At the post-Survivor Series press conference in Chicago, WWE’s head of creative, Triple H / Paul Levesque addressed CM Punk returning with the usual non-committal corporate doublespeak.

It was his post to X (formerly Twitter) that spoke more, calling it at “Mighty cold day in hell.”

“This was one of those sort of lightning in a bottle moments that came together very quickly but we are incredibly excited about it,” said Levesque. “It’s been a long time, and in some ways been a long time coming.

Punk has a following, HHH admitted. “People talk about him all the time, he is a magnet for that. He is a conversation starter, and it’s tough to look past that. And for me, if our fans want it, if the WWE Universe is excited to have it, then let’s go and we’ll figure out the rest of it from there.”

Though there had been plenty of speculation, especially with Survivor Series at the Allstate Arena in Punk’s hometown of Chicago, it wasn’t spoiled.

“This came together super quick, which I’m sure is why it stayed very tight. There’s a lot of speculation at that point, it was nothing but speculation. For most of the time, it was speculation it didn’t really start to come to fruition until everybody stopped thinking it was going to happen. And then all of a sudden it was happening but extremely excited,” said Levesque.

Punk (Phil Brooks) left WWE on bad terms, avoided pro wrestling for years, and resurfaced in AEW as its top draw until it all fell apart, too.

People change, noted Levesque. “A lot of time has gone by almost ten years, right? And if you are the same person you were ten years ago, ten years later, you’ve messed up. Everybody grows, everybody changes and I’m a different person, he’s a different person, this is a different company and we’re all on the same even starting ground.”

Creatively, Levesque didn’t offer any clues to Punk’s future.

“It’ll be a thrill ride for the WWE Universe no matter what it is. And I’m thrilled, we’re all thrilled, to have him back here and to have him back — cliched to say — but have him back home in WWE to where he belongs.

TOP PHOTO: Triple H / Paul Levesque and CM Punk post-Survivor Series. X photo


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