Seemingly free from the “Jungle” Jack Perry is back.

Shota Umino shook hands and took selfies with fans after his match with Fred Rosser and Jacob Fatu against Team Filthy at NJPW’s Battle in the Valley event when a “fan” wearing a mask leaned over the railing punching Umino in the face.

The “fan” jumped the guardrail fighting off security throwing Umino into the ringside barricade.

Taking his mask off the fan revealed himself to be Jack Perry.

A mysterious “fan” sucker punches Shota Umino. Courtesy: Triller, NJPW.

“We’ve never seen him around here before. That is Jack Perry!” exclaimed NJPW announcer Walker Stewart when Perry took his mask off.

Perry laid Umino over the barricade giving him a falling DDT on the floor before rolling him back into the ring.

The crowd began chanting: CM Punk! CM Punk!

Perry hit Umino with a running knee strike knocking him out.

It seems Jack Perry has given himself a new nickname. Courtesy: Triller, NJPW.

Perry reached into his jean jacket removed a piece of paper printed on AEW letterhead. We assume it was supposed to be his AEW contract.

He tore up the contract in the middle of the ring and then took out a black arm band with the word: “Scapegoat” printed on it and put it on.

Perry then posed for the crowd to resounding boos before leaving up the entrance way.

Perry has not been seen on AEW television or any wrestling broadcast since he was suspended by AEW for his part in the backstage incident at All In back in August 2023.

During the Zero Hero preshow Perry wrestled Hook for the FTW Championship. As Perry and Hook were wrestling on top of a limo that Perry came out in, Perry looked directly at a camera.

“You know what this is? REAL glass. Cry me a river,” he said before being suplexed on the windshield by Hook. Perry ended up with cuts on his shoulder and arm.

Perry’s comments go back to him wanting to use real glass for a segment on Collision. Punk, Tony Schiavone, AEW officials and medical staff denied the request saying it was dangerous and against AEW new policy. They feared for his safety. That decision upset Perry at the time.

Punk confronted Perry backstage before his match with Samoa Joe and that initiated a physical confrontation.

Punk was later fired by AEW and Perry was suspended for his behaviour.