After last week’s Raw ended with Drew McIntyre putting Jey Uso through the announce table, tonight’s show opened with Uso.

He said last week we lost a real one in Sami Zayn, he wished him well and a speedy recovery, but the fact it was McIntyre that injured him doesn’t sit well with him. McIntyre attacked Zayn, Seth Rollins and himself, but tonight it’s just them two face-to-face and he’s going to get McIntyre. That bold statement brought McIntyre out from the back, he said Rollins deserved the beating, but he has a point about Zayn.

McIntyre said Zayn ran his mouth and he did leave him with one good leg, but he still said he was sorry to Zayn at home. He wanted Uso to hear what an apology was since he never apologized to him and he believes he has every reason to want revenge. Uso took everything from him in front of his family last year and thinks that can just be forgotten. McIntyre wanted to keep going, but Uso was tired of all the talking he just wanted to give McIntyre a “Yeet-down.”

Jey Uso vs. Drew McIntyre

Uso started the match by drilling McIntyre with some punches, a kick to the face and a diving crossbody. However, McIntyre then caught Uso with a kick to the midsection and then laid into him with some ground and pound. He followed that with a suplex before stomping on Uso and he then attempted a Claymore on the outside, but Uso moved and he crashed onto the announce table. Uso then ran into the ring and dove back to the outside into McIntyre with a suicide dive.

After a commercial break, both Uso and McIntyre were up on the top rope, McIntyre seemed to fall back, but he used his core to lift himself back up and throw Uso off the ropes to the mat. McIntyre then delivered a Glasgow Kiss and went to the top rope, but Uso moved out of the way of his dive. Uso super kicked McIntyre in the stomach and then hit a Samoan drop, he now wanted a running hip attack, but McIntyre moved and hit a neck breaker to Uso.

McIntyre went for a Claymore, but he instead ran into two superkicks from Uso. With McIntyre down Uso went to the top rope and dove with a Uso Splash, however, McIntyre got his knees up. McIntyre now hit Uso with a Future Shock DDT and while the referee checked on Uso McIntyre removed a turnbuckle pad. Then while the referee went to repair the turnbuckle, McIntyre dug his thumbs into Uso’s eyes to blind him. So with Uso struggling to see, McIntyre connected with a Claymore to steal the win.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

McIntyre gets the win. Credit: WWE

Ahead of their match later tonight, Shinsuke Nakamura offered a warning to Cody Rhodes. He said Cody saying he doesn’t respect him is Cody’s weakness because he cares what others think of him. Nakamura got rid of that burden years ago and now wants to put an end to Cody’s story because he said Cody asked for this.

The Judgement Day was chatting backstage, Finn Bálor and Rhea Ripley were not too happy with JD McDonagh and Dominik Mysterio. Last week with Bálor and Ripley away, JD and Dom lost to The Creed Brothers and Dom lost his NXT North American Championship over the weekend.

Priest said people losing is just as bad as people not showing up to Raw, Ripley didn’t take that statement lightly. She said Priest says he is a leader, but he clearly cannot act as one. She followed that by saying she was talking to the whole family and that J-Day needed to get back on track with their mission to run Raw.

Rhea Ripley vs. Maxxine Dupri w/Ivy Nile

This is just Dupri’s second singles match ever and it is against the Women’s World Champion. Ripley wasted no time laying into Dupri with a number of clotheslines and she then went for a power bomb, but Dupri reversed into a hurricanrana. Dupri was a little too excited about that and Ripley then drove a big boot through Dupri. She followed that with a Riptide, but instead of pinning her, she locked in a Prizm Trap to get the victory. Ripley didn’t want to release the hold, so Nile got in the ring and it seemed like she will be next to compete against Ripley.

Winner: Rhea Ripley

Ripley vs. Nile. Credit: WWE

Prior to a commercial break, Adam Pearce was now walking backstage with a Raw contract and he walked into CM Punk’s locker room.

Following that break, Pearce was now in the ring and called CM Punk out to the ring to decide which brand he would sign with. Punk said he has been concerned with his choice because he loves the people, but this specific building has not always been kind to CM Punk. This is the building he debuted in and that debut got him sent to OVW, but he then returned to this building to defend his World Heavyweight Championship and Randy Orton kicked him in the skull so he couldn’t compete.

Punk is Raw. Credit: WWE

Punk continued on and he actually apologized to the fans for walking out on WWE all those years ago. He said Nick Aldis, Shawn Michaels and Pearce made offers to him, but Pearce’s offer was levels above the rest. Punk said his decision was made from the moment he signed because he saw Cleveland on the calendar. 10 years ago he walked out of the WWE in Cleveland and tonight he signed with Monday Night Raw in Cleveland. CM Punk is Raw’s newest superstar!

As Punk was celebrating signing his contract he was interrupted by the World Heavyweight Champion, Seth Rollins, who has been vocally upset that Punk is back. Punk and Rollins were standing face-to-face in a WWE ring for the first time in a long time. Rollins said he hopes Punk knows how fortunate he is to be standing in this ring and he then asked Punk for one favour, that he does not dare to call this place his home.

Chills. Credit: WWE

Punk abandoned this place 10 years ago and tried to tear it down, he spent time slandering Rollins and multiple people in the locker room. This place isn’t Punk’s home, it’s Rollins’ home and he will do everything in his power to protect it from people like Punk. Rollins then simply told Punk, “I hate you, but if you’re going to be a part of WWE again then I want you on Monday Night Raw.”

This seemed like a nice statement, but Rollins said the truth always comes out and this is Punk’s last chance. He will either self-destruct and Rollins can shut the door on his legacy, or if Punk really has changed he can maybe one day challenge Rollins for his title, then Rollins can expose Punk. He said he would wrestle circles around him and show him what it really means to be the best in the world.

Punk said that was Rollins’ one pass for being disrespectful to him, and he has never asked for any handouts. He likes to do things the hard way and he then announced he is entering the Royal Rumble. Punk said when he wins the Rumble maybe it will be Rollins he comes after at WrestleMania!

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