It’s quite obvious that I’m mad that Kevin Owens lost against Logan Paul for the US Championship at the Royal Rumble. KO did make Paul pay, which is one good thing to come out of the disqualification. Regardless of this nonsense, we’re on the road to WrestleMania, but first we must enter Elimination Chamber.

Also, welcome back to one of the greatest female wrestles being Naomi. I missed my glow girl so much. AJ Lee didn’t show up, unfortunately, but Liv Morgan did! And, oh my God, let’s not forget that Jade Cargill finally made her debut at the Rumble like I hoped she would. She did so well despite getting eliminated by Morgan.

Both Bayley and Cody Rhodes winning their respectable Rumble matches was an electric moment. Rhodes spectacularly winning back-to-back was also fantastically done. Now, the question left to ask is who are they going to choose amongst the Champions?

I’m so mad that the show opens with the US Champion poisoning the stage, but I have the power to put him on mute, and wait for KO to voice his opinion. Owens still wants to remove the title from Paul’s waist, sanitize it then wear it. Ha! He read my mind.

Apparently, Logan “outsmarted” Owens with the brass knuckles wanting to lure him into showing his so-called true colors…. I think Logan just made that up because he knows his been cornered. Nevertheless, Owens doesn’t need brass knuckles to beat Logan’s sorry ass next time.

Austin Theory vs. Kevin Owens

Owens is the one with the upper hand during the early parts of this match as he shoulder tackles Theory backwards after talking smack to Logan, who’s distasteful appearance is at commentary.

If I’m being honest, it’s a little hard to pay attention to the current match because of Paul’s ear-screeching voice in the background. Why is he here? Although, KO is doing great work out of Theory… Austin got his knees up while avoiding a Senton.

Whatever little momentum Austin had was quickly squashed when Owens got back in the swing of things by successfully performing the Senton.

Theory reverses and sends Owens crashing back first against the apron. Kevin counters with a massive clothesline. That may have tweaked his previously injured arm.

Hmm, I’ve never seen Owens perform a tornado DDT before, but it was beautifully done. Followed by a close call Swanton.

Theory nearly pinned Owens with that brain buster that amazed commentary. Austin continues to impress when he almost suplexed Owens, but instead he’s only able to manage a different move.

Since that didn’t put Kevin away, Grayson decides to distract the official while Paul hands Theory some brass knuckles. All the shenanigans weren’t in favor of Paul because Owens triumphantly knocked Theory with the brass knuckle and didn’t get caught.

Kevin gave us a little gift when he chased Logan out with his tail between his legs. Ha! Of course he would run away like the tiny rat that he is.

Winner: Kevin Owens

And as if things couldn’t get any better, Naomi officially signs her contract to join the blue brand. Yess!! That’s my girl. We’re about to have even more fun with her around. However, it would appear that Tiffany Stratton also signed her SmackDown contract and weirdly thinks she deserves her applauds, too.

Stratton claims she isn’t afraid to step up the baddest women in the industry as she firmly says that they’ll remember her then she does the stupidest thing ever. She slaps Michin and scurries off.

Because of that, Michin rightfully requests a match against Stratton.

Pretty Deadly vs. Pete Dunne & Tyler Bate vs. Joaquin Wilde & Cruz Del Toro vs. Humberto & Angel – Fatal 4-Way Championship Qualifying match

I did not expect that the moment the bell rings, Elton Prince would be beating Tyler Bate so hardly as he’s currently doing. Damn. Luckily, Bate turns the tied as he brings in Pete Dunne.

Prince manages to separate himself from Dunne, so he could tag Joaquin Wilde of the LWO to face Pete. There was a bit of a shuffle between the LWO, Dunne and Bate, but they all kip up like it was nothing.

Anarchy really starts to take shape the second Humberto, Angel and Pretty Deadly collide with the rest of the teams inside the ring. These are one of the matches I love the most, where things can go as out of control as they want, and the referee has no say. Ha!

With the assist of Bate, Del Toro and Dunne, Joaquin soars through the sky and goes viral as he lands on Humberto, Angel and Pretty Deadly on the main floor ramp.

Pete Dunne is rolling the moment Wilde tags him in, he takes care of Pretty Deadly and Legado del Fantasma. But the upper hand is no longer in Dunne’s favor once Pretty Deadly play a double team against him nearly taking him out if it weren’t for Bate.

Just as the LWO were about to suicide dive Humberto and Angel near the commentary desk, Elektra Lopez impedes them, so Zelina Vega yanks her down from the ring as payback for last week.

The deck is clear for Wilde and Del Toro to crash into their adversaries. Vega continues to go after Lopez with a Meteora.

Back inside the ring, Dunne and Bate play a double against Kit Wilson and secure the victory to face the winner of RAW’s Fatal 4-Way next Monday.

Winners: Pete Dunne & Tyler Bate

When Bayley was too scared to announce that she’s picking Rhea Ripley for a Championship match at WrestleMania because of Nia Jax’ appearance this past RAW, Iyo looked confused as to the hesitation of her leader. Nia suggested that Bayley choose Iyo instead.

If Sky was standing in front of Jax like Bayley did, she’d also be afraid.

