Greetings and salutations all! AEW is heading back home as they will be at Daily’s Place in Jacksonville for their Homecoming special. On this week’s show we will get  Sting and Darby Allin versus Konosuke Takeshita and Powerhouse Hobbs. We will also hear from the AEW Champion and Claudio Castagnoli will face Hangman Page. We will also have a Brodie Lee tribute 8-man match so with all this action, let’s get straight to the show!

Hangman Page VS Claudio Castagnoli

Page gets things started eight away and the match heads to ringside early on. Castagnoli sends Page into the barricade and connects with a massive uppercut. Page comes back and gets some punches in before sending Castagnoli back into the ring. After Castagnoli gets some offense in, both men go back and forth with punches and strikes. Castagnoli gets the upperhand and puts Hangman in the swing, then he turns this into a Sharpshooter. Page ends up escaping and slamming him to get the momentum on his side. Page with a springboard clothesline then follows that up by diving onto him at ringside.

Castagnoli gets some offense in as he lifts Page over his head and slams him out of the ring. Claudio is all over Page as he stomps him and then back in the ring, he continues to control the action. Page rallies, but Castagnoli connects with a Big Boot. The fight gets intense and leaves the ring again as they brawl up the ramp. Back in the ring, Castagnoli hits Page with an uppercut for a 2-count. After both men trade punches and strikes again, Page sends Castagnoli and himself over the ropes with a clothesline. Page with a Moonsault attempt to Castagnoli on the outside, but he catches him and slams him then sends him to the barricade. Page comes back with a DDT on the floor then finally hits that Moonsault from the stage.

Back in the ring, Page with a Tombstone for a 2-count then Castagnoli sends Page face-first into the turnbuckles with a powerbomb, then follows that up with an uppercut in the corner and unloads on Page while he’s in the corner. Page counters and hits a Hurricanrana and two Buckshot Lariats for the win!

Winner: Hangman Page

We get  highlights from the legacy of Brodie Lee.

Orange Cassidy, Adam Copeland, Preston Vance & Dustin Rhodes VS Brian Cage, Gates of Agony (Toa Liona & Bishop Kaun) & Lance Archer

Dustin Rhodes and Toa Liona start and Rhodes hits a Powerslam but Liona hits him with a headbutt. Vance and Cage are in. Vance hits Cage with a kick that has Copeland tagging in. Cassidy and COpeland eam up and double-team Cage. Kaun and Liona double team Cassidy for a bit then they are joined by Cage taking turns putting Cassidy in Holding Vertical Suplexes. Archer is in and drills Cassidy with a Knee. Jose the Assistant gets a distraction but Jake Roberts takes him out. Vance is in and cleans house for his team. Liona is in to stop things, but Rhodes tackles him. Cage takes control and kicks Vance, but Copeland with an Impaler.

Kaun slams Copeland and this is followed by Cassidy hitting Kaun with an Orange Punch. Archer takes Cassidy out with a chokeslam. Liona is in and hits a Samoan Drop on Vance. Cage and Archer argue which leads to Cage clotheslining Archer. Copelandn with a Spear on Cage and Vance pins Kaun for the win.

WinnersOrange Cassidy, Adam Copeland, Preston Vance & Dustin Rhodes


Jay White and The Gunns are all backstage and they tease Cole and the gang and say they want some gold…Billy Gunn and The Acclaimed show up and Bowens says they would be unstoppable if they held all the gold. Caster says they’re the people’s choice and then says that the people are liking Bullet Club Gold too. Bowens says they should be the “Bang Bang Scissor Gang” super team. White says they need time to think about the offer.

Samoa Joe Speaks…

AEW World Champion Samoa Joe comes to the ring  and he says that they are making changes to the championship-challenging protocol. He says people don’t have to complain on social media so contenders have to bring their record to the championship committee. Joe is waiting….

Swerve Strickland is out and he reminds us that what he had with Hangman wasn’t personal, but he just wanted his spot and he took it.  Strickland says he wants the title, and he’s going to take it.

Hangman Page is out and saus that he had a successful 2023 but he wasn’t focused on the title. Hangman says he will make it his in 2024 goal. Swerve leaves as Page gets in Joe’s face and tells him he will take the world title.

HOOK is out and just gets in Joe’s face, and talks to him and then says next week, then walks out.

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