Fightland was wild! The 1 Called Manders and Matthew Justice became the new World Tag Team Champions after beating The Calling. But it’s what happened following the match that was an even bigger shock. Rickey Shane Page got so mad at Akira that he ploughed him down. Yikes. Does that mean they’ve broken up? Ha!

Alex Kane was able to retain his Championship when he beat the Samoan Werewolf Jacob Fatu. We can’t say that Fatu didn’t put up a great fight. However, this means Kane will have to face Matt Cardona given he’s been given this opportunity at One Shot.

Another surprise. Alex Hammerstone joined the World Titan Federation. Wow! He also cut his hair…  Just wait and see what he’s going to do next.

Nolo Kitano vs. TJ Crawford 

Crawford is demanding that Tony Deppen be freed after he was suspended for attacking Kevin Blackwood a number of weeks ago while not wanting to pay the fine as well.

TJ had one of the most uncreative and plainest protest signs I’ve ever seen. Ha! Oof.

Before the match began, Kitano was told to put his Katana sword away, Crawford took advantage of the fact that his opponent’s back was turned to jump him early.

Nolo manages to get his foot in with a comeback of his own. He slingshots Crawford into the corner followed by a drop kick. Unfortunately, things took a mysterious turn…. A hooded figure tried to sneak up on Kitano and missed as he gets dropped.

Security shows up and pursuit to authorize that person to leave. While Nolo wasn’t looking, TJ delivers a harsh knee kick to his face.

Commentary thinks the figure was Deppen.

TJ kept punishing Kitano as much as he can, luckily, Nolo fights back.

The shenanigans didn’t stop though. For some reason, Griffin McCoy was here too as he takes down Kitano with a back suplex while the referee was tending to Crawford.

TJ hits the Silver Bullet for a dishonourable victory.

Winner: TJ Crawford 

When Ichiban and Máscara Dorada beat Rocky Romero and Bárbaro Cavernario last Saturday, Dorada wanted a Championship opportunity, which Romero didn’t give. So Máscara decides to choose Dec 7 at One Shot to be their battleground.

Meanwhile, Promociones Dorado attack Ichiban as a 3-on-1 assault backstage. Salina de la Renta still sees Ichiban as a potential threat to her faction.

Elsewhere, Rickey Shane Page leaves a cryptic message for whom I could only assume is for Akira. Page is still World Openweight Champion, so he’s not completely bothered. I think…

Notorious Mimi vs. Tiara James 

Mimi delivers a knee to James’ gut before flooring her. Tiara makes a comeback with a hip toss followed by a drop kick from the second rope.

Mimi drags Tiara’s arm against the top rope then quickly returns inside the ring to start pounding at her back. She continues to work on James’ arm.

Mimi finally misses with a crossbody attempt when Tiara moved out of harm’s way. Ha! The way she bounced off the mat.

James turns things in her favour as she sends a couple of clotheslines then snaps Mimi in half with a shoulder to her stomach.

Miss James secures a win by performing an impressive face plant DDT to Mimi. That’s my girl!

Winner: Tiara James 

I think Mister Saint Laurent is trying to recruit Manders to the World Titan Federation since he’s a Champion now. Manders doesn’t agree right away, but he didn’t say no either. Hmm?

BREAKING NEWS after 20 years, the very first World Heavyweight Champion Satoshi Kojima will be participating in a match against Tom Lawlor at One Shot.

Janai Kai will be defending her World Featherweight Championship against Maki Itoh. A match I’m personally intrigued by.

Also, Miyu Yamashita, the TJPW Princess of Princess Champion, is facing the God Queen Delmi Exo after a social media spat erupted where the title will be on the line.

Rocky Romero has accepted Máscara Dorada’s challenge as he puts the World Middleweight Championship on the table.

You know when Love Doug was waiting for B3cca to reciprocate his feelings… well, she failed to mention she had a boyfriend. And that same boyfriend was the one responsible for sending all those cheesy letters pretending to be B3cca. He shows up with a crowbar in tow and slaughters Doug with it so hard that there’s blood on his hands.

The man is even more inane when his eyes roll back in a sadistic fashion.

Now, since Mance Warner did lose the match he had with Cardona because of his online manipulative significant other, a speculated ploy constructed by Cardona and Steph, he has to leave MLW as per the terms.

Regardless of this situation, Warner encourages his friend to keep going within the industry.

World Titan Federation vs. Bomaye Fight Club – Tag Team match 

Representing WTF is Tom Lawlor and Matt Cardona. And for the Bomaye Fight Club it’s Alex Kane and Mr. Thomas.

Kane and Lawlor start this bout off because Cardona tagged his partner in as some misguided attempt at a strategy.

Tom manages to deliver a few striking kicks to Kane’s leg before placing him in a headlock. Alex got a momentary boost with those punches, but Lawlor quickly recovered and rained twice as hard.

Kane refocuses and suplexes Lawlor across the ring. That goes out the window real fast when Lawlor pushes Kane into his corner, distracts the official, so Cardona could deliver a well-placed kick to the spine.

Kane regains some strength as he delivers German suplexes to Cardona and Lawlor. Alex was doing well, yet suddenly he started to wraith in pain, rolling around on the mat as he held onto his lower back.

It might be the ribs as three officials check in on him as he lays on the main floor. Back inside the ring, Cardona made the foolish mistake to cheap shot Mr. Thomas in the back of his head.

Due to this, Mr. Thomas is left to fight these idiots alone, but he’s doing a good job so far. Kane is being escorted to medical.

While he wait for any news on Kane, Mr. Thomas is a handicap match as Lawlor beats him to his knees. We’re not sure if this was a wise decision, yet Kane came back into the fray with bandages wrapped around his lower back.

Kane was doing okay for a moment till his back gave way, and he tumbled onto the floor again. Lawlor takes that opening to slam the champ with a chair.

Cardona hits the Radio Silence on Mr. Thomas and gains a victory. Well… happy thanksgiving, folks.

Winners: World Titan Federation 


TOP PHOTO: Lawlor & Cardona raise their hands happily. Courtesy of MLW