Things went completely out the window last week when Asuka abandoned her teammates, Bianca Belair and Charlotte Flair, during a 6-Women Tag Team match that resulted in the Empress of Tomorrow joining Damage Control. I had a feeling that Asuka didn’t want to be left out and away from her former friends, Iyo Sky and Kairi Sane, so she stomped her so-called allies.

But also, someone somewhere is bound to tell me she did what she did, so she could be part of a dominant team. Asuka recognizes that in Damage Control, I suppose. In conclusion, both reasons are valid in explaining the sudden change.

And speaking of change, this is a good one. Hall of Famer Road Dogg is joining commentary tonight. “Papa” Graves is at home taking care of his newborn baby.

As we begin the evening, Bayley unsurprisingly boasts about welcoming Asuka to the group, improving the expansion of their influence. Despite the annoying jokes Bayley feels the need to spit out, I still have this odd notion telling me that there’s a plot going on behind her back.

She even poorly imitated Asuka when she says “No on is ready for Asuka!” Eee…. While Dakota Kai kept laughing along with Bayley, Iyo, Kairi and Asuka didn’t seem amused. Instead, they speak amongst themselves in Japanese. Kai translates what Iyo said that apparently this isn’t the new and improved Damage Control because someone isn’t part of it. This alludes to Asuka not officially being part of the team, so as the leader, Bayley is reminded that she needs to do that.

She even went down on one knee for some reason as Asuka excitedly grabs the shirt. Iyo also suggested that she, Kairi, Asuka and Bayley challenge Charlotte, Bianca and Shotzi to find a fourth member for War Games. Bayley pretended that she had the same idea when in reality, she was dumbfounded. Ha!

As Bayley promises one hell of a beatdown on Saturday, Shotzi’s theme music interrupts. The Taking Care of Business Tank came driving out with no one inside leaving us to wonder where Shotzi is. She appeared from behind and delivered a crossbody to Bayley. Alas, as usual, the numbers game comes into play.

Luckily, the ballsy badass has backup in Flair and Belair as a brawl ensues. However, the overwhelming numbers pushed Charlotte, Bianca and Shotzi out.

Backstage, Belair reminds Shotzi that they need to be strategic rather than impulsive like she’s been. Aldis urges the girls to notify him of their fourth member before the end of the night. Oof, quite the deadline.

The Brawling Brutes vs. The Street Profits vs. Pretty Deadly – Triple Threat match for an Undisputed Tag Team Championship opportunity

The moment the bell rings, Butch explodes out of the gate as he attacks both Elton Prince and Angelo Dawkins, who said, mind you, that this was going to be easy money.

Dawkins squashes his opponents with thunderous shoulder tackles pushing them down harshly. Montez Ford is tagged in and delivers a drop kick to Butch then a double team against Prince. The Profits are rolling as the All Mighty watches on. B-Fab, later on, meets up with Lashley to further discuss their, shh, mysterious plans. I wonder if she’s trying to have Lashley help Ashante Thee Adonis and Top Dolla get back on top. Because boy, they fell.

Pretty Deadly finally get their feet past the gate as they double team on Butch and Ford. I can’t say it wasn’t impressive.

Holland is tagged in as he clears out the ring as quickly as he came in. Tossing one opponent after another. The Brutes were about to perform the Ten Beats of the Bodhran, yet the Profits wouldn’t let them. Why though? They’re weakening your challengers for you.

Because of their interception, the Profits pay for it by being on the receiving end of the Ten Beats. Pretty Deadly comes out of nowhere and disposes of the Brutes.

Prince and Ford try to lift Holland for a suplex, yet the big man reverses it into a double suplex instead. A very effective one because Montez looked like a spineless jellyfish having a spasm.

This is the second time I see Dawkins wiggle around like some human noodle after that Step Up Enzuguri rocked him. He reminded me of that scene in Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets when Harry’s arm was broken during a Quidditch match that resulted in Professor Gilderoy Lockhart attempting to repair it only for it to become boneless and disturbingly flexible. Ha!

Butch may have taken out everyone with his offensive attacks, but Angelo quickly thwarted his efforts by escaping an arm bar submission and using Butch as a weapon to plough through Prince then slamming the rabid animal right on top of him.

I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t any chaos after that. Ha! Bodies flying from everywhere and nowhere. Oof. Oof. Oof. While Holland had Prince nailed for a moment, possibly waiting for Butch to inflict punishment, something else happened. Elton moved out of the way as Butch accidently Bro Kicks Ridge. Too stunned to do anything, Butch and Pretty Deadly are thrown out of the ring.

The Street Profits capitalize with a Revolutionary (Revelation) win and a chance to face Finn Balor and Damian Priest for the Undisputed Tag Team Championships next Friday.

