We have three title matches on this episode of NWA POWERRR with Colby Corino and EC3 front and center, along with The King Bees making their debut to challenge against Pretty Empowered for the moment tag titles,  Plus, we’ll find out Who Wants to Be Spectacular with Rolando and Rush Freeman.

The show starts with Joe Galli narrating the paths of Corino and the OverMan in the National Wrestling Alliance.

Honestly, that gives me chills to watch that.  Wonder if they will face each other down the line?

That’s a question for another time as we come to you from the Skyway Studios, in Nashville, TN. Joe Galli and Danny Dealz have the call, and we go to your First Match of the Night for the…

Courtesy of the NWA. Credit: Hiban Huerta

NWA Junior Heavyweight Championship: Colby Corino(c) vs. Mo Jabari

If this is your first time seeing Jabari, Galli and Dealz note he’s a Canadian who’s wrestled for Dungeon Wrestling based in Calgary, AB, Canada, and trained under the likes of Bret Hart and Lance Storm.  He definitely has a lot of upside to him.

As the match begins, he and Corino give a nice series of chain wrestling and Jabari is able to counter The Last Bastion at each turn.  One misstep allows Corino to connect with a Samoan drop to a somersault senton for a two count.  Jabari sends Corino out of the ring and then goes for a dropkick between the ropes and sends him back in.  He climbs up the top turnbuckle and Jabari nails the flying elbow drop for a close two count.  He then gives a headbutt to the champ, goes between the ropes with a kick, and then follows with a missile dropkick to Corino.  He attempts The Sharpshooter but Corino wriggles out in time.  From there it is a series of near falls until a thrust kick by Corino stops it and at that point, The Last Bastion whips Jabari hard to corner, and you know Zeds Dead, baby, as Corino plants his DDT finisher.

Your Winner via Pinfall, and Still NWA Junior Heavyweight Champion:  Colby Corino

Corino extends his hand and Jabari walks away.  Hopefully, that isn’t the last we see of those two.

At The Podium is Tiffany Nieves after making her debut at the Samhain PPV and working Exodus Pro, and what a greeting Nashville gives La Princesa. She gives a message to the NWA women’s roster saying what’s hard for others she conquers in a day, and Nieves is the best at everything. Get it. Got it. Bueno.

She will face Ruthie Jay next week but tells the current Women’s champion, Kenzie Paige, to keep the title warm for her.

Love the confidence, ¿que no?  Well, you’ll love this next match for the…

Courtesy of the NWA. Credit: Hiban Huerta

NWA Women’s World Tag Team Championship: Pretty Empowered (Ella Envy and Kylie Paige)(c) vs. King Bees (Charity King and Danni Bee)

This is the debut of the King Bees, and apparently, they look very confident facing the tag champs.  Even the Nashville crowd loves the Bees.

Envy tries to sucker in Danni with a handshake, but she’s no chump as she takes one-half of the tag champs to school.  She pushes Envy to the corner and tags in Charity (who, if I have to be honest, is giving me ‘Big E’ vibes) and she womanhandles Envy.  A missed senton by Charity allows her to tag in Kylie.  She has the upper hand for a minute until Charity gives her a senton to make her less than Pretty Empowered.  The King Bees are on a roll with great tag chemistry and then Envy pulls Danni’s hair, which allows momentum to shift to PRetty Empowered where Danni is a Bee in Peril.  At one point, Kylie and Danni hit double clotheslines that knock each other down hard to the mat.  They both slowly crawl to their corner.  Kylie gets in Envy, but Danni has the hot tag to Charity and she is a King en Fuego, and even connects a swinging slam for a cover, but Kylie breaks the count.  As the match breaks down in chaos, King attempts a rollup on Envy, but she flips her over to pin, and Kylie provides leverage as the ref counts three oblivious to the outside interference.

Your Winners via Pinfall, and Still NWA Women’s World Tag Team Champions:  Pretty Empowered

May Valentine is backstage with Aron Stevens and Blunt Force Trauma. While she wasn’t happy he interfered again at Samhain, she did enjoy when CJ gave Stevens a shot up his middle on last week’s POWERRR.  Stevens says his Trauma team is done with a Knox and Murdoch and challenges CJ to a Turkey Gobbler match.  What it is, he explains, is the match will involve grappling and whoever loses will gobble like a turkey. 

Happy Thanksgiving.

I say, Show me what you got, Stevens!

