Time to wrap up the year of 2023 with some of the best moments and matches WWE has to offer. Here to put us in the mood is none other than LA Knight, Jackie Redmond and Corey Graves.

Monday Night RAW had one hell of a night with their best, now SmackDown is not just here to bring the good stuff. It’s here to show off.

First up, we have one of John Cena’s biggest matches of his career since returning to WWE in a singles competition against the Enforcer of The Bloodline, Solo Sikoa at Crown Jewel.

Despite Cena doing an amazing job, as I mentioned before, at dismantling Sikoa’s right hand, so he won’t be able to Samoan Spike him. He still lost in the most tear-jerking way possible.

It actually scared me when I saw Solo spike John multiple times towards the end. It was one of the most vicious moments in Sikoa’s profession. Cena needed this win, hence the fire in his words the night prior. The failed attempts at an AA during the entirety of the fight was hard to watch.

Sikoa kept slinging the 16-time World Champion around like a sack of turds. Regardless of that all this, I still believe in Cena. I think he could have won if alone he caused enough damage to Sikoa’s right hand to prevent the spikes.

Cena had a message for us following the review of his latest match. “I am forever indebted to your generosity, your empathy, your respect, and your excitement…” he said. Apparently, he’s looking forward to seeing the WWE universe next time, and I hope he makes it. His voice sounds fine, by the way.

Another great moment would have to be at WrestleMania, where the Usos were defending their Undisputed Tag Team Championships against Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens.

That match was everything since it left me conflicted. I liked both teams, but I obviously and firstly wanted the twins to retain. The Usos will always be the best and longest reigning Tag Champs I love.

This storytelling was indeed before the implosion of The Bloodline. Before Jey Jey saw sense. Before he went solo. Despite the fact that it had to be done by losing their titles, I’m happy the separation happened.

Zayn did something right as we could see from the current momentum we have. He helped Jey realize that he can be more than what Roman tried to mole him into. The right-hand man, he called it.

This was an emotional fight for everybody. The Usos were expected to remain Champions, while KO and Zayn needed to remove the gold from their waists in order to prove a point. The part I liked the most was definitely the one when the twins sent Owens crashing into the announce table.

Sami kicking out of the One D was also incredible. Jey performing the Helluva Kick to Zayn was neatly placed. Let’s not forget the hugest upset being the three Helluva Kicks Sami did to put the Usos away.

My favorite match of the night.

Ooh, the return of John Cena wasn’t the only greatest moment of 2023. The Rock Dwayne Johnson being here was just as epic. When he and Pat McAfee came back to put Austin Theory in his place with the spine buster plus the People’s Elbow.


Elsewhere, Bianca Belair’s proudest memory is becoming the longest RAW Women’s Champion. I loved that seeing that she’ll still be going after Damage Control, so she can become champ again.

In addition to that, Belair mentions the upcoming release of her and Montez Ford’s new reality show called Love & WWE premiering on Hulu Feb 2. Ha! Another one that might disappear… All I’m saying is that Miz & Mrs. is successful while Corey & Carmella went under the bus somewhere, so I’m hoping that doesn’t happen again with this one.

They filmed it during the busiest time of the year being WrestleMania.

As the night continues, we’re taken back to Survivor Series War Games in the women’s matchup. Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch were able to work together in order to win against Damage Control, who lost at War Games twice in a row despite Bayley being the MVP of the fight. Hmm. What a shame.

Bayley decides to not dwell on the lost as she narrates the better memories of Damage Control such Iyo Sky becoming the new WWE Women’s Champion, Kairi Sane returning and joining the team, plus Bayley’s personal favorite, Asuka misting Bianca during a 6-Women Tag Team match.

Although it pains me to revisit one the most tragic and hurtful parts of our history, the abrupt passing of Windham Rotunda “Bray Wyatt” still makes me cry whenever I think of him. Despite Wyatt being someone I was genuinely afraid of, he did a fantastic job doing so. Sometimes getting jumpy is fun. Ha!

We’ll continue to love and honor him for being such a creative, kind and respectful soul to have ever walked the Earth. There will always be fireflies in the sky. Thank you.

After losing his US Championship to the idiot who has the nerve to call himself “the Maverick” and getting injured due to an enraged Santos Escobar, Rey Mysterio is here on a special episode of SmackDown.

Mysterio realized what I realized several months ago, and that’s the fact that he always seems to pick to wrong partners. Hopefully, he can rectify that in the coming New Year.

One instant stands out though. The evening of the Hall of Fame ceremony where Rey was inducted, and his son walked out as he was about to do his speech. However, as a father, Rey applauds Dom for his in-ring performance as well as his accomplishment at winning the North American title… then he lost it to Dragon Lee, someone Rey supports and labels as the future of Lucha Libre.

Rey’s “Naughty List” for 2024 has Dom and Santos on it. Ha! Ha!

Randy Orton making his comeback after being away for 18 months made me the happiest girl in the world. And we’re just getting started. If anyone has rattled Roman Reigns in past several months, it would have to be Orton.

The Viper has a kind of dominance that Reigns wishes he also had, but he doesn’t. Ha! The majority of Reigns’ rule is due to The Bloodline’s constant interference and delusion to keep Roman at the top.

Maybe there’s no need for my personal wants. I believe that if anyone could remove that belt from Roman’s waist, it would be Randy.

The weirdest thing just happened… Paul Heyman showed up. Every question asked, Heyman answers with a very dry and directable “yes”. Except for when the inquiry about how Jimmy must feel hearing that Solo has been deemed the Tribal heir. Ha! Ha! So he calls Jimmy to the conversation… the movement of that camera work. Ha!

Jimmy simply says that it’s the New Year, so it’s all about the loving rather than the hate. I call that deflection.

Anyway, Rhodes vs. Reigns at WrestleMania in Hollywood stands out. Cody had one mission since winning this year’s Royal Rumble, and that’s getting the title that’s alluded his family for decades. The Undisputed Universal Heavyweight Championship.

I’m pretty sure Rhodes had Reigns on the run during a few spit seconds of the match. The antagonistic thought is Solo’s intrusion with the Samoan Spike to Cody’s throat while the referee wasn’t looking where they should because of Heyman.

That doesn’t mean we can’t have fun while we’re at it when Cody sent Roman plummeting into the commentary desk. Or Sikoa getting ejected by the official when he heard a whipping sound against Cody’s back at the hands of the Enforcer.

At least the story isn’t finished yet. Rhodes will have another chance at becoming Champion if he goes on to win the Royal Rumble a second time in a row.

Next week is going to be a blast. New Year’s Knockout Week begins on Monday with Day One, then we have NXT New Year’s Evil followed by SmackDown New Year’s Revolution.

Seth Rollins will defend his World Heavyweight Championship against Drew McIntyre. On NXT, Ilja Dragunov is facing Trick Williams for the gold. And of course, here on the blue brand, Randy Orton, LA Knight and AJ Styles square off in a Triple Threat match to determine who’s Roman’s next challenger. Plus Michin is entering her first singles Championship match versus Iyo Sky and the Finals in the US Championship Tournament between KO and Santos Escobar in order to battle the champ at the Rumble.

Happy New Year, everybody!!



TOP PHOTO: Best of the year cover. Courtesy of WWE