In the locker room, we get a little insight into Iyo’s thoughts on Bayley’s upcoming decision as well as Asuka and Kairi Sane’s. If I’m understanding correctly, Iyo just exposed that Bayley is done. Meaning the coup I’ve been telling you guys about is finally happening.

What they didn’t know was that Bayley heard them snickering about it. Oop. Oop. Oop Ha! I’m just wondering whether or not she’s going to choose Iyo out of spite, or because that’s who she wants to face.

Bayley wanting to face Rhea Ripley at first could change due to those sneaky comments by her seemingly fellow Damage Control friends. Luckily, Bayley was able to pick some Japanese for when Asuka, Iyo and Kairi were talking about her behind her back.

Now, Bayley turns her attention towards Iyo as she asks what happened. She, Dakota and Iyo first started Damage Control together, but Sky has changed once Asuka and Kairi became part of the group.

I swear it sounded like Bayley was at the verge of tears, but it gets cut short when the Kabuki Warriors reveal their true intent. I’m sure that once they got what they wanted from Bayley, they were planning on betraying her. I knew this was going to happen, I was just wondering when. When is the true question.

I reckon that Kairi is still bitter for what Bayley did to her three to five years ago, so this is her revenge, but I don’t understand Asuka.

While I’m contemplating that, Bayley has a pipe she sneakily grabbed from under the ring to defend herself. She almost hit Iyo with that pipe as Sky nearly hit Bayley with her title, but neither could do it.

But, hold on. There was meant to be an announcement, right? I’m happy to say that Bayley chose Iyo as her WrestleMania opponent. Whoo! Yet, it still keeps me thinking about whether or not it’s out of spite. We’ll soon see.

The Street Profits & Bobby Lashley vs. The Final Testament – 6-man Tag Team match

The fight begins as chaotic as you would expect as the AoP and the Street Profits are dumped outside while Lashley tries to deal with Karrion Kross. Lashley very closely drives Kross through the ring.

As he attempts to apply the Hurt Lock on Kross, Scarlett leaps in to stop Lashley. She goes for his eyes, blinding him until Bobby has some backup in B-Fab.

I suppose due to B-Fab and Scarlett’s inclusions within the match, the fight was called off prematurely. Unsurprisingly.

Winners: Never mind

Ha! Some delicious tea is brewing backstage between RAW and SmackDown General Managers Adam Pearce and Nick Aldis. The blue brand tries his hand to sign Bron Breakker, but Pearce persuades Bron to hold off until he’s heard his offer.

Tonight just keeps getting better as we see none other than Jade Cargill making an appearance as well.

Michin vs. Tiffany Stratton

Right out of the gate, Michin delivers an amazing drop kick that sends Stratton tumbling into the corner. Michin continues her onslaught as she hammers away at the newcomer.

A gut-wrench suplex by Michin has Stratton spread across the ring like a dead corpse. Ha! Michin makes sure to barely allow Tiffany time to land a hit on her… until Stratton trips Michin right on the apron.

After that bad landing from earlier, it’s been Tiffany rolling since. She delivers a massive double stomp against Michin’s chest. However, payback from Michin in the form of a slap to Stratton’s face was gold.

Tiffany was inches away from winning with that modified Alabama Slam to Michin, the same one we saw at the Rumble. Okay, well, Stratton may have won with the Prettiest Moonsault, but I can’t be the only one who thinks she missed the mark. Most of it. Ha!

Winner: Tiffany Stratton 

Next week, Nick Aldis will announce who Logan Paul’s next challenger is going to be. Also, the WWE Women’s Championship match between Bayley and Iyo Sky is the first confirmed fight for WrestleMania 40.

As we conclude this great night, Cody Rhodes will be giving us an answer as to who he’ll choose. Before we get to that, if you were present on Monday when Seth Rollins was giving Cody Rhodes some clarity as to who he should to face in 64 days then you know what I’m talking about.

Rhodes shouldn’t go up against Roman as if he’s the only major title holder in the WWE, or the grudge he has over him. Rollins asked Cody to think about what kind of Champion he wants to be, and which title better fits that vision.

Reigns isn’t pleased about how bold, let’s say, Rollins was. Roman thinks that he’s the one with THE title, not Seth. “The loser bracket title,” That’s what Reigns called Rollins’ Championship. Wow.

I found it irritating that Roman thinks that Seth is delusional for calling himself the work horse when he broke his back. But isn’t that what a work horse means? That you work so hard to fight that you break parts of your body doing so? The effort, the dedication, the determination. That’s what Seth has.

Deep down, Reigns knows he doesn’t. Although, Roman does admits that he works ten times less than Seth, yet he gains ten times more. With that in mind, Cody agrees that Seth has made some very promising points, but that doesn’t stop Rhodes from wanting that title.

Cody believes that Roman, in his heart, knows that Rhodes had him beat. And it must be scaring him like nuts. Rhodes wants to take everything from Roman… but not at WrestleMania. Instead, we are graced with someone who knows Reigns all too well. The Rock!

He did ask us if he should sit at the head of the table not too long ago. He meant it. I don’t know what The Rock whispered in Cody’s ear, but it seems motivating. On the other hand, Roman doesn’t look happy. Ha! Ha!


TOP PHOTO: The Rock confronts Roman Reigns. Courtesy of WWE


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