The announcer says “Please welcome” as Jimmy, Solo and Paul Heyman make their way to the ring. Ha! The audience were unsurprisingly unwelcoming.

Given how Heyman felt like boasting about the brutal beating they gave AJ Styles and John Cena last week. The same that sent Styles to the hospital. It was horrible. Now, Cena is expected to be on the warpath as he’s still a partner short for Fastlane.

Cena isn’t here yet, so Jimmy assumes that he’s scared. As he continues to revel in his work, he didn’t catch the incoming assault from Karl Anderson of The O.C.

Karl is the one who warned Styles not to get involved with The Bloodline, yet now that he’s unavailable, Anderson takes this personally by sanctioning a match with any one of the brothers. Sikoa was about to enter the ring, but Heyman stops and instructs him to tell Jimmy to handle it instead.

Jimmy Uso vs. Karl Anderson

Anderson starts off strong during the match, really making Jimmy feel every inch of his frustration. He even almost picks up the win after a spine buster that nearly took Jimmy out.

Sikoa notices that his brother is on the receiving end of a beating, so he distracts the referee while Jimmy quickly scratches Anderson’s eyes causing him to fall backwards off the ropes.

The Uso controversy wins with a powerful Super Kick followed by an Uso Splash. Although he lost, Anderson wasn’t finished with Jimmy until he was Samoan Spiked by Solo.

Anderson may have been put down, but luckily for him, Michin came out and rightfully slapped Jimmy before going over to help Karl.

Winner: Jimmy Uso

Up next we have The Grayson Waller Effect as we welcome Bobby Lashley to the show. The All Mighty admits he made a mistake in selecting The Street Profits to help advance in this industry. That they weren’t prideful enough to do whatever it takes, which sounds wasteful in my opinion. The way Bobby “helped” last week didn’t sit right with Angelo Dawkins because he didn’t want to win that way. And what’s wrong with an honest victory?

I’m pretty sure that the assist is fine at the beginning, but when it happens all the time, it makes you wonder if you can do it yourself.

Waller suggests that if Lashley is scouting for a more successful duo, he should invest in himself and Austin Theory. He passes on that nonsense real quick. Ha! Ha!

Since Bobby pretty much dropped the Profits like bags of turds, Ford and Dawkins try to reason with him. Alas, Lashley makes it clear that if they want his guidance they have to prove themselves.

Elsewhere, we have newly drafted RAW wrestler Dragon Lee with us tonight. He’ll be the special guest referee during the North American Championship match between the unfortunate champ Dominik Mysterio and Trick Williams at No Mercy tomorrow night.

Cameron Grimes vs. Austin Theory

Prior to his match against Cameron Grimes, Theory was seen arguing with Dragon Lee as he stood inside the ring. Not sure what they were shouting about, but Lee looked incredibly disgusted.

Since he wasn’t paying attention, Grimes took that opportunity to inflict damage. Austin was lamb to the slaughter in the early goings of the fight.

It was later discovered that the reason why Theory was upset with Dragon Lee is because Lee got a highlight reel, and he didn’t. So damn petty.

Theory starts to pick up momentum as he fires away at Cameron with punches to his head. Grimes does show impressive core strength with a German suplex to Theory.

Due to Waller distracting Cameron, Theory was able to violently whip his opponent into the post. Ouch! Austin ends the game with a winning A-Town Down.

Clearly winning wasn’t enough to stop Theory from shoving Dragon Lee. Happily, Lee didn’t back down and shoved Austin in return as the official swiftly separates them.

Winner: Austin Theory

According to commentary, they think that Jimmy was humiliated by Michin after that slap, so he and his brother have gone out of control as Jim and Solo beat Ashante Thee Adonis of Hit Row shouting that he won’t be Cena’s partner.

They want to get rid of all the possibilities.

Rey Mysterio (c) vs. Santos Escobar – US Championship match

The best way to show Rey he respects him, Escobar vowed that he will give all he’s got. Santos already has the champ in a waist lock tightly wrapped in the middle of the ring as Zelina Vega looks on.

