Let me talk to you!

After LA Knight shockingly arrived last week to become John Cena’s partner for Fastlane, the Megastar is here tonight on the eve of tomorrow’s event.

Just as he was about to address the fans, Knight gets interrupted by what’s left of The Bloodline. Ha! To our surprise, Heyman admits that Knight will be the next big thing in WWE. At least he can recognize talent on stage when it appears.

Now that LA Knight “earned” Heyman’s attention, The Bloodline will have to insert themselves as if they haven’t already. However, Knight doesn’t give a damn. Regardless of that, he was momentarily outnumbered until Cena made his tear-jerking entrance.

Jimmy and Solo were left immobilized. Knight makes fun that The Bloodline don’t have Reigns’ permission to do anything. So the Megastar challenges Jimmy for a match later tonight, feeding to his ego.

And speaking of abrupt but not really, The Judgment Day is here along with JD McDonagh, whom Damian Priest found odd. Apparently, Rhea Ripley asked McDonagh to be here for a reason. Hmm?

Charlotte Flair & Asuka vs. Iyo Sky & Bayley – Tag Team match

Flair and Sky start this match off as Iyo looks for an early win by rolling the Queen up. Flair makes a comeback with a quick takedown plus a back breaker before tagging Asuka.

The Empress comes off the bat with multiple chops to Iyo’s chest. The champ was able to dodge an incoming high kick then tries to stack Asuka up.

Asuka’s baseball slide kick rocks Iyo so badly that she doesn’t see the second wave coming her way. Lucky for her, Bayley takes the bullet. Corey Graves calls this teamwork.

After the break, Asuka was now on the receiving end of multiple attacks from Damage Control as a whole. Sky was showing a more vicious side to herself by biting Asuka’s ear.

Damage Control made sure to keep The Empress away from Flair. A double team on Asuka until Charlotte got involved.

Asuka finally manages to create space between herself and Iyo, so she could tag Charlotte in who’s been waiting impatiently. Bayley also comes in. She was rocking Bayley down so well.

Flair and Asuka attempt to play a double team on Bayley, but Iyo powerbombs everyone off the top.

Flair was so close to a victory, yet Sky’s Meteora stops the momentum of this match. Charlotte even accidentally kicks Asuka when she really was going for Bayley.

For just a moment, I thought Flair and Asuka were going to lose, but Flair managed to stay on by blocking Bayley’s attempt at mocking her with the Figure 8, shoving her into Iyo.

Flair ends this match with Natural Selections. Although they won, Asuka didn’t look too pleased. Oof.

Winners: Asuka & Charlotte Flair 

And while we’re still on that pleasing train, Jimmy was shocked to find The Bloodline’s locker room door open, but I suspected Roman Reigns was here.

….. I was wrong. The Judgment Day were crashing The Bloodline’s locker room. Ripley sends everyone else out, so she could have a talk with Heyman. About what? I don’t know.

Rey Mysterio vs. Bobby Lashley

As soon as the bell rings, the way Lashley approached Rey was too in your face. We know you’re big, but killer eyes don’t need to be there. Ha!

Rey has looked up at other taller opponents than Lashley such as The Undertaker, Kane, The Great Khali to name a few. Bobby seems to be a sad imitation of those people. Well, with his current persona anyway. Trying to frighten Mysterio here isn’t gonna work.

Side note: I’ve heard that fans suspect that the moment Jade Cargill makes her debut on WWE, she’ll be the fourth member of Lashley and the Profits’ team, which I’m taking upon myself to give it a name once I have one. Ha! I could see that, but I prefer not to. 

Rey has a lock on Bobby’s waist, but it wasn’t tight enough as Lashley’s elbow to Mysterio’s head knocked him out of it followed by a shoulder tackle. The All Mighty’s shoulder ramming in the corner has taken more out of Rey as he tumbles to the mat.

Rey counters Bobby then continues with a Moonsault. He gained some momentum after spilling Lashley onto the floor.

Bobby wrecks Rey as he tightens his opponent in a bear hug, squeezing the air out of him. Lashley kept going right back on it every time Rey seemingly got free. Happily, the LWO hype Mysterio up.

Lashley was basically playing with his food at some point. But don’t count Rey out. He lures Lashley in as he bumps himself against the second turnbuckle. Mysterio continues his attack by taking out the legs of his opponent.

Rey almost wins with that DDT out of nowhere. Ha!

With every spark Rey makes, Lashley snuffs it out quickly by also disposing of Santos Escobar into the timekeeper’s area.

This match has been mostly Lashley overpowering Rey almost every three minutes. Mercifully, Rey sends Bobby crashing into a post.

Msyterio delivers a 619 to Lashley’s stomach and face before climbing to the top. Montez Ford notices that and tries to stop him. Alas, the LWO get involved to prevent that from happening.

Or so I thought. Wilde and Del Toro were swiftly taken out as well. Rey helps them with a seated Senton that costs him the victory as Bobby spears him out of the galaxy.

Wilde and Del Toro weren’t moving as they wait for medical.

Winner: Bobby Lashley 

Back in The Bloodline locker room, Ripley suggests that Judgment Day align themselves with The Bloodline to become the strongest faction imaginable. Heyman likes the idea and was quite disappointed that he didn’t come up with it first. So he decides to get authorization by Reigns. Rhea, however, authorizes it regardless.

