It’s the big four-nothing for AEW Dynamite tonight, and with the Jays being quickly disposed of by the far superior Minnesota Twins, there’s a whole lot more reason to pay attention tonight.

Everything kicks off with Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho. At the start of Dynamite they were bitter rivals, but now they’re golden…. likers? Renee Paquette is the talking head for the segment and the group are joined by another Canuck, Adam Copeland. What and edgy beginning to this era… yes I did it. And yes you’ll get more puns.

Rey Fenix vs. Nick Jackson (International Championship)

Thighslapper fest, spot fest, but I’m honestly tired of this, especially when they go as long as this one did. Don’t get me wrong, I love highspots but not at the expense of psychology. It’s pretty much a fast-forward whenever I get a Jackson on my screen, particularly when it’s involving a Luchadore.

Fenix comes up injured during the match but guts things out to get the duke.

Winners: Rey Fenix

A production snafu wreaks havoc on an MJF promo next.

Griff Garrison vs. Wardlow


Winner: Wardlow

Earlier tonight, Paquette spoke with Don Callis and Takeshita. Meh.

The Acclaimed vs. Butcher/Blade/Kip Sabian (Trios Championships)

I’d be more about the retro touchy-feely stuff if every “original” wasn’t a> being sacrificed and b> had any sort of regular appearance or otherwise were being brought back after being released for a couple years. As is, this reaffirms the mob sentiment that Tony Khan has more toys than he knows what to play with.

If you don’t know what happens in this match without reading the title, then you haven’t watch Dynamite in four years.

Winners: The Acclaimed

Another Toni Storm vignette aired. Not sure why, given that we’ve seen this character live in the flesh several times. The less said about RJ City the better.

Bullet Club is out next. They call out MJF. Big mistake. The yid decimates his adversaries on the mic in short order. Jay White sneaks into the ring for a cheap shot and pilfers the big belt. End result is a Championship Match at Full Gear.

Orange Cassidy and Hook are interviwed bakckstage next. Nothing of note.

Chris Jericho/Kenny Omega vs. Konosuke Takeshita/Kyle Fletcher

Strong match that ultimately sees Fletcher as the sacrificial lamb. It was really the only way you could go in this scenario. One Winged Angel gets the duke for the Winnipeggers.

Winner: Jericho/Omega

Post match, Powerhouse Hobbs attacked the faces big time. Absolute destruction and for the first time in his career, Hobbs looks like the monster he should be. The segment is killed by Callis giving Omega a chairshot to the head, a completely unnecessary spot in this day and age. Punk was right.

Backstage, we get a weird segment involving Max Caster and MJF. This is followed by a Samoa Joe video.

Sky Blue vs. Toni Storm

Blue shows her tremendous potential but this was a foregone conclusion. Storm Zero gets the duke for the confused one.

Winner: Toni Storm

To the ring we go one more time for Adam Copeland’s soliloquy. The gist is he came to AEW to face new opponents, go after the AEW Championship and team with Christian one last time.

Cage eventually comes out and Copeland goes for the heartstrings. Cage, however, no-sells and ensures he stays a heel.

Not a bad start to the R-Rated Era.

Until next time, Stay Classy.