The return of the Tribal Chief has been highly anticipated throughout the week as he handles Bloodline business tonight. I’m not dumbfounded that it has something to do with The Viper, Randy Orton, who has his sights set on this controversial faction.

For some reason, Roman says it’s promotion season given it’s the Holidays. This man really believes that he’s a great boss when in reality, he’s a goddamn joke.

Jimmy foolishly thought that Reigns was talking about him when he praised one of them as the next Tribal Chief. Roman wants to congratulate Solo, not Jimmy Jim. Ha! I don’t know why he thought that… He was shocked. He’s being undermined again.

But thank God for Randy Orton’s interruption because whatever was going on was beginning to look lopsided. Orton makes his intentions clear when he tells Roman that he’s coming for him. The road to reaching Reigns starts tonight with Jimmy Uso, then Solo and finally, Randy challenges Roman at the Royal Rumble.

While Randy has been thinking about this moment for the past 18 months, Roman laughs it off as he hasn’t thought of Orton at all. The champ looks down on Randy since he reckons that the Viper hasn’t done anything to earn this opportunity. Reigns fancies himself above everyone else.

The Champ warns Orton that if he steps in the ring with him, Randy won’t be absent for 18 months, it will be permanent. Although, it was a rude way of saying it, Randy agrees with the notion. But… despite Roman being a legend, Orton is known for being a legend killer.

Randy wasn’t able to fully initiate the RKO on Roman, but he did scare him enough into backing up. The voices in Orton’s head are saying that Reigns crapped his pants. Ha!

Onto other stories, Carmelo Hayes has been handpicked by Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels to participate in the US Championship Tournament to determine who will face Logan Paul. This is Hayes’ SmackDown debut.

Carmelo Hayes vs. Grayson Waller РUS Championship Tournament Round One 

In case some of you may have forgotten, last week, Bobby Lashley won over Karrion Kross in order to advance, and so did Santos Escobar versus Dragon Lee. Who else will be joining them?

Because Waller and Michaels never really got along at NXT, Grayson believes that Shawn set Hayes against him for that reason. That the Heartbreak Kid has a vendetta against him.

Hayes manages to swiftly dodge Waller before hitting him with a beautiful drop kick in the middle of the ring. Grayson counters with a massive right hand.

Carmelo was able to reverse an incoming attack into an inside cradle, but he was only able to get a one count. Waller retaliates with a heavy side kick to Hayes’ head. He continues with precise knee strikes to Carmelo’s face.

Melo ploughs through Waller with that leg drop from the second rope. The momentum keeps going with a rapid crossbody by Hayes plus a clothesline that sends Grayson crashing on the main floor in front of the commentary desk.

During the commercial break, Waller did something good. His reversal into a stomp to the back of Carmelo’s neck was indeed well-placed. Hayes does tweak his left leg for a moment as he came off the second rope. Waller tries to take advantage with that Rolling Flatliner, yet he came up empty.

Melo almost puts Waller away with that quick face buster. The look of frustration is beginning to show on his face, which is something he should try to avoid. He needs remain in the game.

Grayson has impressed me tonight. I don’t know what that move was that caused Hayes to stand up on his head like that, but it was effectively well done. Luckily, Waller isn’t advancing yet. Ha! We don’t know what to call it though.

Waller is looking for that Rolling Flatliner again, Melo counters with a Code Red then finishes the job with Nothing but Net. Yay!!!

I didn’t expect to say this, but Grayson deserves his flowers, too. This is the best I’ve seen him wrestle, so bravo to you. Aye, that rhymed.

Winner: Carmelo Hayes

Backstage, Randy bumps into LA Knight. Orton reminds the Megastar that he doesn’t need his help, even though Knight understands that, he knows that Randy knows how the numbers game works. Despite the win they picked up last Friday.

Also, given Orton’s declaration earlier about taking everything form Roman, LA Knight says that he’ll be the first to do so.

Kevin Owens vs. Austin Theory – US Championship Tournament Round One

KO has been cleared to fight regardless of his broken right hand since he thinks with his heart rather then his head. And that’s why we love him. Fight, Owens. Fight isn’t for nothing.

Owens has Theory in a momentary headlock then proceeds with a shoulder tackle. Austin manages to turn things around by cornering Kevin.

Theory tries to get the upper hand on Owens, but he can’t seem to after that Cannonball off the apron the Prize Fighter delivered. Austin gets back in the neck of things with a rolling drop kick followed by a suplex on the apron.

KO may have performed a spot-on frog splash, but he landed on his broken hand too harshly, so he couldn’t cover Theory right then and there. It took a few seconds, so it was unsuccessful for Owens.

Austin strategies his attacks by placing his knees up just when Kevin was delivering a Swanton. That cover almost put Owens away.

The Prize Fighter never stops as he delivers a DDT to Theory. However, Austin is also getting a round of applause from me with that amazing creativity using the seated springboard Spanish Fly.

KO did an incredible job reversing the attempt at superplexing him from the top of the ring. Theory not only shoves Owens into the post, but he slams his opponent’s crotch on the barricade followed by a loud right hand.

Austin was looking for a count out victory, the little dick. He doesn’t give up though as Theory remains in this match after receiving both a Cannonball and a Swanton. Austin finally started to target Owens’ broken hand.

He almost achieved his goal, luckily, Kevin somehow banged his cast so hard against Theory’s face that he knocked him out long enough to cover him and advance. Wow. The grits this man has is incomparable.

Hayes will be facing Owens, while Escobar fights Lashley next week in the semi-finals.

Winner: Kevin Owens 


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