News broke today that Scott D’Amore had been relieved of his duties as the President of TNA wrestling by its parent company, Anthem Sports & Entertainment.

Many TNA wrestlers and co-workers, past and present, took to social media to show their appreciation for D’Amore, who has been involved in the wrestling business for decades — as a wrestler, manager, trainer, promoter, booker and executive (to name but a few jobs).

TNA World champion Moose kept it simple: “I’m lost for words…..Shutting down for a few days. ✌🏾”

Josh Alexander offered up a simple, “Thank you coach” on Twitter with a photo of them together in the ring in Mississauga, Ontario.

Scott D'Amore and Josh Alexander.

Scott D’Amore and Josh Alexander.

Brian Myers: “Thanks to @ScottDAmore @ThisIsTNA never died. That same passion & belief lives on with the current roster that he assembled. We are hard to kill. Thanks for everything Boss.

Jake Something: Proud to be a D’Amore guy. Thanks for everything.

Former TNA announcer David Penzer: I’m just going to say it. Without @ScottDAmore Impact/TNA would be a video library probably owned by WWE. I saw him strip that thing down to the studs and rebuild it on a less than skeleton budget to where it stands today which is ready to take off. Hope it survives – Massive loss!

Alex Zayne: Shout out to Scott D’Amore for not only the opportunities he gave me personally, but also what he’s done for wrestling as a whole. 🙏 #ThankYouScott

John Skyler: “Thank You @ScottDAmore ❤️🍻”

AJ Francis — the former Top Dolla in WWE — is only new to TNA. He posted: “I met Scott in Vegas for #HardToKill & he told me he couldn’t understand the things ppl said about me. “You’re respectful, you work hard, you’re talented & you give a shit… what more could I ask for in a talent?” He gave me a chance when he didn’t have to, & I’m grateful.

There is a hashtag going on X/Twitter, #ThankYouScott, where fans are sending in their appreciation for D’Amore and the work he has done in TNA/Impact Wrestling through the years.

TOP PHOTO: Scott D’Amore is knocked into the corner at the Rebel Entertainment Complex in Toronto, Ontario, on Sunday, April 16, 2023. Photo by Steve Argintaru, Twitter: @stevetsn Instagram: @stevetsn


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