Welcome everyone to SuperFight 4!

Rocky Romero (c) vs. Ichiban – 2 of 3 Falls for the World Middleweight Championship match

Ichiban momentarily throws Romero off him, but he gets shoulder tackled later on as payback for his efforts. It seems, by the looks of it, that Rocky isn’t taking Ichiban seriously since he laughs in his face whenever he has the chance.

Rocky thought he had the upper hand as he suicide dives after his opponent, yet he gets caught and plummets to the floor due to a suplex. The champ turns things around by avoiding the One punches from Ichiban, kicks him off balance then delivers a Code Breaker.

Rocky surprised Ichiban with a sudden cover that awards the champ a point, which gives him the advantage being 1-0 in his favor. Apparently, Jesus Rodriguez held onto Ichiban’s foot while the ref wasn’t looking as he tried to reach the bottom rope, but he failed unintentionally.

That high speed kick Ichiban delivers to Rocky left the champ almost stone cold out as they both lay on the mat attempting to catch their breaths. Ichiban nearly pinned Romero with that air-tight crossbody.

The challenger does gain a point with Ichiban Kai as he levels the playing field equally. Ha! Salina de la Renta was so pissed.

If we’re not looking at the fall counts, in a general sense, these two fighters are evenly matched since they mirror each other’s attacks to prevent the other from winning. Romero was very close to retaining his gold after that tornado DDT.

Ichiban counters with a superplex to the Champion. Wow. That height was amazingly done and effective since Rocky is still reeling in pain.

Ichiban was too close to pinning Rocky after he took care of an interfering Jesus Rodriguez. I’m sure Romero knew that, too. Ichiban has incredible resilience to kick out from a massive tornado DDT from the top rope.

The match eventually crowns its winner in Rocky Romero as he pins Ichiban with the Sunset Driver. He can’t say that Ichiban didn’t push him harder than anyone else thus far.

Following the fight, Salina bumps into a Azteca henchman looming in the crowd area staring holes into de la Renta. She got mad, really mad that she attacked the guy. Romero and Rodriguez struggled to hold her back.

What is going on there?

Winner: Rocky Romero

Davey Boy Smith Jr. vs. 1 Called Manders 

Oof. Manders explodes right out of the gate as he hammers away at Davey in the corner of the ring. But never mind all that, Davey quickly switches the momentum of the match in his pocket as Manders is now on the receiving end of his challenger’s blows.

Smith Jr. is on the outside looking for a reprieve given the sudden hits he endured by Manders. Later on, Davey establishes his dominance on the main floor, catching Manders off guard.

Ooh, yikes. That elbow to Manders’ forehead slightly busted it open and started bleeding. The first sign of blood usually indicates that the match is going to be one of those unfiltered fights.

Davey is seen biting Manders’ head wound, leaving blood to smear his face like some rabid demon animal. He relishes in it, which somewhat frightens me. Ew.

Manders places some separation with a back drop to Davey inside the ring. However, Smith Jr. makes a comeback performing a thunderous superplex. Since that wasn’t enough to put Manders away, Davey applies a submission crossface hold, which Manders is defiant to tap out of.

Unfortunately, Manders passes out instead with his middle finger in the air. The match may have officially ended, but Davey wasn’t done with Manders as he continues to strike the man down.

Smith Jr. did something I never thought he would. It was disgusting when he licked Manders’ blood from his forehead. Ew. Ew. EW!! Because of this, I don’t care what MSL is saying right now… Just go away…

Winner: Davey Boy Smith Jr.

Jacob Fatu vs. Yuji Nagata – MLW vs. NJPW Dream match

Well… something finally happened. Jacob shoulder tackles Yuji to his backside. The beginning of the match was mainly those two getting a feel out of the other’s strengths. A power slam plus a diving headbutt from Fatu rocks Nagata.

It’s Yuji now as he catches Jacob with a kick to the side of his head that stuns him. That wasn’t enough, so Nagata applies some joint manipulation to the right hand of Fatu. Yuji was starting to translate the hold into a Kamura, but Fatu manages to grab the bottom rope.

Jacob may have gotten Nagata with that springboard Moonsault, but Yuji nails him with a crossface hold. From what I’ve seen thus far from Yuji is his impeccable submission holds that places his opponents in agony. He’s good at twisting the joints to painful extents.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, Jacob plants Yuji with a Aller Uce then a winning Moonsault from the top of the ring.

Fatu was looking to celebrate with the fans, but a rush of abrupt music started playing warning approaching danger. A group called the Sentai Death Squad, who once fought with Fatu, are now swarming him.

The black hand leading this shadowy group is none other than Mads Krugger. More of them were showing up aside from the ones Fatu already disposed of. It felt like I was watching a movie.

Eventually, Fatu gets overwhelmed and can’t fight them off. The Sentai Death Squad were ordered to hold Jacob for their version of a public execution as Krugger slams a war club against Fatu’s head, knocking him out.

Winner: Jacob Fatu 

Akira vs. Sami Callihan – Death Machine Rules match 

Oh, gross. Why must we start with a spitting competition between these two? It’s gross. Please stop it! Callihan goes even further with a low-blow to Akira. Since there are no rules, that action is… passable. As much as it can be.

Sami nearly puts Akira away with a Snap Pile Driver that’s aptly named given how Akira’s neck looked like it almost broke off. Oof. Sami uses a poster to slice between Akira’s finger like paper cutting. He does the same to the Death Fighter’s lips.

Later on, Callihan tears through a lemon, so he could squeeze the juice onto Akira’s finger wound. Yes, you read correctly, folks. I said that a lemon was used as a weapon. Followed by a broom and a chair. Callihan almost hit Akira with a baseball bat covered in bared wire, luckily the Death Fighter is the one using it instead.