“Heyman, acknowledge me.” She says, which stomps both the fans and Heyman, who informs her she’s in the wrong locker room to be saying things like that. Nevertheless, she boasts about it further when she mentions how Jey Uso acknowledged her on Monday. Ha! I saw.

I still don’t know what’s going on between Jey Jey, Ripley and Dom. Something is happening there.

Anyway, if this alliance doesn’t happen, we’re forced to see who’s stronger. Then, and only then, she allowed Heyman to make his call.

Dragon Lee vs. Austin Theory

I’m absolutely excited to see Dragon Lee wrestle some more because he’s completely incredible to watch. Rey did call Lee the future of Lucha Libre not too long ago as he quickly makes good work out of Theory in the early goings of the match.

Theory’s arrogance is going to be trampled out real soon if he continues to act like we own him a favour.

The Rock must of been in pain standing in the same ring as this prick a few weeks ago. Ha! That beatdown was orchestrated to shut Austin’s mouth.

It’s unfortunate to feel like it only closed him up for a day or two. Due to Grayson Waller’s abrupt appearance, Dragon Lee was being manhandled.

The second rolling drop kick gets intercepted by Lee. Dragon nearly grabs a win with that countered powerbomb.

Lee had Austin with that stomp, but Grayson pulled him out of the ring, so Theory could take a breather. That only enraged Dragon to suicide dive them both.

Just as Dragon was getting back inside the ring, Waller grabs him and slams his head against the apron. Theory sees this as an opportunity to end Lee for good, fortunately Cameron Grimes catches on to that and shoves Waller into the post, shocking Austin.

The window was open for Lee as he rolls Theory up for a victory.

Winner: Dragon Lee 

Elsewhere, Rhea is seen talking about her previous proposal to Jimmy. Unsurprisingly, he’s onboard with the idea, so he’s not waiting on the rest of The Bloodline’s approval.

In other news, Joaquin Wilde and Cruz Del Toro won’t be able to compete in tomorrow’s 6-man Tag Team match against Lashley and the Profits. They need a third man, although Zelina Vega offered herself.

These situations have a way of materializing people out of nowhere as a whammy to everyone else. Rey informs his fellow members that he’ll make a phone call.

Fastlane is going to be hell on earth. Seth Rollins puts his World Heavyweight Championship in a Last Man Standing match against the sinister Shinsuke Nakamura.

Rey made a call for a third man, a mystery wrestler we’ll get to see tomorrow.

Iyo Sky has to defend her WWE Women’s Championship in a Triple Threat match versus Charlotte Flair and Asuka.

The make-chief team of Jey Uso and Cody Rhodes battle Finn Balor and Damian Priest for the Undisputed Tag Team Championships. My personal favourite.

We also have the greatest of all time John Cena and LA Knight fight the broken Bloodline’s Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa.

For SmackDown next week, the Tribal Chief is FINALLY returning to the blue brand after what seemed like months. Damn.

Plus, we have a match between The Brawling Brutes’ Butch and Ridge Holland against Pretty Deadly.

On the season premiere of Friday Night, Triple H will also be making an appearance.

Jimmy Uso vs. LA Knight 

I can’t fathom why Corey Graves wants us to believe that Jimmy has stepped out of his twin’s shadow to stand on his two feet when in reality, that isn’t true. Jimmy fumbled back to The Bloodline not too long after Jey left and re-emerged on RAW.

If anything, it’s Jey that’s on his own.

Anyway, Jimmy shoves LA Knight into the corner then backs up only to leave himself open for a headlock.

Jimmy collides into a back elbow by Knight as he returns to the fight after whispering something Heyman.

That slide kick using the first rope by Knight was actually very funny as you see Jimmy noodle his way back to the main floor. Ha! Ha! Ha!

Jimmy makes a comeback with a Step Up Enziguri plus a Super Kick on the ground floor.

A great offence on Knight’s part as he summersaults Jimmy onto his knees. Uso was twisting around like a fish on a grill.

Knight was doing very well off of that power slam and elbow drop, but all good things come to a screeching halt. Solo appears and knocks Knight down.

Cena also comes out and dumps Sikoa on the floor. The ball was in John’s court until… The Judgment Day descend in forces. Man, it felt like a small army together with Jimmy and Sikoa.

God help us all. Heyman has authorized the unholy union between Judgment Day and The Bloodline as he and Ripley shake hands.

Completely outgunned. Outmanned. And outmatched. But thank the heavens once we hear both of Jey and Cody’s theme music. They may still be short, but at least there’s more assistance.

The look on Jimmy’s face when he saw his brother. Oof. The fright. Let’s not forget the way Damian was creeping into the ring like some cockroach. Ha! Ha! Ha! Just get in there.

For some reason, Heyman pulled Sikoa off the apron right before the brawl started. I’m not sure why. To keep things balanced? I thought. Hilarious.

Cody throws the first punch to Damian, sending him flying. Rhodes takes on Dom. Cena battles Balor. Knight tackles Jimmy. While Jey dukes it out with JD.

Hellishly beautiful. Rhodes suicide dives some of Judgment Day and Jimmy, so does Jey.

Sikoa actually thought he was going to catch Cena off guard, but he did lay him out. Knight comes in and dumps Solo on the floor.

LA delivers the BFT to McDonagh, Jey Super Kicks him and Cena sends him a spine buster plus the famous Five Knuckle Shuffle.

As we conclude the night, we are definitely ready for Fastlane. See you there!

Winner: Never mind


TOP PHOTO: Heyman and Ripley shaking hands. Courtesy of WWE