Welcome to NXT, the annoying little brother to the WWE.

Also, it’s the time of Halloween when ghouls and ghosts pop out, and maybe a monster match or two.  So let’s get it on for Halloween Havoc Part Deux.

But first, let’s catch up with a…

(Author’s Note: Since regular recapper Josh is away, I’m stepping in from my usual NWA duties to lend a hand. I’ve been peripherally aware of the NXT product of late. I have seen/heard good things, but not too much has blown up my skirt. With that said, if you’re new to my style of wrestling coverage, know that I reserve the right to use snark and haikus where needed to move things along. That said, you have been warned.)

The Ecto 1 comes out with Shotzi and Scarlett as the band New Year’s Day gives a music performance.


We come to you from Orlando, FL.  Vic Joseph and Booker T have the call, and the First Match is…

Tables, Ladders, and Scares match: Angel Garza and Humberto Carillo vs. The Creed Brothers (Brutus and Julius Creed)

On a scale of one to The Hardys versus The Dudleys, this match is just missing chairs (oh, my).  The best part is near the end when Brutus spins a ladder a la Terry Funk to knock out Garza and Carillo. He goes to the outside with the ladder on his head and Garza and Carillo smash chairs to Brutus as the fans chant, “Holy ****!)

(Author’s Rant:  Really?  Censoring a good “Holy Shit” chant?!  This is part of why I don’t like delving into WWE waters these days.)

Fans chant “Creed” as Garza tries to prevent the Brothers finisher, only to be dropped to a table on the outside.  The Brutus Ball wins it in the end.

Your Winners Via Pinfall:  The Creed Brothers

Shotzi and Scarlett read the Ouija Board and Thea Hail and Jacy Jayne come in to influence things and say “yes” that they will win the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship.

Wait, that’s still a thing?!

Huh.  Okay, then.

A bearded guy comes out and sticks his nose ring in our face to say he has no strings.

Whoever homeboy is, he is no Bray Wyatt.

Now for…

Tiffany Stratton vs. Fallon Henley

Before a chance can be made to haiku this match, Stratton attacks at the beginning and rams Henley into the ring post, and pulls a Bret Hart Figure Four on Henley around said post to further injure her. 

Not a bad move.  Also, what a jerk move!

Now for your…

NXT North American Championship: Dominik Mysterio(c) vs. Nathan Frazer

Chants of “We Want Mami” fill Orlando, as Frazer is able to outwrestle Mysterio at every turn.  But the “Dirty” DoM is just as adept and counters him because of The Power of Douchenozzlery™.  He sets up for the 619 but Frazer counters with a superkick.  As he goes up the top turnbuckle, Frazer is pushed off by Mysterio to the commentary table.  A frog splash by Mysterio allows him to retain the title.

Your Winner via Pinfall, and Still NXT North American Champion:  Dominik Mysterio

After the match, Wes Lee returns and he attacks Mysterio.  After he runs away, Lee grabs the belt to send a message to “Dirty” Dom that he is coming for the title.

We get a video package of Lyra Valkyria, and she is definitely a star on the rise on par with The Man, Becky Lynch.

There’s a segment that features some haunted house nonsense, and I have neither the time nor the Bourbon or the bandwidth to handle this.  Go watch it, and you’ll see why I checked out early.

Oh, you’re back..  You see what I meant?  I get it’s a Halloween theme, but there is a difference between “Real Spooky” and “Lame Spooky.”

Mckenzie Mitchell is backstage with the newly christened Lexis King, and he wants to do things his way.

Our next match is…

Bron Breakker vs. Mr. Stone

This is just a one-sided affair with Breakker taking full advantage of Stone, which is a great time to have you all check out this great Pumpkin recipe (since it is a type of squash, like this match)

A spear to Stone ends it mercifully.

Your Winner via Pinfall:  Bron Breakker

Just As Breakker gets ready to cause more damage with the steel steps, a heavily bandaged Von Wagner comes out to make the save. Security separates them before he can inflict any more damage.

And now that leads to your….

WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship: Chelsea Green and Piper Niven(c) vs. Thea Hail and Jacy Jayne

Quick thought: Why has nobody thought to name the tag champs “Piping Hot Mess™?”   

Just me?  Oh, well.

In any case, Jayne and Hail take it to champs, but Green comes back hard with a cannonball for a two count, then a spinebuster for another near fall.  Niven tags in and plants Hail with an electric chair to a facebuster but can’t put her way either.  Then Jayne grabs the tag belt but Andre Chase is at ringside, snatches it away, and tells her she’s better than that.  She then runs into Green who delivers the Unprettier for the three count.

Your Winner via Pinfall, and Still WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions:  Chelsea Green and Piper Niven

Now we head to the…

NXT Women’s Breakout Tournament Finals: Kelani Jordan vs. Lola Vice

This is a wonderfully fluid match between the women as the exchange hold for hold, and go move for countermove.  Honestly, this is the female equivalent of Will Ospreay versus Ricochet.  Tell me when I’m telling lies.

In any case, Jordan is able to overcome Vice but can’t put her away.  She goes to a split-legged moonsault but gets distracted by Elektra Lopez at ringside.  Vice uses the opportunity to deliver a  roundhouse kick to be…

Your Winner, and NXT Women’s Breakout Winner:  Lola Vice

And we now come to the Main Event, and it is for the…

NXT Championship: Ilja Dragunov(c) vs. Carmelo Hayes

There is a big match feel with boxing-style intros, and this match goes the distance.   At one point, Dragunov just tosses Hayes off the top turnbuckle and he goes for a high-risk maneuver until Hayes catches him by the throat.  He kicks him off and then connects with a wicked springboard DDT from the ring to the apron on the champ.  Dragunov does not take this abuse lying down and continues the fight outside the ring as he drags Hayes to the commentary table, and then goes to the barricades and dives for a flying forearm.

Back in the ring, Dragunov goes for another high-risk maneuver and Hayes catches him with a codebreaker.  As he set up top for the Nothing but Net finisher, Trick Williams comes out and the former NXT champ is stunned.  Dragunov takes advantage and lands a superplex on Hayes and then delivers the Torpedo Moscow to get the one, two, three.

Your Winner, and Still NXT Champion:  Ilja Dragunov

After the match, Trick Williams stares at Hayes while Baron Corbin attacks Dragunov behind the curtain to close the show.