Greetings and salutations! This is the biggest show of the year for Impact Wrestling and we have a very exciting card lead by Trinity taking on Mickie James along with Alex Shelley wanting to prove he is THE REAL champion as he faces Josh Alexander. We will also witness a dream match as Mike Bailey faces Will Ospreay. The show is sold out in Chicago and with the Call Your Shot Battle Royal, we are for sure in for some surprises so without further ado, let’s get to the action.


Pre-Show Hall of Fame inductions:

Do yourselves a favour and watch the induction ceremonies here on YouTube.

Traci Brooks

Impact Hall of Famer Gail Kim is the one to induct Brooks. Kim recounts that they have known each other since 2000 when they started Wrestling School together. Kim said they have wrestled Bikini matches, hardcore matches and many other types of matches together. Kim introduces Brooks.

Brooks came out with husband Frankie Kazarian and their son, Rebel. Brooks thanks  her parents and brothers. She then thanked Kazarian, her in-laws, and told her son to dream big. Brooks then thanks Kim, Beth Phoenix, Mickie James, The Beautiful People, So Cal Val and others in addition to a slew of men’s wrestlers, executives, the fans, and others etc.

Mike Tenay & Don West

Scott D’Amore inducted the  duo. D’Amore told a story about how West accidentally auctioned off a Team Canada jacket prior to 2017’s Slammiversary. This jacket was D’Amore’s personal jacket. Tenay  accepted the honor as West sadly passed away last December after a battle with Cancer. Tenay really put over West. Tenay said that his son’s favourite announcer was always West. Tenay went onto say that in wrestling, you make many acquaintances but not many true friends but to him, West was a true friend.

Tenay told some Bobby Heenan stories and then went onto thank Eric Bischoff, Zane Bresloff, the Jarrett family, the Sahadi family, Konnan, Keith Mitchell, and so many more. Tenay thanked his wife and then threw to tonight’s announce team of Tom Hannifan and Matthew Rehwoldt.

Main Show

X-Division Championship: Chris Sabin (c) VS Kenta

The match starts as Sabin sends Kenta to the ropes. Kenta then applies a Headlock, but Sabin is able to escape then ends up on the apron and dives over to knock Kenta down. Kenta regains control of the match as he hits Sabin with a Neckbreaker. Kenta is back with a Headlock, then takes Sabin down to the mat. Sabin escapes the Headlock and hits a Single-Leg Dropkick, followed by a Tornado DDT which was only good for a 2-count. Kenta comes right back with DDT onto the ropes and gets a 2-count of his own.

Kenta send Sabin to the Turnbuckle, then hits some Palm strikes, followed by a DDT. Kenta continues his offense as he hits a Double Stomp from the top rope for another 2-count. Kenta is looking to put things away as he goes for the GTS, but Sabin escapes, but Kenta maintains the momentum and hits chops, but Sabin with a Thrust Kick. Sabin with a Missle Dropkick and Kick to the back of Kenta’s head. Sabin with a Clothesline, followed by a Cradle Shock for the win.

Winner: AND STILL X-Division Champion; Chris Sabin

Monster’s Ball Match: Moose VS Steve Maclin VS Rhino VS PCO

Maclin attacks Rhino as he was making his entrance. Moose then attacks Maclin. Moose is ready for a Spear, but we get PCO’s entrance. PCO is out and squares up with Moose right away and sends him to ringside with a Clothesline. Rhino with a chair and clears house until Maclin comes into the ring with a trash can and slams it on Rhino then slams PCO on a ladder that was at ringside. PCO come s up and dives out of the ring onto Rhino, then climbs the ropes and drops a Leg Drop to the back of Maclin’s head. PCO continues his Daredevil ways as he hits and lands a Senton on Maclin who was on the apron.

Moose is back and he hits a Standing Urinagi on PCO, but PCO comes right back. Moose with another Standing Urinagi and PCO comes right back up and gets a Boot from Moose. Moose grabs a bag and dumps out Thumbtacks  on a bunch of Cinder Blocks. Moose slams PCO on the tacks and Blocks. Maclin attacks Moose, then Rhino Clotheslines Maclin, followed by a Spear on Maclin.

Rhino is in control of the match and he is looking for more weapons. Rhino finds a table full of Barbed Wire. Maclin is back and slams Rhino on the Ring Post then grabs a chair and slams it on Rhino’s leg. Maclin heads to the top rope, but Bully Ray is out and pushes Maclin off the top, landing on the Barbed Wire Table. PCO and Moose are back in the ring. PCO hits a DDT. Moose with series of Chair Shots on PCO until Rhino Goes Moose, PCO with a PCO Sault onto Moose to pick up the win.

