It’s almost like someone, somewhere is testing my patience. Not only did Logan Paul have the audacity to show up, as usual, near Crown Jewel to challenge Rey Mysterio. Paul Heyman had to bring up what happened on Monday.

Jey Uso and Cody Rhodes were defending their Undisputed Tag Team titles against The Judgment Day’s Damian Priest and Finn Balor very well until Jimmy kicked his brother, costing Rhodes and Jey the match. I cried for a number of hours because of that.

The Los Angeles Times broke the news first that LA Knight will be facing Roman Reigns for the Undisputed Heavyweight Championship at Crown Jewel. Yay! Knight is getting the opportunity he deserves.

This is the second match that’s been confirmed for November 4th, others include Rhea Ripley defending her World Women’s Championship against Raquel Rodriguez, Shayna Baszler, Nia Jax and Zoey Strakz in a Fatal 5-Way match.

Heyman admits that he has a commonality with Texas despite not liking them, he’s also a fan of LA Knight. But he goes further to say that Knight will get smashed by Reigns regardless. That just encourages the Megastar to make an appearance and snatch the mic from Heyman’s hand. Ha!

He’s not here for the wise man, he wants Roman. “You told me to leave.” whimpers Heyman, but Knight forces him to get back in the ring.

Heyman said the spear Roman delivered to Knight was a warning shot, however, the Megastar says that if you’re gonna put him down, you better put him down for good. He doesn’t do warning shots. That just fuels him up even more. Reigns’ biggest mistake.

“I’ll pull a Michael Myers on ya! I’ll keep coming back.” Knight said. Halloween season. Ha! He wants there to be a contract signing between himself and Roman soon.

Santos Escobar vs. Montez Ford

Ford shows his more aggressive side in the early goings of this match as he hammers against Escobar’s back.

Montez plants Santos with a drop kick, which just leaves him slightly dizzy. Yet, he did take too much time to cover Santos, he couldn’t win after that cover.

Anytime Santos tries to get a hook on something, it’s immediately derailed by Montez. Escobar has been on the receiving end of attacks after attack.

An odd yet affective modified bulldog off the second rope rocks Santos. Imagine that regardless of the newfound hostility the Profits summoned, it won’t help Ford win tonight. Ha! Ha!

Escobar is starting to get some leeway with a Super Kick to Ford’s jaw as it sends him on the main floor. He manages to perform a Huricarana to Ford. Santos crawls over to cover Montez, unfortunately, Angelo Dawkins pulled his friend out of harm’s way.

Later on, as Ford is pushed back into the ring, he keeps the referee’s attention on him long enough for Dawkins to shove Santos against the post.

That angers Joaquin Wilde and Cruz Del Toro to pursue him. Angelo may have disposed of them, nevertheless, Escobar’s knee collides with Dawkins’ jaw.

Due to the time waster, Santos is caught in a roll up and awards Ford the victory. Following that, the Profits assault Escobar. Things look dire for Santos until Carlito arrives to stop the unbalance.

Winner: Montez Ford 

Elsewhere, Pretty Deadly were celebrating their win from last week, which was a bunch of nonsense. As if my prayers have been answered, the Brutes interrupt their spa day. Ha! Ha!

Now with The Bloodline, Heyman isn’t the only one reveling in dirty work. Jimmy is still bumped over what he did on Monday. But who cares about his pettiness? John Cena’s arrival is far more important.

He hits us with some of his hard truth, and that it’s been 2,002 days since he’s won a televised singles match. A record of his own compared to Roman’s. Cena’s last win was back in 2018. He prefers to face facts that retirement isn’t so far away given he’s been considering it.

The crowd and I chant: “You’ve still got it!”

John believes in us when we believe in him, so he says that he can still keep going. It’s gonna a bad night for whoever comes through those curtains according to John because Solo Sikoa is that person. He better be damn ready.

It was going well in John’s favour, but Jimmy’s sudden descend blew everything away. Lucky for all of us involved, Cena had some backup in Jey Uso as he takes care of his twin. Jey came in wearing black, covering his face, but I knew it was him.

Jimmy tried to leave, but Jey dragged his ass back. Ha! Ha! Jey Jey really wanted to get his hands on his twin so badly that security had to hold him back. The fight spilled into the timekeeper’s area. I would be mad too. This is the second time Jimmy ruined Jey’s momentum.

I can understand why he prevented Jey from winning the Undisputed Heavyweight Championship because Jimmy didn’t want his brother to turn into another Roman Reigns.

However, ruining Jey’s golden boost with Cody Rhodes, that is definitely something else. Something more selfish. How is it that Jey is trying to better himself, but Jimmy is too self-serving to let him do that?

Back in the ring, Cena muscles Sikoa for the Attitude Adjustment.

After that fiasco, Nick Aldis tried to fine Jey for 10,000 dollars for showing up on SmackDown. Since that’s the case, Adam Pearce suggested to fine Jimmy too. Instead what we got was a declaration of war between Aldis and Pearce. “Let the games begin.”

