, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins, Hall of Famer Triple H is here to assert his authority.

That was… a shock, to say the least, when The Rock slapped Rhodes. I… can’t. I’m just so surprised and alarmed by such a reaction, but it almost seems to make sense as to why he did it. However, Reigns was being just as rude about Cody’s dad then the American Nightmare being towards the Anoa’i family. The Rock seems to forget that.

I’d be pissed off about that slap, too.

It would appear I was wrong when I thought that Roman would be facing The Rock, yet since the Kickoff, it’s Cody Rhodes who’ll be facing the Undisputed Champion. He did win the Royal Rumble, so it’s his choice to make. Ha! I’m not sure what Roman was thinking when he chose The Rock aside from thinking that Cody is irrelevant.

Triple H made it abundantly clear that Rhodes will be fighting Reigns at Mania 40. So, now there’s just the matter of finding Seth Rollins’ challenger. That will be decided at Elimination Chamber.

12 competitors will be battling it out in a Qualifying match to enter the event. Randy Orton, Bronson Reed, Kevin Owens, for some reason Logan Paul, AJ Styles, The Miz, Bobby Lashley, Ivar, Drew McIntyre, Sami Zayn, Dominik Mysterio and LA Knight.

What’s funny is that Nick Aldis told McIntyre to not wear that CM Punk t-shirt last week, or he’ll be fined some more, but he didn’t listen. Ha!

Drew McIntyre vs. AJ Styles – Elimination Chamber Qualifying match

As if things couldn’t get any better, LA Knight is here to watch this momentous match with a grin of his face. While McIntyre was distracted, AJ took advantage by delivering a baseball slide kick to Drew’s leg.

Not too long later, Drew drops Styles soon after with a chop to the chest of his opponent. Luckily, Styles fights back despite that suplex. McIntyre’s ruthlessness is showing when he puts Styles through a hurtful back breaker striking his knee in the spine of AJ.

The brutally gets even worst when McIntyre sends Styles into the timekeeper’s area. AJ counters with a around the world slingshot. Styles had the upper hand for a moment, but he should have capitalized much faster. Instead, McIntyre shoves him into the turnbuckles.

Styles does a great job fighting through a potential threat with a powerbomb that nearly put McIntyre away. The sheer power of AJ was amazing to witness.

Well, that’s a first. McIntyre’s kip up was strained due to a previous attack by AJ when he chopped down his knee. Ha! It caught up to him, I see. It becomes a facture later on as Styles applies the Calf Crusher. However, McIntyre is able to save himself by grabbing the bottom rope.

Just as Styles was about to perform the Phenomenal Forearm, McIntyre headbutts him so hard that AJ crashes on the floor then sent in the direction of the Megastar. Ha! Ha! Ha! LA Knight pored a bottle of water on Styles’ face. So, he pays for it by colliding into the barricade.

What is even going on?? While Styles managed to roll McIntyre up, LA Knight distracts the official long enough for the three count to not matter. That pisses AJ to punch Knight. That gives McIntyre the opportunity to deliver a winning Claymore. He is now part of the Elimination Chamber event.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

Sami Zayn recognizes that he’ll facing 14-time Champion Randy Orton in order to get to WrestleMania, but he has no time to feel emotional because there’s a job to be done first. If he can get through Orton, then he’s one step closer to getting gold around his waist.

Bianca Belair vs. Michin – Elimination Chamber Qualifying match

This is our second women’s qualifying match for Elimination Chamber where Becky Lynch has already become one of the six to join this past Monday. Let’s see who will be next.

Right out of the gate, Bianca attempts the KOD on Michin, yet her opponent manages to wiggle herself out of the tight grip to deliver a couple of kicks to the EST. Michin is trying to catch Belair off guard early.

It seems that Michin is the one on the defense when it comes to this fight since Bianca has been on the receiving end the majority of the time, which is something you don’t see often. Michin performs a beautiful neck breaker.

Unfortunately, Michin misses with a Cannonball in the corner given that Belair sidestepped. A second wind helps Bianca deliver a back breaker. Michin counters with a superplex that almost puts Bianca away.

Girl, I’ve never seen Belair be on the other end of something this much during a match. Michin successfully delivers the Eat the Feet move to the EST. Michin was looking for the Styles Clash, but Bianca retaliates with a sudden back drop. Then once again, Belair sets Michin up for a victorious KOD.

Winner: Bianca Belair

Backstage, Triple H welcomes Bron Breakker to speak with him. He’s proud of the level of accomplishment Breakker was able to achieve and make it this far in the game without faltering. Now, Breakker is wondering if he could gain some advice from Triple H to help him make a decision between RAW or SmackDown’s offer.

Annoyingly, Paul Heyman interrupts the conversation. He happily shakes Breakker’s hand before he gets sent out by Triple H. Given what happened last night, Heyman doesn’t stay long. He does warn the Hall of Famer that he’ll be back next week with The Rock AND Roman Reigns. Something you won’t want to miss.

Back to the stage, we have Bayley here after the clash that transpired last Friday during that confirmation and confrontation segment where she chose to fight Iyo Sky for the WWE Women’s Championship at Mania 40.