A big kick rocks Mysterio, sending him off the apron followed by a leap. Santos’ drop kick almost takes Rey out.

Mysterio makes a comeback by flying over the ropes and land on Escobar on the main floor. Rey may have hurt himself with that weird crossbody collision.

Rey prepares for the 619, but Santos catches him with a thunderous Super Kick. Escobar even Moonsaults from the barricade right on the money. The aggression commentary was talking about.

Santos misses with a high-flying maneuver as Rey ducks underneath to avoid the crash. Mysterio also misses with a springboard crossbody.

A very unique back breaker from Santos nearly took Mysterio out. On the other hand, Rey was too close to being on the receiving end of a Phantom Driver. Fortunately for him, he turns it around as he launches Escobar against the mat from the top.

Just as Santos was about to initiate his finishing move, Rey rolls him up for an inside cradle to retain his Championship. Nicely done!

These two men have been in a gruelling match, but the night wasn’t over as The Street Profits ambush them. That was enough to make Bobby Lashley make an entrance smiling and clapping.

Joaquin Wilde and Cruz Del Toro tried to help, but Wilde ran into a brick wall that is Lashley while Del Toro got squashed by the Profits. Ha! Ha! Bobby offered Joaquin to the Profits like a sacrifice as they delivered a powerbomb neck breaker.

Dragon Lee wanted to come to aid of the LWO, but he was held back by security. Because of this, the LWO challenge The Street Profits and Bobby Lashley at Fastlane.

Winner: Rey Mysterio 

BREAKING NEWS John Cena has finally landed in Sacramento to wreak the long-awaited rampage.

Backstage, Brawling Brutes’ Butch and Ridge Holland react to Elton Prince’s version of rehabilitation. The Brutes wished they broke his leg and fingers. Ha! Ha! Ha!

Charlotte Flair vs. Bayley 

I have to say, Flair looks amazing in yellow. A colour she should wear more often. Anyway, prior to the match starting, Charlotte had something to say. She’s questioning what happened to Bayley in order for her to become a stepping stone to Iyo Sky while Flair is still the measuring stick.

“You used to be one of the Four Horsewomen!”

Charlotte promises that once she beats Bayley, she’ll challenge Iyo for the WWE Women’s Championship at Fastlane. YAY! YAY!

The bell rings, and Bayley wastes no time going after Flair early. Charlotte did make a comeback for a short while before Bayley came crashing down on her neck with an elbow from the apron to the main floor.

The fight starts moving in Flair’s favour as she delivers a massive clothesline to Bayley. She even softens Bayley’s knee for the Figure 8.

Bayley did have Charlotte for a moment with that hurtful sunset flip into the turnbuckles, but Flair pinned her down with a successful spear.

Now that she’s beaten Bayley, Charlotte wants to focus her attention towards the Championship. This angers Bayley to order her fellow Damage Control members to gang up on Flair, but not before Asuka storms in demanding a Triple Threat match between herself, Charlotte and Iyo at Fastlane for the title, and foolishly, Bayley agrees without consulting Iyo.

Winner: Charlotte Flair

Next week, hours before Fastlane, SmackDown invites The Judgment Day. Also, due to their previous head butting, Dragon Lee will go against Austin Theory.

As we conclude the nigh, John Cena is here. Although he has no partner, he gave himself two choices: to either rip the contract and pretend this never happened or stand and fight.

Given he lives with the words “Never give up” on his heart, he will fight. If he can’t find a partner by Fastlane, he’ll eagerly be involved in a handicap match instead.

That little notion makes Jimmy laugh as he reminds Cena of the destruction he and Solo made backstage warning everybody not to associate themselves with John. Rightfully so, Cena strikes first at Jimmy. He almost had Sikoa up for the AA, but Jimmy’s Super Kick plus the brothers’ hip attack brought that to a halt.

John was left to struggle, almost got ploughed through the announcement table by Sikoa if it weren’t for LA Knight’s sudden, but needed arrival as he helps fight Solo and Jimmy away. So happy to see him!

I think you found yourself a partner for Fastlane, John.


TOP PHOTO: John Cena and LA Knight. Courtesy of WWE