Given how everyone is gunning for position by trying to get their hands on gold, Jimmy Lloyd is no different. He wants the Middleweight Championship that is sadly being held by Akira.

I think it’s time for a new dream, Lloyd. Oof. At least for now.

Nolo Kitano vs. Ichiban

Nolo uses his quickness to get out of a twisty situation by returning the favour in the early goings of the match.

Ichiban later sores through the sky as he delivers a springboard crossbody. Kitano retaliates with a nice arm drag followed by a drop kick.

Both men enter into a collision in the middle of the ring, flattening each other down. Ha!

Kitano impresses us with a Moonsault DDT off the springboard like it was nothing. That could have ended the fight, but Ichiban stays on.

Ichiban counters an incoming attack by catching Nolo in mid-air and planting him against the mat for a winning cover.

Winner: Ichiban

After the atrocious ending to the Kiss My Foot match between Cardona and Warner, Sam Leterna is backstage with Matt Cardona, the newest member of the World Titans promoted by MSL.

Elsewhere, for some odd reason, Sam Adonis says he knows where Cesar Duran is as he goes pass the camera man only to be snatched by those Azteca henchmen. Gasp! Where are they taking him and why? I’m starting to think that Selina de la Renta is somehow responsible. Or perhaps, that’s simply easy thinking.

Well, I won’t Sam Adonis. Ha! Ha! That’s a bonus.

Moving on. The Calling’s Rickey Shane Page boasts about how effective and accomplishing his goals are since he and Akira are now World Tag Team Champions and singles Champions. Trust in Raven.

Back on stage, MSL is on. Before we seemingly welcome B3cca as his guest, Laurent makes sure he puts his foot in his mouth by being arrogant about his own show.

B3cca’s take on what’s going on in the Featherweight division is that she decides to hold a silent vigil for Delmi Exo. A number of weeks ago, Exo was jumped and banged up with a guitar, much to B3cca’s delight.

Clearly, I was waiting for something a lot more exciting to listen to. Now that this trivial conversation has finished, the promoter of the Bomaye Fight Club, Don King is here to announce that a match was formulated between Kane and Davey Boy Smith Jr. for the World Heavyweight Championship. This will be the second main event happening at Slaughterhouse Oct 14. Whoo!!!

“You will love what you see as Kane suplexes this fool to Suplex Island. Only in America.” Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

On more serious news, MicroMan is missing. Apparently, he was supposed to attend an autograph session, but he never showed up. His friends from the SGC are worried about him, which made Mance Warner mad.

Love, Doug vs. Little Guido of The FBI

Guido takes down Doug, but Doug bounces back with a kick of his own, tripping Guido.

Doug did have a hold over his opponent, yet they managed to sweep him right off again. B3cca, strangely, is here watching the match at commentary. This kind of new development is getting weird…

Guido throws a couple of chops to Doug’s chest, really raining down on him. However, Doug‘s distractions being B3cca isn’t great for him since Guido plants his body effortlessly after that.

Little Guido does the stupidest, and I mean stupidest, thing ever. And that’s using Doug’s guitar as a weapon only to be on the receiving end of a clothesline to the face, which resulted in Guido getting hit with the guitar.

Doug stacks him up, covers and wins. He doesn’t win over B3cca’s heart though. She smacked his face into the cake he baked for her.

Winner: Love, Doug 

Akira vs. Matthew Justice 

Justice baits Akira to go after him, he reverses and spears his challenger. Matthew enters into a cover really fast to get this done.

Things start to escalate once Matthew brings a chair and has Akira sitting on it as he chops the chest. Not too long later, Akira springs back up and returns fire like a possessed goat.

Oof. Geez. Justice delivers a very noteworthy neck breaker against the chair to Akira. Wow. It was epic to watch. The Calling’s goons were suddenly present at ringside, watching from afar.

Matthew had Akira up for a power slam, Akira counters with a reversal powerbomb toppling over the chair. Practically bending it silly.

As the walls begin to close on him, Matthew started ganging up on the goons. They obviously have him cornered at some point. Akira leaps from the top with a chair in hand as he lands on Matthew.

Things continue to go to chaos as Jimmy Lloyd notices the brawl and attempts to help. Unfortunately, he quickly gets disposed of by Cannonball of The Calling.

Because of the unfairness, Warner and Manders assist Justice as he’s getting kicked around by Rickey Shane Page and Cannonball inside the ring.

The animosity doesn’t end there as Page and Manders spill into the back. In order to really hurt Manders, Rickey sets a ladder up and leaps from it, crashing Manders through a table.

Winner: No one


TOP PHOTO: Page dragging Manders backstage. Courtesy of MLW