Winner: PCO

IMPACT World Tag Team Championship: The Rascalz (c) VS ABC

The match starts fast with a series of Dropkicks. Austin is in and has control of Miguel, until Wentz is able to get tagged into the match. Wentz with Ace on the ropes, then Miguel hits Austin with a Neckbreaker on the apron. Wentz with a Stomp on Austin’s ankle, then Miguel is back in. Austin is cut off from his partner at this point. Austin is able to hit a Soar to Glory over the ropes to take out The Rascalz. Austin is finally able to tag Bey into the match and tosses Miguel out leaving himself and Wentz in the ring.Bey with an Uppercut on Wentz, followed by a 2-for-1. Bey comes back and gets a Brainbuster on Wentz and gets a nearfall.

Austin is in the match and he and Bey double team Wentz with a kick/Neckbreaker combo. Wentz is back in the match as he Uppercuts Austin, the Stomps him from the top rope. Wentz dives onto Bey after Miguel tagged back in the match. Wentz sits Ace on his shoulders, but Bey is in to stop it. Bey and Miguel are fighting then Miguel hits a Meteora on Bey, as Wentz hits a stomp. Wentz grabs the Spray Can and accidentally sprays Miguel. Bey with a Superkick for each Rascal. Austin is in and ABC with 123 on Wentz. Austin with the pin and the win.

Winners: AND NEW Tag Team Champions; ABS (Ace Austin/Chris Bey)

Mike Bailey VS Will Ospreay

Ospreay and Bailey start with a lock up. Ospreay backs Bailey into the ropes, then they both flip each other arounda bit. Ospreay goes to the apron, but  Bailey is right there and kicks him a bit before landing a Moonsault. Ospreay hits back with a Big Boot in the ring and then a diving crossbody to the outside. Back in the ring, Ospreay with some chops, but Bailey with a Hip Toss, but Ospreay goes for a Headlock.

Bailey with kciksof fury to the chest of Ospreay, but Ospreay with a chop so hard, that it sends Bailey over the top and outside of the ring. Ospreay slides out, but Bailey leaps over him, bounces off the ropes and lands a Moonsault. Back in the ring, Bailey with more kicks. Ospreay ducks a new set of kicks, but then Bailey is able to connect. Both men flip each other around again and Ospreay with a Kick. Ospreay flies towards Bailey with a forearm. Ospreay runs towards Bailey in the corner and connects with a Boot, then hits a Thrust Kick.

Ospreay goes for a buckle bomb, but Bailey escapes and hits Ospreay with a backslide for a 2-count. Bailey with more kicks and then a Poisonrana. Ospreay is back on the apron, but Bailey kicks his legs out from him, then  Bailey goes for a backflip, but Ospreay kicks him to the Ring Post, then hits a  cutter on the apron, causing both men to drop to the floor at ringside. Both men make it back to the ring before the 10. Ospreay with a Dropkick followed by an Oscutter for a very close nearfall. Both men are up and run towards each other colliding.

Ospreay goes for another cutter but Bailey evades it and hits a Lungblower. Bailey lands a Ultimo Weapon on Ospreay as he’s still up and standing for another nearfall. Bailey is looking for a Tornado Kick but Ospreay stops him with an Elbow. Bailey comes right back with a Kick, then hits his Double Knees right onto Ospreay’s body.

Bailey fights Ospreay up top and hits a Flipping Buster for another 2-count.  Bailey is able to land a Tornado Kick and then tries the Flamingo Driver but Ospreay escapes and somehow hits a Styles Clash for a 2.9-count. Ospreay immediately hits a Storm Driver 93,but Bailey manages to get up. Ospreay is exhausted and frustrated. Bailey is slow to get up. Ospreay hits a Hidden Blade followed by the Storm Cutter for the win.

Winner: Will Ospreay

Call Your Shot Gauntlet

Jake Something and Eddie Edwards star things off. Kenny King comes out as #3. King helps Eddie and they hug with a mini Honor No More reunion. Juventud Guerrera is in at #4. Juve drops Eddie and King with double DDT, then punches Sheldon Jean off the apron. With this distraction, King hits a Spinebuster on Juve.

Johnny Swinger is #5 and goes straight to King. King picks Swinger up and knocks him on the turnbuckle then hits a GTS like move. Juve with a Clotheslines sending King out eliminating him. Crazzy Steve attacks Swinger out of the blue.

Gisele Shaw is #6 and eliminates Swinger. Outside, Steve tries to stab Swinger with a fork but Dreamer is out and attacks Steve. Jody Threat is out at #7 and she fights with Shaw. Evans and Vidal save Shaw from falling out of the ring. #8 is KiLynn King and she goes for Threat. Shaw runs after Threat with a corner uppercut. Elsewhere,  Juve and Edwards work on each other and Eddie bumps Juve off the apron.

#9 is Sonny Kiss. Kiss kicks Shaw in the head throws her out of the ring onto Evans and Vidal. #10 is Bully Ray and he confronts Kiss. Kiss flaunts in front of him and then Bully dances with Kiss. Matt Cardona is #11.  Jordynne Grace is #12 and she confronts Bully Ray, but Eddie Edwards sends Ray to the corner.

