NXT No Mercy was online with a packed house and one of the most impactful cards in recent memory.  Lots to talk about so let’s look at the results.

Blair Davenport defeats Kelani Jordan

Not much to this match other than giving Davenport a much-needed win after her recent loss. Davenport has talent but she needs a solid story and accomplice to work against. Jordan is certainly aimless with Dana Brooke’s departure and is in dire need of direction.

The post-match angle of  Gigi Dolin coming after Davenport gives the former Toxic Attraction siren a fresh lease on life in NXT but she’s really ready for the big stage.

Baron Corbin defeats Bron Breakker

This match didn’t make sense from the start. Neither is a face and Corbin is the least likely to ever get cheered. The appearance by Robert Stone, with the drafted Von Wagner as a vengeance point.

Bron, to many, is overdue to go to the main roster and unless Wagner is due to come back soon, this would be the likely destination. As for Corbin? Well, in honesty the future is wide open.

Trick Williams defeats Dom Mysterio and wins the North American Championship

Williams deserves the big win and has shown great improvement since splitting with Carmelo Hayes. There’s a lot to like about his first championship and I suspect it will be a lengthy reign.

Mysterio will likely head back to the main roster full time, and with Dragon Lee seemingly ascending to the main roster, a match between the two is likely to happen again.

Tony Deangelo / Stacks defeat Creed Bros., Bronco Lima/Lucien Price and retain the NXT Tag Team Championship

The champs are more comedy characters than we’re used to in NXT but they’re over so no one’s going to complain.

The Creeds are bound for greatness wherever they go but they still need some more time in NXT, particularly with a strong championship run.

Lima and Price are too new to properly assess. Lots to come from this pair.

Noam Dar defeats Butch to retain the Heritage Cup

This was a nothing-doing match and rendered the tournament useless.

Dar’s gimmick is more irritating than entertaining. I somehow suspect he’ll get a shot at Williams but the angle will need some development rather than a simple trophy “cash-in”.

Butch unfortunately will head back to the main roster where he’ll be horribly under-utilized.

Ilja Dragunov defeats Carmelo Hayes to become NXT Champion

Hayes’ relatively short run with the gold is somewhat surprising but he’s definitely ready for prime time. An entry after Survivor Series is likely, perhaps after he closes his NXT run by putting over an NIL talent.

Dragunov definitely deserves a lengthy title run and likely will start with a battle against someone like Corbin.

Many will wonder why this match wasn’t the main event, particularly with the outcome, but Becky Lynch is the bigger driver than either of these guys, and Tiffany Stratton is showing she’s not far behind.

Becky Lynch defeats Tiffany Stratton and retains the NXT Women’s Championship 

The argument will be made that the wrong woman went over. Tegan Nox being highlighted in the crowd rather than Jade Cargill is a bit surprising.

Tegan will certainly be fed to Becky while we await the next true challenger from NXT, possibly Jacy Jayne. Ultimately, Lynch does more for NXT than any of the current roster members and Dom’s seeming departure from the third brand means more emphasis will be put on the women.

Overall outlook

This was certainly the most noteworthy PLE for NXT in quite some time with two championship changes. There’s a lot to be optimistic about for the brand despite the uncertainty of television going forward.