The miscommunication between Holland and Butch disgusted Ridge so much that he shoved his partner and walked off.

Winners: The Street Profits

Meanwhile, Bianca has recruited Michin to her team for Survivor Series. But my gut thought this was simply too easy, so I waited for a few more seconds for my suspicions to be proven right. Lo and behold, I was. Damage Control saw the agreement and went after Michin.

Following last week’s heinous assault on Rey Mysterio because of speculations that Santos Escobar was conspiring with He Who Will Not Be Named at Crown Jewel, Mysterio’s knee surgery was successful. However, “Payback is on the horizon!” against Escobar. I didn’t want to think this last Friday, but this is a secondary memory of another son gone bad.

Get better soon, Rey.

Dragon Lee vs. Axiom from NXT

Lee was completely appalled with what happened to Rey, so he wanted to be given the opportunity to avenge his idol by facing, I presume, Escobar, but Aldis decides to have Dragon fight Axiom to help show what he’s capable of without rage in his eyes.

Watching Lucha Libre is something I can’t describe with one or even five words because that’s too small of an appreciation. Luchadores do things that amaze and shock me to wonder how they do that. They look like circus performers as well, they could. It was not only smart, but wise to include Dragon Lee to SmackDown. If Axiom joins us too, that’ll be another bonus.

Lee and Axiom’s talents were so professional that they matched each other very well, which made it hard to get an upper hand over the other. A collision in the middle of the ring helps bring momentum to Dragon’s side.

Axiom makes a comeback with a drop kick to Lee plus a Moonsault from the first rope onto the outside.

Dragon wasn’t able to put Axiom away with that massive stomp from the top that would end most wrestlers in my opinion. Axiom reverses the tied with another drop kick right on the nose then a fast suplex. Lee hits Axiom with a brain buster, dropping him on the back of his neck.

It shocked us when Dragon was able to somehow kick out of a reversed pile driver by Axiom, even the challenger couldn’t fathom how. The moves and countermoves were exemplary by both men, but Lee secures the victory with Operation Dragon.

Winner: Dragon Lee

Up next, we have Santos Escobar here tonight breaking his silence about his actions. And I, for one, am intrigued to hear his perspective regardless of the fact that some may not agree.

It’s been a while since I’ve heard the theme music Escobar, Vega, Del Toro and Wilde used when Legado del Fantasma first burst on the scene. That fell off the cliff fast. Ha! Now, it feels ominous.

What grids my bones was the expression Escobar used, the same one Austin Theory said when it came to John Cena. Never meet your heroes. Santos narrates that he modelled his career after Rey Mysterio where the Hall of Famer became a father figure to him. He wanted to be seen by the next generation the way he saw Rey.

I think Santos hit a nerve when he finally agreed with Dominik’s assessment. Escobar wanted to become the US Champion, but Rey took it. He wanted to rebrand the LWO, but Rey brought new members like Carlito. First of all, you were hurt, so you couldn’t compete against the very man who disabled you, Theory. Second, what is your problem with Carlito? It seems like he’s the one Santos has an issue with, not Rey.

Apparently, Santos is upset that Rey sided with “an outsider” rather than him when he was accused. I knew he wasn’t coming out here to apologize because his way of dressing, the smirk on his face, the fact that he’s more relaxed rather than shaky told me exactly what I already knew.

Nevertheless, that wasn’t the worse of it, and I didn’t think he could stoop so low… Santos hoped that the surgery was unsuccessful, and that Rey catches an infection, so they’ll have to amputate his leg thus never returning to the ring… That’s too much. That’s TOO much. Clearly, he didn’t see the tweet.

If we’re being honest here, this is a lot darker than what Dominik said. And my God, are we smacked today for saying that. Zelina had enough and slapped Santos. Oof. Oof. Oof. Oof. Oof. The person Vega hates more than Escobar is herself for ever trusting him in the first place. She made the choice to choose Rey over Santos, therefore ending this partnership with her tears.

The pit in my stomach bit was Santos’ reaction to the slap. He grinned. Escobar didn’t just badmouth Zelina, but Joaquin and Cruz as well by reminding them that they exist because of him, which shows that he might have thought this for a while. “What is this?” he asks. I see arrogance, egotism, fakeness, pettiness. What do you mean?

Despite the mess, there was a moment of laughter, well, for me anyway. As Escobar asks Del Toro and Wilde if they’re with him like before, the fact that he placed his fist in the middle reminded me of The Shield. Some of you might ask how is that funny? Well, the comical tag here is how often my mind tends to wonder and notice tiny things that may not have anything to do with what’s actually happening. And if you remember The Shield, they’re all different now.

