Whoo! Whoo! Whoo!

War Games two years in a row for me was electrifying. Although, The Miz lost to Gunther, I was still proud to see him wrestle the way I remember him to in the past. The version of him we missed seeing.

That wasn’t the only miss that happened that night. Zoey Stark wasn’t able to obtain gold either, but she also did an amazing job trying. However, it’s not my intention to be rude, but I knew she wasn’t going to win despite her efforts.

But you know who I knew was going to win? Cody, Jey, Sami, Seth and Randy’s team against the Judgment Day. Wow-wee! That match was epic. I loved it. Definitely my favorite of the evening. Orton’s return was highly anticipated for months now, and I’m more than glad that he not only showed up, but he and Jey reconciled on Monday.

I’ve never seen so many failed cash-ins in my life. Ha! Ha! Ha! Damian keeps trying and continues to come up empty. Ripley was helping, but Randy’s appearance caused a distraction. A much deserved one.

I don’t know what the hell McIntyre is talking about Jey not taking responsibility for his mistakes, but he’s been doing nothing but that since leaving The Bloodline and arriving on RAW. If anyone isn’t taking ownership here, it’s Roman, Jimmy and Solo.

The petty thing is CM Punk’s return as well, completely upstaging Randy’s. Fans on Twitter were also hyping up Punk’s comeback, but I wasn’t sure if it was real. When he did make an entrance, I was baffled in the most calming way. WWE kept this closely knitted to their chests, all right.

Am I happy he’s back? I missed his punk-ness persona in the ring, so yeah, I’m happy. I don’t know what controversies are surrounding the man, but I can only hope it’s not strong enough to despise him for. After all, Seth Rollins mentioned he was an asshole. They didn’t want him at WWE, and neither did AEW after some time.

But do you want to know what was the biggest prize of them all? He Who Will Not Be Named didn’t make an appearance. A BLESSING! Thank you, God.

Okay, okay, I’m done with my pettiness… sort of. Ha!

Let’s begin the night with the EST of WWE, Bianca Belair. After her team won at War Games, she has every reason to be smiling.

This match was also just as beautifully chaotic given how Iyo launched herself off the top of the cage inside a trash can. Ha! My most-liked moment.

Despite the great accomplishment, Belair’s war with Damage Control isn’t over. She still wants that WWE Women’s Championship back. Dakota Kai, on behalf of Iyo, says that Bianca is way in over her head since she’s been beaten twice.

If Belair wants another chance to face Iyo, she’ll have to go through all of Damage Control. And just when we thought the odds were stacked against her, Bianca has backup in Charlotte Flair and Shotzi.

However, someone is missing from Damage Control. Bayley. Commentary mention that she was seen backstage, by she didn’t show up. Apparently, she didn’t know they were heading to the ring.

Regardless of that, Kairi has a match with Bianca, and since Bayley knows Belair best, she hesitantly agrees after being put on the spot. Michael Cole also thinks that there’s a conspiracy going on behind Bayley’s back. I know there is.

Butch vs. Bobby Lashley

Butch is going at it alone since he doesn’t know why Holland walked out on him last week, and he hasn’t heard from Sheamus in months.

Lashley told him that he will only associate himself with Butch when he makes a name for himself. He warns Butch that he will break him whether he’s ready or not. What I didn’t suspect was for Lashley to get slapped. Ha!

Butch decides to go after Lashley early, but Bobby tosses him into a back drop. Commentary remind us that Lashley was in a mood after the Profits lost in their Championship match against Judgment Day. Somehow, we’re not sure if he’s mad at the Profits or Rhea for getting involved.

Bobby has Butch teetering on the receiving end of his blows. Luckily, Butch connects with a boot to Lashley’s face plus a drop kick to his back followed by a flying knee on the outside then two Moonsaults.

Bobby retaliates with a Slam Dunk on Butch from an impeccable height. He was looking for the spear, Butch moves out of the way, so Lashley could collide with the post. Ha! Butch delivers a double stomp on Lashley’s arm plus he’s unique joint manipulation as well.

Butch’s slap to Lashley’s face only upset him more to deliver a massive clothesline. Butch momentarily fends his opponent till Lashley puts him down with a spear.

Winner: Bobby Lashley 

In Nick Aldis’ office, Paul Heyman is baffled that he invited Randy Orton here tonight. But, it gets better. Aldis is thinking of signing Orton for an exclusive SmackDown contract this evening, and if he has to offer up the entire Bloodline to do it, he will. Heyman makes it clear that he’ll do whatever it takes to prevent that from happening.

Santos Escobar vs. Joaquin Wilde

Cruz Del Toro has been placed on the shelf after suffering from an injury caused by Santos a few weeks ago. Now. Wilde looks to restore some honor back to the LWO as he takes on his former friend and faction member.

Joaquin starts the match with big drop kicks then a heavy chop. He performs a breathtaking high flying maneuver to squash Santos on the main floor.

Escobar retaliates by tangling Joaquin on the first turnbuckle, so he could drop kick him as he charges in from a distance. Wilde creates some separation by taking out the knee of his challenger followed by an amazing rolling DDT.

Santos finishes Joaquin with a Phantom Driver as a sign of rage towards Rey. But Escobar wasn’t done as he pounds away at Wilde, luckily, Dragon Lee stops the madness by taking on Santos.

Winner: Santos Escobar 

Ha! Aldis actually thought he was being sneaky with Adam Pearce by signing Randy to the blue brand since Pearce had his chance. Funnily enough, Adam decides to join Nick in the ring, so they can both present their contracts.

Arg… If I ever got sick by simply looking at something or someone, it would be Logan Paul’s eye-bleaching mug. I don’t know why, and I don’t understand why Triple H signed this buffoon instead of doing the one great thing. And that’s bringing AJ Lee back.

Sigh… anyway, if we must, Paul thinks he’s that good that he and Aldis constructed a tournament to determine who’s going to be his next challenger. But shouldn’t he have said his first challenger? Logan hasn’t defended his Championship in order for him say “next” as if he faced one to begin with.

The tournament starts next Friday with eight competitors such as: Santos Escobar, Bobby Lashley, Dragon Lee, Austin Theory, Grayson Waller, Kevin Owens, Karrion Kross, and someone from NXT. A mystery spot.

And thank God, KO interrupts Logan from speaking about himself any further because I needed a break from that ear-scratching voice. “Having you in my ring is a nightmare.” said Owens. Ha! Ha! Ha! The first time Kevin saw Logan was on the app Vines where it took him less than a minute to figure out that Paul is an “unbearable jackass,”. Thank you!

Another thank you to Owens when he punched Austin Theory for bothering to show up with his questionably dressed friend Grayson Waller.


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