The atmosphere continues to become even more wild as Callihan wraps the bared wire against Akira’s mouth after suffering the metallic sharpness of a soda can to the mouth earlier.

I’m left in shock, but not as much as Joe Dombrowski, who got Callihan’s snot all over his face. I’m speechless… I can’t fathom this. I feel so sorry for the man. I wouldn’t be able to remain as calm as he did.

I can’t…

Fortunately, Akira makes him pay with a swinging neck breaker on top of a wooden plank staged on the main floor. Strangely, Akira offers Callihan a stapple gun as they have a standoff inside the ring.

Each stapples the other’s forehead and scream in agony. A “Stapple fight” as the crowd calls it has commenced where Akira stapples Callihan’s stomach. In return, Sami stapples Akira’s heart. They both stapple the other’s neck. Then the Death Fighter stapples Callihan’s left ear.

Hilariously though, Akira stapples Sami’s crotch. Ha! Ha! Commentary does not empathize, and neither do I.

A brain buster to Akira shook Callihan since that didn’t pin him down long enough. The look on Sami’s face said it all towards the resilience of the Death Fighter. It only got a one count.

Sami, I regret to say, won after he delivered a Cactus Driver to finally end this sadistic fight. Rickey Shane Page seems pleased of the result. And once again, they’re duct tapping Akira to the ring at the behest of Callihan and Page.

I was left flabbergasted when I saw Raven marching towards the ring making his return to MLW during the massacre of Akira. But what the fans didn’t expect was Raven’s assistance towards Akira. He whacks Page and Callihan with the very weapon he was given.

Winner: Sami Callihan

BREAKING NEWS Satoshi Kojima and Minoru Suzuki will face each other at Intimidation Games on Feb 29 in New York.

Averno vs. Mistico

If I’ve ever seen Salina de la Renta having a breakdown, it would definitely have been earlier after Rocky Romero’s match. She has every reason to be scared as well as angry because El Jefe Cesar Duran is back!

It’s weird, isn’t it? Not only do I not understand why the last time we saw Duran, he was taken hostage by his own Azteca henchmen, but how people are cheering for him when they previously booed him.

Ha! Y’all have double faces. Nevertheless, he has something to say to Salina. The queen of Lucha Libre has been very naughty since Duran’s break, so consequences must be paid according to El Jefe.

Naturally, payback comes in the form of Mistico, who’s aligned himself with Azteca Lucha. The day I saw Mistico’s masked face, I was mystified by how outer-worldly he looks to me. The white contact lenses are the same I’ve seen Rey Mysterio wear. It fits perfectly with his white mask.

It brings a certain energy his name conveys, mystic.

Lord, there are so many tumbles and avoidance between these men that it looks like circus acrobatics rather than wrestling, but I forget sometimes that Lucha Libre is like that. So many confusing looking moves that expertly do the job right.

Averno plants Mistico on his face after a reversal in the middle of the ring followed by multiple shoves that forces Mistico crashing onto the floor. Averno even throws Mistico against the post that leaves him unavailable for a little while. It really hurt.

At some point, Mistico turns the tied, much to the dismay of Averno and Promociones Dorado watching on. He successfully suicide dives Averno. A standoff between Cesar and Salina has me intrigued by how intense it feels and looks.

Mistico has been amazing during this entire fight, including the moments he was on the receiving end, he fought through it. I also have to give Averno has flowers, too. His power is incredible to witness.

Pound for pound, they have something in common. Their talents. One of them fights an inch, and the other fights back to prevent any leverage against them. Counter for counter is what we’re looking at. Mistico counters with a Spanish Fly off the top!

My applauds to Mistico for winning with La Mistica submission move on his arrival.

Winner: Mistico

Another piece of BREAKING NEWS a match between Mistico and Rocky Romero for World Middleweight Championship has been confirmed for Intimidation Games. Whoo! I love this.

Also, Jacob Fatu has heard Mads Krugger’s challenge and accepted it for MLW Burning Crush Feb 17 in a Baklei Brawl.

Alex Kane (c) vs. Satoshi Kojima – World Heavyweight Championship match

Kojima rolls through a submission attempt by Kane, and goes to work on the ankle of the champ as they lay on the mat. Kane is venturing to wrap his arm around Satoshi’s neck while his leg is trapped in the hands of his challenger.

The fight is taken to the main floor as Kane delivers chops to Kojima’s chest. The champ continues with his onslaught as he sends Satoshi into the post. Kane learns to isolate a body part of Kojima’s and attacks it, such as his right arm.

Kane’s cocky cover encourages Satoshi to retaliate with an elbow to the throat of the Champion. Kojima is seen firing away some heavy chops that made him famous against Kane’s chest. The champ looks like he’s in need of an exorcist and some bread. Ha!

Alex makes a comeback with a snap suplex to Kojima that temporarily leaves him winded. The champ body splashes Kojima’s spine on the apron. Satoshi retaliates with a Cutter.

Kane has many suplexes in his arsenal that he can use, and he puts Kojima through some of them. The straps are off means heavier business from Alex. That throwing suplex could have pinned Kojima, but it didn’t, which frustrates the Champion. However, he’s advised to stay on Satoshi.

Unfortunately, for Kane, Kojima stays on him, too. He isn’t able to pin the champ with half a brain buster, nor half a suplex, but Satoshi becomes the first two-time World Heavyweight Champion after a knockout Lariato.

Quite the exciting upset! Good on you, Kojima.

Winner: Satoshi Kojima 


TOP PHOTO: Kane and Kojima weight class poster. Courtesy of MLW