NXT opens with Becky Lynch and we quickly get a continuation of the angle with Tiffany Stratton, who doesn’t give the champ much soliloquy time. After back-and-forth on the mic, they come to blows with Kiana James joining Stratton. Becky gets a chair though and chases off both women.

Elsewhere, Tony D’Angelo and Stacks are sizing up the competition in the tag team ranks, and even elsewhere McKenzie Mitchell talks with Ilja Dragunov about Wes Lee. Oh and elsewhere we learn that Becky is challenging Kiana and Tiff two-on-one.

Before we get to action, we’re brought to the Meta Four Lounge. Decent work here from Noam Dar but anyone with a pulse is starved for action.

Next, Dumb Dumb runs into Trick Williams ahead of the Champ vs Champ tonight. Dumb tries to bring Williams into J-Day.

Tyler Bate vs. Pete Dunne

Finally some action. And what action this was. And yes, I am fully aware that Dunne is still going by Butch but this match deserves the throwback name.

The two familiar foes threw everything they had at one another in this instant classic. The time-limit factor put an acceleration on the match and meant that the two had to be creative. The result was the competitors going so far as to steal moves from one another, a la Austin and Rock. Familiarity at this level breeds excellence.

Bitter End by Dunne means he’s headed to the finals.

Winner: Pete Dunne

Next up, Thea Hail and Jacy Jayne went shopping. I’m still not liking this heel turn.

Joe Coffey vs. Duke Hudson

Duke Hudson needs to turn.

Joe Coffey looks impressive in his offence which, yes, has simple moves like the backdrop but he makes it look so good.

Coffey reels off some strong moves including a deadlift German Suplex, but Duke gets the… duke in the end.

Winner: Duke Hudson

Roxanne Perez vs. Lola Vice

I don’t get the hype around Vice at all. She feels very vanilla to me.

Vice gamely tries to keep up with Perez but this was a foregone conclusion.

Vice evades the Pop Rox but falls victim to the more dangerous roll-up.

Winner: Roxanne Perez

In the middle of nowhere, Eddie Thorpe challenges Dijack to a Strap Match.

Dom Mysterio vs. Carmelo Hayes

Mysterio attacks Hayes during his entrance, but Hayes quickly gains control. Beautiful La Mistica from Hayes as he completely outclasses DumbDumb.

Mami’s Gonna Leave You chant fills the arena which I love.

Action spills out of the ring and connects with Dragunov who is on commentary. Dragunov nails Mysterio for the DQ.

Winner: DumbDumb

Clusterfrick follows the match.

A slew of more backstage segments are reeled off and I feel like Vince Russo is smiling somewhere, bro.

Nathan Frazier vs. Duke Hudson vs. Joe Coffey

Bunch of stuff here but none of these guys compare to Group A winner Pete Dunne.

Coffey hits a Lariat of all moves to close Group B.

Winner: Joe Coffey

Mitchell catches up with Mustafa Ali who is pissed off about the North American Championship situation. Joy. Even more backstage stuff follows.

Becky Lynch / Lyra Valkyria vs. Tiffany Stratton / Kiana James

Before the match starts, Tiff and Kiana jump Becky, which leads to Lyra coming for the match.

Once the action starts, Becky takes over. Lyra gets some good stuff in as well. In fact, it’s Lyra who gets the duke after a Frog Splash.

Winners: Becky /Lyra


See you next week.