Another part I noticed was Joaquin looked like a 15-year-old school boy having a tantrum as he goes against Escobar over what he did to Zelina. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! I did not take that seriously, I’m sorry. Ha! I feel like I’m not the only one.

Anyway, what I don’t understand is why did Santos suggest he, Joaquin and Cruz get back together and then call them dead weight? It’s like leading someone into a false sense of security. Because they chose not to stay with him, Wilde and Del Toro were destroyed. Luckily, the man Santos ACTUALLY has a problem with has arrived. Carlito.

The second Carlito enters the ring, Escobar exits.

Grayson Waller vs. Cameron Grimes

Road Dogg isn’t the only guest commentator with us tonight. For some odd reason, Austin Theory is here as well. Who let him sit at our table? My gut feeling is telling me that KO might make an appearance, but I won’t hope too much. Ha!

Grimes already has Waller pegged with a vicious arm drag and follows that up with a drop kick. Grayson retaliates with a Rolling Flatliner.

Cameron brings all that pent-up frustration against Grayson with a bunch of shoulder tackles that rocks Waller.

I don’t know what’s going on at commentary, but I love the weird, funny retorts bouncing off of everyone, even Theory since he just made me laugh.

Grimes charges in for the Cave-In, but Grayson rolls out of harm’s way in time. What a shame. Theory is seen helping his friend to his feet and ends up getting kicked in the face for his troubles. Waller returns the favor by tripping Cameron right on the apron. A bad landing for Grimes as Grayson gains the victory with a conclusive Dingo Driver.

Unfortunately, KO didn’t show up like I wanted. Well, I’m not too disappointed.

Winner: Grayson Waller 

Backstage, Bianca is seen talking with Zelina. And I reckon she wanted to recruit her, yet not too late in the evening, Vega was found flattened by Damage Control. Anyone who can possibly join Flair, Belair and Shotzi for War Games is a threat Damage Control is taking care of.

And speaking of taking care of some kind of business, Paul Heyman wanted to give an impromptu celebration for Solo Sikoa for winning at Crown Jewel. Uh…. Heyman decides to pour even more salt in our wounds by misdirecting us into believing that John Cena was going to here.

Heyman guarantees that Cena won’t be coming back. He foolishly gets to say goodbye to John and for him. “John Cena, goodbye!” You know, regardless of how sad this is suppose to be, somehow the only thing I ended up doing was laugh at Heyman for imitating Cena’s theme music. Ha! Like I said, foolish. But not too foolish because Heyman knows no one stays gone forever, so if Cena does come back, Sikoa will have to be his attacker.

I was just waiting for someone to interrupt this party of self-indulgence, happily, it’s LA Knight, Jimmy’s opponent. As he said, he isn’t done with The Bloodline. Knight wants to make sure that everyone within this faction is taken out, so Roman won’t have anyone to save him. Jimmy is the first on the list.

EXCITING NEWS Santos Escobar and Carlito will be facing each other at Survivor Series War Games next Saturday. I’m all in!

LA Knight vs. Jimmy Uso

Jimmy was confused when he noticed that Heyman and Sikoa were leaving him alone. Cole mentioned that the wise man got a phone call, and I suspect it’s from Roman to let his cousin handle this fight. Quite frankly, I love how Jimmy backs them up, but they leave him to his imminent demise. Ha!

LA Knight charges after Jimmy with a couple of punches then a back drop from an impressive height. That shoulder tackle soaring above the top rope was striking. Alas, Jimmy shifts the gears with a Samoan Drop.

All the distain the Megastar has for Jimmy, he flings him over the announcement table after banging his head against it. Jimmy collides with an empty corner as he was trying to deliver the hip toss. LA Knight continues with a DDT.

Jimmy did try to avoid the BFT the first time, but Knight was able to catch him the second time and win…. ish because Sikoa came back. Jimmy attacks Knight from behind and sends him crashing on the main floor where Solo Samoan Spikes him.

Just when LA Knight was about to become a lamb to the table, Cody Rhodes is here to stop this madness from happening. I’m guessing the Megastar will join War Games. Maybe.

Winner: LA Knight 

The night before Survivor Series, Grayson Waller has Kevin Owens on his show after getting him suspended. Ha!

Flair, Belair and Shotzi have accepted Damage Control’s challenge, but they aren’t sure if their fourth addition will make it on time despite what Bayley thinks when she brags about how they eliminated everyone. But not everyone, dumb dumb. Becky Lynch is going to war. The Man has answered the call as a brawl erupts all over the stage.


TOP PHOTO: Shotzi, Charlotte, Becky & Bianca. Courtesy of WWE