If The Calling hasn’t become more vicious, you’re lying to yourselves because they’re an entity that we cannot, or haven’t been able to fully understand.

And speaking of not being able to understand… Ha! World Titan Federation promoter Mister Saint Laurent has revealed that whoever wins the World Heavyweight Championship between Kane and Fatu at Fightland will face Matt Cardona at One Shot.

Laurent is so fond of the idea of taking over MLW, that he overstays he’s welcome by cackling and chugging down a bowl of candy….

Moving on with our first match. After he was electrocuted on the chair at Slaughterhouse, we wonder if Talon will ever be the same following that experience as he faces Mance Warner. The man who sanctioned this torturous attack.

Mance Warner vs. Talon

The bell hasn’t ever rang yet when Talon quickly goes after Mance in the corner of the ring. He’s making sure he’s taking the fight to the Southern psychopath… until Warner was making a strong move.

Warner puts Talon through an elevated spine buster that almost drives his opponent through the mat. A thunderous knee to Talon’s jaw rings across the room.

That move alone grants Mance the win in a fast match. I guess it’s true. Talon is not the same.

Winner: Mance Warner 

Last month’s attack on Kevin Blackwood placed him on the shelf indefinitely. Tony Deppen, one of the men responsible, refused to pay his fine for orchestrating such an assault that resulted in him getting suspended for 14 days.

Deppen went to social media to further voice his deranged reasoning that only prompted MLW to extend his leave for how long? Only time will tell.

Elsewhere, Laurent is so sure that Cardona will become the new World Heavyweight Champion that he gifts him a BMW. Matt got a little too excited as he makes out with his new car. Gross. “She’s mine!” He says. Yeah, she’s not anyone’s after that grotesque display.

Moments before his match with Fatu, Mr. Thomas was found in a bad way surrounded by flattened boxes and other stuffs in the parking lot. Supposedly following an ambush. Alex Kane was warned while he was commenting on Jacob’s whole demeanour. I’m not sure what happened, but we’ll get to that soon.

Back at the WTF headquarters. Laurent doesn’t like the current roster given they have the likes of Mance Warner on it. So, he decides to issue a hostile takeover which Tom Lawlor will lead the charge.

Due to the sudden pounding Mr. Thomas received, the match against Fatu has been cancelled. Fans speculate that Jacob was behind it, yet he denies these accusations.

While Jacob was getting interviewed, at some point, Laurent intercepts. Quite frankly, I’ve never seen someone jiggle as much as MSL. Ha! Ha!

All he wanted to say was to warn Fatu that he doesn’t only have Kane to worry about, he should have eyes in the back of his head for Cardona as well.

J Boujii vs. Brett Ryan Gosselin

While Boujii was removing his shirt, Gosselin jumped him from behind with kicks to the midsection.

My eyes were getting blurry the more these boys kept running back and forth inside the ring. Damn, it hurt. I thought it would never end till Boujii stopped it by delivering a right hand.

Regardless of that “pretty” comment narrated by commentary, Brett hits hard as we’ve all noticed throughout this match.

J finally turns things around with a German suplex exploding out of the corner.

Gosselin steals a win by using Boujii’s momentum to flip him over only to grab onto J’s leg then leaning onto the middle rope to win.

Winner: Brett Ryan Gosselin

Elsewhere, Love Doug is stacking B3cca and gets a much-deserved slap from both Tiara James and Minoru Suzuki.

Apparently, it was MSL who orchestrated the attack on Mr. Thomas and paid someone to say he witnessed Fatu do it. Gasp!

Jacob and Alex were so close to fighting until someone came and showed them the proof I mentioned earlier. That encourages Kane to seek MSL, Lawlor and/or Cardona out.

Next week is the Fusion debut of the new World Featherweight Champion Janai Kai, the Kick Demon. Also, Don King will speak on Kane versus Fatu at Fightland next Thursday.

The Calling (c) vs. Second Gear Crew – World Tag Team Championship Tables match

Questions. Questions as to whether or not Akira and Rickey Shane Page are a united front as they’re about to defend the World Tag Team Championships. Cold atmosphere doesn’t begin to describe the chilling feelings I’m getting from these two.

Akira barely looks pleased, if I’m being honest. He’s sadistic self has toned down a little bit, don’t you think?

Anarchy starts early as Manders and Matthew Justice make their entrance only to be jumped by the gas mask goons. In order to win, they’ll have to drive both their opponents through a table. It doesn’t necessarily have to be at the same time, just as long as they’re both taken out.

Akira swings that bared wire covered baseball at Manders’ midsection. Rickey and Akira were moving the match in their favour with the torment they’re inflicting.

Both teams have been doing very well avoiding to collide with the tables. Abruptly, Rickey and Akira were seen arguing given they had different ideas with the table inside the ring. Because of this, Manders and Justice were able to get back on their feet and throw each one chair at their opponent.

Cannonball comes in at some time to help and bulldozes through Matthew and Manders. Another disagreement between Page and Akira occurs. Rickey blames Akira for Matthew getting away after placing a chair around his neck.

Rickey was so brutal when he whacked a chair against Matthew’s head that caused him to wobble backwards. Everyone felt that.

Movement is finally going once Manders is the first to throw Rickey through the table. Akira evens the odds by sending Manders through a table as well.

Akira was looking to finish this, but Matthew kept countering. Luckily for the Death Fighter, he had a submission move wrapped around his challenger. Unfortunately, the referee wasn’t able to tell who won given both wrestlers crashed through the furniture.

However, you can clearly see that Akira landed first. Alas, the official has deemed this match a tie, which makes everyone very upset that they start brawling. Manders throws the first punch by delivering a clothesline to the ref.

Mance Warner comes out to assist this uneven plot since Cannonball showed up… again. There’s so much going on that even the cameraman doesn’t know what he’s doing. Ha! Ha! Ha!

Matthew suggests that The Calling and the SGC raise the stakes by allowing the champs to bring as many goons as they please, hang the Championships up high and see what happens next.

Winners: No one

Ha! Ha! To conclude the night, Kane said that he was going to beat some asses. So, he chose to steal Cardona’s car. Let Boujii drive it away.


TOP PHOTO: Mance Warner talking on the mic. Courtesy of MLW