Stardom founder and executive producer Rossy Ogawa is indeed starting a new women’s promotion to rival his brainchild.

Ogawa spoke with Tokyo Sports about his firing and his future plans.

Over the weekend Stardom posted the following statement on social media: “We would like to inform you that we have come to know that he has poached many Stardom players and staff members, and we have decided to cancel this contract.”

They also posted this goodbye to him:

Ogawa responded by posting: “Suddenly, after yesterday’s event I was notified that my contract would be terminated. The truth of the matter may be told someday. I’m worried about the talent right now. Thank you for supporting Stardom for the past 13 years. From now on, it will be Stardom created by Bushiroad.”

Ogawa maintains that after Sunday’s Stardom event he was fired, put in a taxi and sent home. Ogawa had previously informed Stardom he was retiring this spring.

“I was forced to play aggressive cards and there was harassment within the company that continued and I started to lose the will to continue working here,” he told Tokyo Sport through Google translation.

He also said some talent refused to sign with Stardom because of the issues.

In the interview Ogawa admits that he was starting a new promotion.

“A new organization? That’s right. I want to do things that we can’t do there. There are quite a few things we can’t do there,” he said.

Ogawa denied he was poaching talent though.

“I did not do this. After hearing the rumors, there were a lot of talent who wanted to come to this (new organization). I guess they were panicked too,” he said.

Stardom founder fired over ‘poaching’ allegations