NWA Owner William Patrick Corgan is with Rolando and Rush Freeman in a segment taped earlier to help judge Who Will Be a Spectacular. They reviewed the hundreds of applicants and they whittled it down to four.  Before we get into this, allow me an…

(Author’s Note:  Everything about this says “Bad Reality TV contest”, and as a member of TV TAN PODCAST (The Only TV Podcast That Matters™), we invite everyone to join us when we say:  Stop making garbage people famous. Now, as for the yuks involved in this segment, I believe there is a way to introduce comedy into wrestling.  Not sure this was it.  If anything, this could’ve been done in an email…or a subReddit. So I will encapsulate what happened with the segment that was split into two parts and bullet points the basics.  If you wanna thank me, we can talk PayPal later, but sharing my stuff is cool, too.)

So the four finalists are:

  • Mercurio (He wants to be with the hot chicks, but doesn’t like bow ties)
  • Burchill (Yeah, that Burchill!  He’s asking what we’re thinking as to why are we even doing this.  But he also says in the same breath give him the bow tie.  Rush likes him as does Corgan)
  • Tyler Midas (I have never seen a more pasty kid, and I LIVE in Utah!  That said, Rolando likes how he brown-noses his way, but Rush isn’t sold)
  • KC Roxx (If a human and a chihuahua ever had a child, I suspect it would look like him.  That said, thanks for coming out)

Rush and Rolando are torn between Midas and Burchill, so we’ll find out who’s in their corner next week when they face all three members of The Southern Six.

You’re Welcome.

Now back to matches like this Submissions Match between…

Courtesy of the NWA. Credit: Hiban Huerta

Blake”Bulletproof” Troop (with Chris Silvio, Esq.) vs. Koa Laxamana (with Kallies)

Laxamana feels confident going into this match, but Troop is too powerful, and the MMA fighter-turned-wrestler manages to stymie any attempts at locking in a hold.  He tries to get Troop in an armbar but he blocks the maneuver by the Hawaiian Hitman. Laxamana is almost over his weight class as Troop toys with him, but he manages to surprise the Bulletproof one in a triangle choke.  It looks like Laxamana has this in the bag, but Troop’s strength allows him to pick up  The Hawaiian Hitman and get a huge powerbomb him and he cinches his Figure Four variation for the the tap out.

Your Winner via Submission: Blake”Bulletproof” Troop

Valentine now is with Kylie Paige and her “security team” about going face-to-face against the debuting Big Mama next week. Kylie doesn’t care about her size, because she will win. Then, Magic Inc. enters backstage, and Valentine asks their thoughts on CJ facing Stevens in a Turkey Gobbler match.   Cody James starts by saying, “Seeing is Believing, and believing is seeing.”  Dumas adds “They’re slicker than liquor, and twice as bad, and after it’s all done…shows over!”

Now for the Main Event for the…

Courtesy of the NWA. Credit: Hiban Huerta

NWA World Heavyweight Championship: EC3(c) vs. Talos

There is a serious height advantage by Talos over The OverMan, and as the bell rings he exploits that by sending EC3 to the corner each time.  At the second point, he gets the seven-footer in a side headlock and attempts to shoulder tackle the big man, but Talos does not budge.  He takes his time on the champ and pummels EC3, and at one point throws hard into the corner turnbuckles, and EC3 chops away to no avail.  The big man gets a running splash and then a whip to the corner followed by a side slam for a two count.  EC3 manages to land a jawbreaker to Talos and he keeps clotheslining away until he topples to his knees, then The Overman sends him over the ropes.  As he looks to put to finishing touches on the match, Daisy Kill comes out from behind the curtain and trips up the champ.  He’s ready to decimate EC3 until Jax Dane comes out to pop the trunk on Kill since he has a vested interest ahead of his title match.  Talos misses the boot in the corner, and EC3 takes advantage with a tornado DDT, followed by a double axe handle to the back of the head. It’s academic as the One Percenter ends it in one, two, and three.

Your Winner via Pinfall, and Still NWA World Heavyweight Champion:  EC3

After the match, Dane and EC3 lock eyes and that isn’t the last either man will see each other, but their confrontation will have to wait until the Return to Robards in Sarasota, FL as the show goes to the credits.

NWA POWERRR - 11/14/2023

Final Thoughts:

Despite the(*ahem*) comedy Spectacular, this was a great show.  Corino/Jabari was fantastic to the point of me wanting to chant, “Five more minutes!”  Same with The King Bees against Pretty Empowered.  EC3 is showing why he is Over…Man, in his title defense ahead of his match with Jax Dane.

For now, we’ll see ya in seven.