Well, well. Slaughterhouse did indeed deliver on its carnage and messed up turn of events. Salina de la Renta wasn’t here for games when by the end of the night, two fighters from her organization walked out Champions or a double Champion. Rocky Romero became the World Middleweight Champion after defeating Akira. While Janai Kai, Delmi Exo’s phantom opponent, stripped the World Featherweight Championship from the previous champ. She brought them in, and they strutted out with gold.

I saw clips of the Chamber of Horrors match, and it was as it’s titled. Horrifically deranged. Fatu may have lost to Minoru Suzuki, but he also received a sign of respect from his challenger.

Some tension between Rickey Shane Page and Akira have been stirring due to Akira’s attempt at interfering in Page and Manders’ Spin the Wheel, Make the Deal match. I wonder how that’s going to play out.

And let’s not forget Alex Kane. Matt Cardona may have his eyes set on that World Heavyweight Championship, but Kane was able to retain after his original challenger, Davey Boy Smith Jr., was injured hence the sudden swap being Tom Lawlor.

Love, Doug vs. Ichiban – No# 1 Contender’s match for the World Middleweight Championship

At the start of the match, both Doug and Ichiban were trying to establish dominance then came the arm drags, a back and forth type of strategy. They kept venturing to outdo the other.

Doug has been pulling out multiple pinning combinations that seems to impress commentary as well as myself given he isn’t taken seriously according to Matt Striker. Ha!

Ichiban turns things around as he rains a fist from the top down against Doug’s head then continues with his momentum until Doug reverses that by imitating Ichiban’s One One punches, but instead by kissing his forehead… Wha?

Things get even weirder when Doug uses rose pedals to blind Ichiban long enough to connect with an elbow to the chest off of a springboard maneuver followed by a running DDT. Striker wanted the referee to disqualify Doug because he believes the pedals may be soaked in psychedelics. Ha! Ha!

Ichiban puts an end to this fight with an Ichiban Kai finishing move over Love, Doug, awarding him the opportunity at the World Middleweight Championship.

Winner: Ichiban

Backstage, Tom Lawlor is adamant to believe that the only reason why he lost at Slaughterhouse versus Kane is because the official was corrupt. Lawlor isn’t a fan of the Bomaye Fight Club, especially given that Don King has his hands in that group. Tom informs us that he didn’t simply return to MLW, but he joined the World Titan Federation, who are planning to rebuild this company in their image.

Elsewhere, Tony Deppen and TJ Crawford are still extremely pleased with their recent work on Kevin Blackwood when they injured his ankle a couple of weeks back. They wanted him on the shelf after Blackwood went from being the number one favorite draft pick to “the bottom of the barrel.” Since Deppen was so excited, he wants to beat other people up. Crawford had the perfect idea as they walk away.

BREAKING NEWS Deppen has been suspended given how he showed no remorse for his actions against Blackwood. More on this later. Also, the Ace of TJPW is coming soon to MLW, Miyu Yamashita.

Security is reinforced due to the brawl that happened this past Saturday with the World Titan Federation and the rest of the locker room. We don’t want that to occur again. Ha! There was a moment when Mister Saint Laurent wanted to recruit Manders to his Federation, yet he bluntly refused. So, the upcoming matchup between Cardona and Manders is payback.

The Mane Event vs. Mr. Thomas & J Boujii of the Bomaye Fight Club РTag Team match 

This is J Boujii’s first match since being initiated in the Bomaye Fight Club a number of weeks ago. Striker is going to be a little harder on J because standing next to Mr. Thomas isn’t enough. J and Midas Black start the match off as Boujji drags his opponent into a temporary hold that Midas quickly reverses.

Boujji starts moving things in his favor as he hammers an elbow against Midas’ chest, rendering him immobile as J tags Mr. Thomas. They play a double team as they only get the two count pin.

Once Jay Lyon is tagged in, he disposes of Mr. Thomas, so Boujii would be isolated for another double team flattening the opposition. They were amazing with their combinations as The Mane Event kept Boujii from tagging his partner.

J was able to separate himself from being the punching bag with a DDT to Lyon from the top turnbuckle. He crawls his way to Mr. Thomas for a tag, on both sides. Thomas is labelled as the “walking bad mood” as he takes out Lyons first then turns his attention to Midas.

The Mane Event thought they had Mr. Thomas beat with that sudden spear. As they elevate Thomas for a finisher, Boujii saves his partner by pulling his leg down and deliver a double cutter.

The bell rings after that powerful spine buster by Mr. Thomas.

Winners: Bomaye Fight Club

We are in Atlanta with Kane after that brawl the Bomaye Fight Club had with the World Titan Federation. “I am suplex excellence.” He said. This is the most pissed I’ve seen Kane given he didn’t like that he was messed with, nor the beating his people got either.

Disrespect is the action that comes to his mind when he fumes with anger, possibly plotting to get them back. I’m kind of surprised I’m not being told that Kane could be a candidate for the World Titan Federation… Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself. Ha!

We were told that Mance Warner is here to confront Cardona. Are we gonna get a repeat of Saturday? I hope so. Ha!

As we move on, Salina de la Renta’s big news is that she has reassumed her chair as Executive Producer of Fusion after being back for four weeks at most. The highest position at MLW. I know she’ll enjoy herself a bit too much.

1 Called Manders vs. Matt Cardona

Manders is furious as he shoves Matt so hard that he collides his neck with the mat. Cardona gets taken down again with harsh shoulder tackles. Manders is the one with the most upper hand here as he ploughs Cardona with a back drop plus an elbow drop.

Cardona switches momentum as he uses his wrestling gear to choke Manders up to the four count. Manders makes a comeback with a spine buster.

I thought Manders was going to be bulldozed after he misses Cardona and collides with the post, but it was Matt who got the worst of it when Manders launches him over the ropes, and he hits his face against the stairs. Ouch. Cardona kept puffing air as he laid his head on the camera crew member’s thigh.

Just as Manders lines up to finish Cardona off, Matt shoves the referee between them. Manders gets mad and pushes the official out of his way only to be squashed by a winning Radio Silence.

Cardona may have emerged victoriously, but Mance Warner had the last laugh when he attacked Matt from behind.

Winner: Matt Cardona


TOP PHOTO: Salina de la Renta promo shot. Courtesy of MLW