Ha! After last week’s explosion during the World Tag Team Championship Tables match between The Calling and the Second Gear Crew where Page and Akira retained due to technicalities, management immediately sanctioned a rematch at Fightland in a Ladder match.

Tracy Williams vs. Griffin McCoy

As the crowd boos the arrival of Griffin, this is his MLW debut. I’ve never seen him prior to tonight, and regardless of the cold reception, I’m intrigued to see what he can do… against Williams of all people. This match won’t be an easy win for McCoy.

In the early goings of the fight, Williams has McCoy in a submission position in order to dislocate the right arm of his opponent in the middle of the ring while the fans seem to be fully in Tracy’s corner.

Griffin momentarily has Williams’ ankle twisted as he arrogantly attempts to enrage his challenger to get out of this knot, which Tracy does. Williams only returns the favor.

McCoy harshly slams Williams shoulder first against the mat hence the wailing of Tracy’s scream. Griffin continues to hammer away at the left arm.

An exchange of chops are delivered near the ropes before Williams performs an impressive back suplex.

Tracy was on the receiving end of Griffin’s attacks till he manages to fight through it with a thunderous chop then determined defense by dropping McCoy face first on the top turnbuckle.

Williams may have had McCoy beat with that crossface STF submission in the center of the ring, but Griffin was able to grab the bottom rope to save himself. Tracy tries to put Griffin away again with a Pile Driver, unfortunately, McCoy’s foot makes contact with the official’s face, so he falls into the corner. That allows Griffin to deliver a low blow while the referee was recovering then finishes Williams with a Sunset Kick.

A big debut win for McCoy. Well, dirty to me.

Winner: Griffin McCoy

Given that the World Titan Federation had something to do with Mr. Thomas’ attack last week, Alex Kane orchestrated the theft of Matt Cardona’s BMW in the parking lot along with Jacob Fatu in some way. MSL narrates his frustration over the nonsensical behavior of fellow combatants when he informs us that the car was spotted in a drive-by shooting with a roasted pig in the trunk. Wow….

Laurent says these actions are outrageous, but what I truly found outrageous was that I got to see MSL’s eyes for the first time since I started watching MLW. I’ve never seen the man’s eyes before, and I found that ridiculous. Ha! Ha!

Despite all of this foolishness, Laurent doesn’t let it affect him too much to keep him from unveiling the new World Titan Federation logo. And boy is it basic. Ha! Ha! While he couldn’t contain himself prior to revealing it to us, I, on the other hand wasn’t as dazzled.

Janai Kai vs. Riley Krowe

I can say right now before the match starts that the debut of Riley Krowe will be annihilated by the current World Featherweight Champion Janai Kai. The new addition to Promocione Dorado with Salina de la Renta and Rocky Romero.

This poor girl. The second the bell rings, Kai delivers a strongly effective kick to Krowe prior to dragging her to the middle of the mat, so she could hammer some very powerful fists in. That alone was too much for Riley to handle, and the referee takes note of that to declare Janai the winner.

The shortest match this month so far. Kai is perceived as extremely dangerous given her multi-combat background being a black belt Taekwondo specialist, an expert in Muay Thai, kickboxing professional, and wrestler since 2017. I’ve always wanted to get into kickboxing for years since I love combat sports, alas, it never seemed like the right time. I’ll still try to anyway.

Regardless of how quick this fight was, I’m so thankful to Salina for bringing Janai to our screens. I wanted more ruthlessness in the Featherweight division, and I got it.

De la Renta wasn’t satisfied with the underwhelming introduction of Janai when Sam Leterna was about to interview them, so she does it for her. “Kick demon.”

Winner: Janai Kai

Oop. I see that Akira has been set aside like last week’s diner. According to Rickey Shane Page, his top weapon in the venture to take the Second Gear Crew down is Cannonball, not his Tag partner Akira. Hmm? What is going on there? Joe Dombrowski reckons that Akira isn’t in accordance with Rickey because of the side-eyes he gave him, and that comment spurs Page to confront Joe until the SGC intercept. Akira was there too in the background, which is new to me.

Sam Leterna is joined by CMLL World Historic Welterweight Champion and MLW World Middleweight Champion Rocky Romero for his comment ahead of his Tag Team match with Barbaro Cavernario versus Ichiban and Mascara Dorada.

Romero recognizes that Mascara is a worthy opponent, but he thinks he’s better. When it comes to Ichiban, however, Rocky suggests he stays in his own lane.

The mission is submission. Bomaye Fight Club’s promoter Don King further applauds Alex Kane for being the driving force of this group that’s for the people. King appreciates Kane’s abilities and confirms that Kane is the greatest World Heavyweight Champion in history.

BREAKING NEWS for One Shot, National Openweight Champion Rickey Shane Page defends his title against Jimmy Lloyd Dec 7. Also, on MLW Thanksgiving Nov 23, World Titan Federation member Tom Lawlor has set his sights on the Bomaye Fight Club for an All-Star fight.

The Mane Event vs. Mr. Thomas & O’Shay Edwards of the Bomaye Fight Club – Tag Team match

Edwards wanted to establish power, so he instructs Midas Black to switch with Ray Lyon. O’Shay was on the receiving end of multiple chops to his chest. Honestly, these two kept growling at each other the majority of this bout.

Midas gets into this fight without being tagged in order to send Mr. Thomas flying out of the ring. The Mane Event continue with their small window of momentum as Lyon suicide dives through the holla hoop.

The wind of change reverses in Bomaye’s direction as O’Shay delivers the Kaiju Stampede to Midas as Mr. Thomas performs the sidewalk slam to Lyon. Bomaye picks up the victory with a powerbomb from Mr. Thomas to Midas.

Winners: Bomaye Fight Club

To conclude the evening, we’re meant to have the contract signing to help solidify the upcoming World Heavyweight Championship match between Fatu and Kane, yet the champ looked down upon his challenger because he arrived at the press conference bare foot.

That little observation from the champ angers Fatu to strike a fight with him. For some reason, MSL wants to take credit for adding gasoline to the flame by sending Matt Cardona in the middle. Although, the “peaceful” signing was never intended between either men. The dispute started long before Cardona materialized himself.

Ha! Ha! Never mind the paper then.


TOP PHOTO: Kane and Fatu confront each other during the signing. Courtesy of MLW