Eric Young is #13 and eliminates Eddie Edwards right away. #14 is Joe Hendry and he kicks Cardona, followed by a Fallaway Slam. Brian Myers is #15 and he spears Hendry. Cardona and Myers hug it out. Kiss butts their head, but Cardona and Myers toss Kiss out. Heath is #16 and hits the Wake Up Call on KiLynn King before tossing her out. Heath with a series of Wake Up Calls and #17 is Frankie Kazarian and he plants Myers with a slingshot DDT. Kaz goes after Cardona but Myersmakes the save.

#18 is Rich Swann and he goes after Myers. #19 Jonathan Gresham and he goes after several people before pushing Jody Threat off the apron. #20 is Dirty Dango but he gets eliminated right away by Something. Oleg attacks Something and security intervenes.

Major Players toss out Kazarian. Gresham tries to throw Swann out but Cardona gets Swann out. Cardona pushes Young off the apron and Myers throws Gresham out.

Major Players hit Something with a suplex, but Something hits a running clothesline in the corners on Both Major Players. Myers with a low blow on Something causing Major Players to thorw him out of the ring to eliminate him.  Cardona finally  throws out Myers.

The Final four is Cardona, KiLynn King, Bully and Jordynne Grace. Bully clotheslines King out, and Grace tosses Cardona out. Grace and Bully start the singles match. Bully goes for a top rope senton but Grace moves out of the way, Ray  goes for an Elbow, but misses. Grace us up and attacks Ray with a series of Back Fists. Grace with the Grace Driver for the win.

Winner: Jordynne Grace 

After the match, Jordynne Grace gets on the mic and calls her shot for Hard to Kill in January for the Knockouts Championship.

Knockouts World Championship: Trinity (c) VS Mickie James

Both women shake hands to start the match. They go back and forth and mount ont heir backs a few times. Both women are evenly matched as they trade punches and kicks, followed by a double slan. Both women take a breather out of the ring. Back in the ring, James and Trinity come face to face. Trinity with a Rear View for a 2-count. Trinity with a kick, until James with a Kip Up and finds a Roundhouse Pin for a 2. James with a knee attack on Trinity, then goes for a MickDT, but Trinity counters with a Headscissors which Trinity somehow counters into a Starstruck. James tries to escape via a pin, but Trinity locks it further and Mickie James taps. Trinity immediately lets go and hugs James who is emotional in the ring.

Winner: AND Still Knockouts Champion; Trinity

Gia Miller interviews Moose backstage and shows the Feast or Fired briefcase before declaring himself #1 contender for the World Championship at Hard To Kill.

Impact World Championship: Alex Shelley (c) VS Josh Alexander

Josh with a take down of Shelley followed by a Wristlock. Both men lock up again but this time Shelley with a Headlock, followed by a Wristlock. Shelley goes for a boot, but Alexander with a chop. Shelley goes for and connects with a rolling elbow, but Alexander with another Takedown. Alexander stretches Shelley on the mat. Alexander goes for a C4 Spike, but Shelley escapes. Alexander runs towards Shelley, but Shelley jumps over him causing Alexander to hit the Ring Post hard. Alexander grabs Shelley and pulls him towards the Ring Post. Alexander with some chops then hits a German Suplex for a nearfall.

Shelley is back and hits a Twisting Neckbreaker. Shelley then drops Alexander to his knees and stretches his arms. Alexander is back and hits a Belly-to-Belly sending Shelley across the ring. Shelley with a snap German suplex followed by Sliced Bread But Josh rolls through and is behind Shelley only to hit a Bridging German Suplex for a 2-count.

Shelley is being stretched but gets to the ropes for a break. Alexander with a Dragon Screw. With Shelley on the outside, Alexander tries for a Crossbody, but Shelley catches him and throws him into the barricade with Shell Shock. Shelley hits Sliced Bread on the floor.

Shelley sends Alexander back in the ring and lands a Frog Splash, then locks in a Border City Stretch. Alexander gets out and applies an ankle lock. Alexander with a Knee Bar, but Shelley fights his way out. Both men trade blows, and Shelley hits Alexander with Shell Shock and then a Superkick to the head, followed by yet another Shell Shock. Shelley with the pin and gets the 3!

Winner: AND STILL Impact World Champion; Alex Shelley

After the match, Alexander extends his hand for a handshake. Shelley shakes his hand. Alexander pulls him in for a hug and Alexander puts the belt on Shelley to close the show….

We get a vignette for Hard toKill featuring the main stars of Impact looking at a Box. The Box has the TNA logo….TNA IS BACK staerting January 13 at Hard to Kill. We go back to the arena and Scott D’Amore announces TNA is back.



Impact! Wrestling: Bound for Glory 2023

This show was fantastic. From start to finish the show was great and was well paced. The show only lasting 3 hours on PPV was a great touch as other promotions have proven that more is more and not necessarily better. Mike Bailey and Will Ospreay lived up to and surpassed my expectations. Alex Shelley going over was a legit surprise to me. All in all this was a terrific show and the anticipation to TNA starting up again in 2024 is at an all-time high. Great things are coming to TNA in 2024! Be sure listen to Sunday Nights Main Event tomorrow as we will review the show and chat TNA