I would honestly hate if people I saw as friends did this to me. It makes them look like very awful individuals despite them thinking they were right to do so. It almost makes me feel delusional if I thought they were my friends, but they clearly didn’t. They had plans behind my back.

I don’t think anyone who truly thought their friendship meant something should get this kind of beating. So, regardless of how somewhat distasteful Bayley has been in the past several months, she didn’t deserve this. Her heart cared for Damage Control.

I can forgive her slightly arrogant persona since it wasn’t that bad. Meanwhile, Dakota Kai arrives on the scene confused. She didn’t know about any of this. Apparently, Kai wasn’t here last Friday because she had a meeting with her doctor.

Bayley doesn’t believe Kai when she said she had no idea about this coup happening. Dakota can speak and understand Japanese, so she must have known. And she did. Dakota wanted to tell Bayley, but she didn’t know how. Well, normally you just say it. Hmm.

Nevertheless, Dakota also believes that Kairi and Asuka got into Iyo’s head at some point. The estrange history between Kairi and Bayley isn’t finished like I knew it wasn’t. Sane was just biding her time.

With all that said and done, Bayley wonders where Dakota stands. And just as Kai was about to give an answer, Iyo’s music starts playing. The champ and the Kabuki Warriors had Bayley surrounded, and we also thought Kai was going against her, too. I’m happy to say that Dakota swung a chair at the invaders.

Although, I wasn’t completely sure since Dakota nearly hit Bayley after managing to send the rest running.

Pete Dunne & Tyler Bate vs. DIY – Undisputed Tag Team Championship opportunity against Judgment Day at Elimination Chamber 

Both Bate and Gargano are looking for an edge while brawling each other, but they haven’t really been able to in the early starts of this match. Pete Dunne tags Bate, perhaps unknowingly to Johnny, who gets planted by a clothesline.

Once Gargano tagged Tommaso Ciampa in, DIY were rolling, bringing heat to the fight, knowing exactly what’s on the line. Ciampa drops Bate with an inverted DDT. But, oh my God! What a double team from DIY. It was awesome, as The Miz would say.

I’m not sure what Tyler was doing to Johnny and Tommaso, but whatever it was, it was effective. Round and round we go. Now, Bate and Dunne are back in the swing of things gaining some leverage… until they don’t. Bate was very closely put away by those knees to the spine from Ciampa.

Later on, DIY was looking for Meet in the Middle while Dunne was momentarily unavailable, but he’s able to come back and joint manipulate Ciampa’s fingers. This gives Bate time to recuperate with a double clothesline.

Ciampa was knocked out on the main floor after that abrupt suicide dive from Bate, which allows Dunne to counter Gargano’s slingshot spear with a right hand plus a winning Bitter End.

Dunne and Bate will be clashing with the Judgment Day’s Tag Team Champions Damian Priest and Finn Balor at Perth.

Winners: Pete Dunne & Tyler Bate

Ha! Ha! Ha! Dominik Mysterio is shocked to find that Kevin Owens will be standing across from him next week in order to qualify for Elimination Chamber. Owens jabs even further by dedicating the beating to the greatest Luchador of all time, Rey Mysterio. That shuts Dom Dom up.

Honestly, whatever is happening with R-Truth is getting out of control. Ha! Ha! This man mistook Owens for Miz.

Next Monday, Ivar and LA Knight as well as Bobby Lashley and Bronson Reed will square off for an opportunity to join Drew McIntyre. The match between Owens and Dom has already been confirmed, so there’s just The Miz and Logan Paul left.

On the women’s side, I’m so excited to see Naomi compete in what’s been a while against Zelina Vega to join Bianca Belair and Becky Lynch. Shotzi and Tiffany Stratton also look to make some waves next Friday.

Sami Zayn vs. Randy Orton – Elimination Chamber Qualifying match 

Orton has a handle on Zayn during the beginning of this match, but Sami manages to push back. He almost went for a suicide dive after dumping Randy on the outside, but The Viper moves in time. A classic Sami Zayn maneuver wows the crowd.

While Orton was momentarily out, Sami takes that opening to suicide dive him again, yet he collides with Randy’s right hand instead. He’s now left to like a worm squirming on the wet floor during a rainy day.

Zayn reverses and sends Orton crashing on the announce desk. A second wind is what he needed after what happened earlier. A tornado DDT by Sami isn’t enough to put Randy away.

However, The Viper pays homages to his father, the Ace Bob Orton, with a superplex from the top rope that stuns the whole movement of this fight. Although Orton did well with that power slam to Zayn, he’s still holding onto his lower back in pain.

Randy gave himself some breathing room when he slams Sami against the commentary desk. Orton is successfully able to deliver that vintage DDT since he was unable to before.

Amazingly, Sami counters a potential RKO with a Blue Thunderbomb, but Orton survives. The Viper is finally able to perform the RKO, and put Sami away for good.

Winner: Randy Orton


TOP PHOTO: McIntyre gazes at Orton. Courtesy of WWE