As we return to the ring, we are cursed with Logan Paul’s presence. He says he isn’t here for Rey, but he needs that Championship title.

In order to get that belt, you need to face Rey regardless of the fact that he already did. So, I don’t even know why he said what he said. Logan kept cancelling his own argument.

Paul called his boxing opponent, Dillon Danis, a deadbeat dad and said the same about Rey. That only prompts Mysterio to make an entrance. Apparently, Logan reminds Rey of his son. Passionate, charismatic… and has a big mouth.

Rey was hesitant to beat his son, but he won’t be with Logan. Mysterio decides to issue a match between himself and Paul for the US Championship at Crown Jewel. Pfft. I knew it.

Grayson Waller & Austin Theory vs. Dragon Lee & Cameron Grimes – Tag Team match

Due to Waller’s terrible interference during a match between Dragon and Austin two weeks ago with Cameron’s assistance, this fight has been sanctioned with persistence.

Theory and Lee start this fight off. Austin thought he took the wind out of Dragon with that shoulder tackle, but his opponent got right back up and delivered a drop kick before being ploughed by Grayson.

That double team Dragon and Cameron were performing against Grayson was very impressive. They were in sync. Grimes was aiming for Waller, yet somehow Theory got in the way so much so he looked like Whack-A-Mole. Ha! Ha!

Waller is driven into the post, and Theory followed soon after. Cameron is exploding as he takes down Theory and Waller at the same time. He almost won the match with that bridge suplex cover to Austin.

Waller quickly disposes of Dragon Lee into the timekeeper’s area then helps Theory by delivering a face plant to Cameron. Theory finishes him off with with A-Town Down.

Winners: Austin Theory & Grayson Waller 

Kevin Owens is SmackDown’s newest member since last week. Earlier today, he was in an exclusive interview with Cathy Kelley about his feelings towards the switch.

It’s bitter sweet that he’s been separated from Sami Zayn after they worked so hard together and main evented WrestleMania in order to win gold. He says they didn’t get a fair shot at winning them back, although, I disagree a little bit. Owens is glad to be on the blue brand with a clean slate.

He’s never had a singles match against Rey, or any of the LWO. He never crossed paths with The Brawling Brutes either. New faces to punch. Owens even jokes about Austin Theory and Grayson Waller being people he would punch for Kelley and himself. Ha!

All he wants is to show the fans is that this is the Kevin Owens he is.

Next week, Santos Escobar and Rey Mysterio go head-to-head against The Street Profits. Also, the contract signing LA Knight wanted is happening next Friday.

Iyo Sky (c) vs. Charlotte Flair – WWE Women’s Championship match

Once the bell rings, Flair was looking to end this early by attempting to cinch in the Figure 8, Sky had her scouted and managed to escape.

Charlotte was putting Iyo through hell when she wrapped her legs around Sky’s throat and dragged her against the mat. Damn. Not something I want happening to me or anyone else.

Charlotte sends herself onto the apron then kicks Iyo in the midsection. Just as she was about to return, Bayley grabs ahold of her ankle, Flair shoves her off, yet she’s sent crashing in front of the commentary desk due to a kick by Iyo.

Iyo looks to take to the sky with a suicide dive crossbody to Flair. The champ has Charlotte in a headlock. The Queen gets out of it with a side German suplex.

After being sent to the outside and crashing neck first against the apron, Charlotte harshly collides Iyo’s face with the apron as well.

Sky amazes us with a sit-out powerbomb from the top of the ring. That wasn’t enough to put the Queen away, not even the rough double knees finished her.

Sky has been doing a great job thwarting Flair as she goes for a submission hold. It wasn’t fully extended, so Charlotte managed to slip through and deliver a very strong suplex that made Iyo stand up like an exclamation point. Ha!

Flair catches Iyo mid-air for a massive fall away slam from the second rope that almost granted her the win.

Flair, once again, was so close to capturing gold with that Boston Crap, but Iyo squirmed out into a roll up.

Charlotte was looking to take out Iyo’s left leg, yet she moved in time resulting Flair coming down on her knee. Sky drop kicks the Queen into the turnbuckles.

Iyo Moonsaults from the top, Charlotte had her feet up, which bangs into the champ’s stomach. The Queen looks to finish this with a spear, but just when we definitely knew it was over because it was, Bayley places Sky’s foot on the bottom rope. AGAIN!!

Flair is livid and rightfully so as she goes after Bayley on the main floor. Apparently, Iyo was given her Championship by Dakota when Charlotte speared her, possibly hitting her head while the official was distracted by Kai.

Iyo goes into a cover and retains. Charlotte was getting beaten up by Damage Control following the match, luckily she had an ally in the returning Bianca Belair! My girl. KOD to Bayley.

Oh my God! Belair looks great. She’s wearing one of my favourite colours being yellow.

Winner: Iyo Sky 


TOP PHOTO: Bianca Belair. Courtesy of WWE