Happy New Year everyone! There is no break from WWE action on this holiday as tonight is the special Day 1 edition of Monday Night Raw.

We did not need to wait long to get into some action, as the show started with a match five years in the making.

Becky Lynch vs. Nia Jax

Lynch wanted to end this match quickly after the Man-Handle Slam immediately, but Jax caught her with a bodyslam. Despite that slam, Lynch responded with a flurry of strikes and a flipping stunner from the second rope. She then made her way to the top rope and hit Jax with a diving missile dropkick, Lynch then continued her aerial attack with a diving rolling senton.

Jax tried to battle back, but Lynch had all the reversals, Jax punched the ring post and cannonballed into the barricade. When Jax rolled back into the ring she was greeted with a diving leg drop from Lynch and the Dis-Arm Her was now locked in. Jax broke the hold by reversing into a sit-out powerbomb and both women now ended up on the second rope, from there Jax dropped Lynch to the mat with an avalanche Samoan drop.

A surprising win from Nia. Credit: WWE

Lynch tried to power back with several punches and dove from the second rope, but she was met in mid-air with a right hook from Jax. That punch left Lynch in perfect position for the Annihilator and Jax got the victory.

Winner: Nia Jax

“The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes has arrived in 2024 and he said he cannot advance into the new year because he is stuck on Shinsuke Nakamura. He is not stuck because of the things he said about his family or the poison mist, but he is stuck because this should be over. So, Rhodes wants to give Nakamura the chance to finish this tonight and he called him out to the ring.

Nakamura responded through the video, saying how easy it is to get in Rhodes’ head and he is happy to be the final chapter of his story. However, he said the story does not end tonight and he wants to give him one more week to dream before he finishes Cody’s story and closes his book. Nakamura then sprayed the poison mist into the camera.

Kofi Kingston & Jey Uso vs. Imperium (Ludwig Kaiser & Giovanni Vinci)

This very random match came to be two weeks ago when Uso and Kingston worked together to overcome Imperium’s man advantage. Imperium was utilizing teamwork to hold an advantage over Kingston and keep him isolated on their side of the ring. They hung Kingston over the ropes and sandwiched him with a double dropkick.

Kingston then caught Vinci in mid-air with a dropkick and that move legitimately injured Vinci. The doctor got in the ring and the match was called. Due to a referee stoppage, Uso and Kingston were crowned the winners, we hope Vinci is doing okay.

Winners: Kofi Kingston & Jey Uso

We now move into Miz TV and The Miz’s guests tonight were all members of The Judgement Day. However, when J-Day’s music hit they did not come out instead we cut to R-Truth’s music and he made his way out. Miz called Truth the most likable member of J-Day and asked him what his role in the faction was. Truth said he has several roles, this week he is doing PR work and trying to get more people to like them.

The Awesome Truth reunion. Credit: WWE

He was then interrupted by JD McDonagh and Dominik Mysterio, who wanted to put an end to Truth’s shenanigans. Truth responded by saying JD you aren’t even in J-Day anymore because he lost a loser leaves J-Day match to Truth two weeks ago. Dom tried to respond but he had 20,000 people booing him and nobody could hear a word he was saying. Miz then brought up the highlights of Dom’s 2023 which he said were getting spanked by his daddy, dragged around by his Mami and whipped around by CM Punk.

Dom had enough and demanded a tag team match right now!

R-Truth & The Miz vs. The Judgement Day (JD McDonagh & Dominik Mysterio)

Truth was baffled that he was being forced to face his J-Day stablemates because according to Truth he is a full-fledged member of the faction. Despite his confusion, Truth went into the match and he was getting beaten down by Dom and JD early on. Dom hit him with a 619, but J-Day lost control of the match once Miz entered into the ring. He hit JD with a springboard crossbody and a bulldog, but Truth then got confused again and ended up in the wrong corner.

JD decided to give Truth his chance and told him to hit Miz, but Miz ducked the shot from Truth and he hit JD instead. Truth then threw JD into a Skull Crushing Finale from Miz to get the victory.

Winners: R-Truth & The Miz

Women’s World Championship Match: Rhea Ripley (c) vs. Ivy Nile

This was just Nile’s third match since joining Raw and her first singles match on the main roster. She got an early advantage over the champion with a diving crossbody, a hurricanrana and a belly-to-belly suplex. But Ripley battled back by throwing Nile into the barricade and delivering a standing dropkick, but Nile then reversed Ripley and dropped her with a German suplex on the floor.

Nile now gave Ripley several kicks and a tilt-a-whirl DDT, but Ripley then rocked Nile with a headbutt and a missile dropkick. Ripley went for the finish, but Nile reversed and hit Ripley with a gut-wrench suplex. The champion responded with a huge clothesline and a face-buster, both women then ended up on the top rope. From the top Nile rocked Ripley with an avalanche German suplex before going back to the top rope. Nile dove from the top and Ripley caught her in mid-air with a headbutt, she followed that with a knee and the Riptide to retain her title.

Still Women’s World Champ. Credit: WWE

Winner: Still Women’s World Champion, Rhea Ripley

Earlier this week on X, Triple H announced that a former World Champion would be returning to Raw tonight and it was now time for that return. There have been many names circulating on social media, people were speculating it could be Batista, The Rock or even Goldberg.

Jinder Mahal returns. Credit: WWE

Well, people were very very wrong, the returning WWE Champion was none other than Jinder Mahal. Yikes.

Mahal said he is a past and future WWE Champion, and the only thing disappointing is what has become of the United States of America. He said the country has never been so divided, it was once a superpower and is now a joke. He believes he will unify the country once again and then recited the USA national anthem in Punjabi. Mahal then mocked the fans for booing their anthem before beginning to talk in Punjabi once again. However, he could not say much before he was interrupted by another returning former WWE Champion.

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