In recent years, the Major Wrestling Figure Podcast crew have become one of the most consistent creators of independent professional wrestling toys and trading cards. I previously wrote about this in my article about wrestling card art, but the Major Wrestling Figure Podcast’s 2021 autograph card series was one of my very first independent wrestling card purchases, and I still think of that set very fondly, so I was thrilled when I saw a post on X on October 9, 2023, advertising that packs of their series two autograph card set were up for sale.

Similar to series one, this was a limited, mystery release. All they said was there would be 21 cards in the set, with five autographs per pack, at $75 per pack, and with only 235 packs available, this set sold out fast, so if you didn’t already buy a pack, I’m sorry but it’s too late now. They didn’t even release a checklist, but wrestling card collectors were so happy with the surprises in series one, like Danhausen, Dolph Ziggler (signed as DZ), and Taz, people were happy to buy the series two packs on good faith.

Well, I ordered a pack the day they went up for sale, and it arrived within that same week, and here’s what I pulled in my pack of series two Major Wrestling Figure Podcast autograph cards. 

The first card I pulled was an autograph of Allie Katch, and I immediately knew I made the right choice ordering a pack of these cards. Just like series one, series two draws inspiration from the iconic Topps WCW/nWo Authentic Signatures set, and it’s just so cool to see contemporary wrestlers in this style of set, and I love how they pull from their in-ring rivals, as well as their comrades, in order to add wrestlers like Katch, as well as EFFY, to this set of cards. 

allie katch mwfp

My second card in the pack had me feeling the glow, when I pulled an autograph of the current Impact Knockouts champion Trinity. This was another big surprise for me, even though Matt Cardona and Brian Myers obviously have ties to Impact, and according to listings on eBay, it looks like Deonna Purrazzo is in the set, as well. 

trinity mwfp

The third card I pulled was Raven, who actually had an autograph card in the 1998 Topps WCW/nWo series this set of cards pays homage to. This is a fun one because it’s an unexpected legend in the set, and it shows Raven in his classic 1990s gear, Sandman T-shirt included. According to eBay listings, Tommy Dreamer and Francine also have cards in this set, so it looks like the MWFP group managed to include a few more ECW legends in series two, in addition to Taz, who has the most limited card in series one. 

raven mwfp

My second to last card was Zack Ryder, and no I don’t mean Matt Cardona. This card features the signature and likeness of a young Ryder, with long, straight hair, holding a WWE Tag Team Championship belt over his shoulder. Ryder/Cardona was one of the only known inclusions in series two, along with Brian Myers, but it looks like they have different versions of themselves in this set. At this time, it looks like there’s at least two different Ryders and one Cardona, and two different Curt Hawkins and one Myers. 

ryder mwfp

My fifth and final card of the pack is one of the wrestlers I was most hoping for, Steph De Lander. De Lander was an obvious choice to include in this set, but I still felt lucky to get her in my one pack. Since being released by WWE/NXT, De Lander, formerly known as Persia Perotta, has made quite the name for herself on the independent circuit, pairing with Cardona and putting in time in the GCW and Impact ring. The Major Wrestling Figure Podcast previously released a Major Bendie figure of De Lander, so it only made sense to include her here, as well.    

de lander mwfp

As of this writing, I haven’t seen the full checklist of this set of cards, but what I’ve seen so far is a great, limited set. In addition to the cards in my pack, and those I mentioned in eBay listings, this set includes autograph cards of Ricky Starks, Max Caster, Ricky Morton, Karate Man (Ethan Page), and TJ Wilson, so it features a surprising mix of MWFP regulars, as well as wrestlers from ECW, GCW, and AEW. I couldn’t have been happier with the pack I opened, but I wish I bought another, and I can’t wait to see who they eventually include in series three.