MLW Slaughterhouse is coming to us live soon, so tonight we’ll be revealing one of their double main events.

TJ Crawford vs. Ichiban

Both men get in each other’s faces as Crawford lands the first blow by jabbing at Ichiban’s throat. TJ continues to gain an advantage as he rains down on his opponent.

Ichiban manages to create some space as he delivers arm drags after arm drags. He catches Crawford with a drop kick right on the jaw for a near fall.

For some reason during the match, Crawford acted like he had something in his eye just as Ichiban was on a roll. Because of that, TJ was able to deliver double knees to Ichiban’s back.

Crawford had Ichiban in a headlock, forcing him to his knees. Luckily, Ichiban uses his opponent’s body to lift himself up and counter his moves to give him the upper hand.

After all that momentum, Crawford thwarts it by punching Ichiban in the gut extremely hard. Stopping him right there.

Ichiban makes a comeback with a reversal DDT then a show ending maneuver being the Fan Chanting One.

The creepy thing that followed was that some guy in a hoody and mask came out to whisper something in Crawford’s ear. I can tell you it wasn’t The Calling. Ooh!

Winner: Ichiban

The events that follow last week’s attack on MicroMan continue. Adonis is excited to have a match scheduled with the World’s Biggest Wonder later tonight just so he could beat some respect in him.

The SGC have MicroMan’s back in case of injustice being committed.

Tiara James vs. B3cca

James is one of the wrestlers who have been drafted a couple of months ago to MLW. This is her debut match against B3cca, fresh off a win versus Maki Itoh at Fury Road.

B3cca makes her entrance as she usually does, singing with an awful tune that you can see clearly the audience doesn’t like. Ha! Ha!

Tiara starts this fight by placing B3cca in a headlock twice to silence her. The fans seem to enjoy that. Anything to keep this girl from snarling in the building.

James slams a harsh shoulder into B3cca’s gut as she collapses on the mat. At some point during the match, B3cca had Tiara down with a German suplex.

James retaliates with an elbow to B3cca’s jaw followed by a shoulder tackle and a clothesline.

I was really looking forward to Tiara winning this fight, alas, B3cca takes her down with a closing World Tour for Three move.

How unfortunate… Love, Doug is also here to congratulate her on her so-called victory, which she rejects.

Winner: B3cca 

BREAKING NEWS. The promoter of the Bomaye Fight Club, Don King, will be here next week! Oof. Lordy lord. Also, one of the big main event matches happening at Slaughterhouse is between Jacob Fatu and Minoru Suzuki. Two formidable forces colliding for the first time ever! Coming this October 14.

But right now, we have Salina de la Renta next. The last time we’ve seen her was when she was implicated in some shady business with Cesar Duran, thrown in the back of a car and her name was plastered on top of Mexican jail cells…? Wow.

You mess with the Queen, and she will come at you tenfold. De la Renta is responsible for the disappearances of Cesar Duran, John Hennigan and now, Taya Valkyrie. She has big plans for MLW, and it starts next Thursday.

So many people she has unfinished business with, including Jacob Fatu.

MicroMan vs. Sam Adonis

Adonis arrogantly pretends that his entering a strength bout with MicroMan, yet he shallowly shoved him aside like there was no weight.

While Adonis makes fun of his opponent, MicroMan decides to bite the back on his left thigh to regain his attention. Ha!

It was only temporary once Sam delivered that hard boot to MicroMan’s face. A few chops were also initiated across MicroMan’s chest.

Adonis attempted to remove MicroMan’s mask as he placed him on a chair. Fortunately, the referee told him to stop. How is it that Adonis favours himself the best in Lucha Libre and was about to disrespect the meaning behind those facial symbolisms?

This fight, if I should even call it that, was mainly to humiliate and punish MicroMan. It felt like a horrible comedy skit.

MicroMan manages to flip Adonis over for a cover, yet Snisky pulled the official from a three count. Right on time, as predicted. Now Snisky, Adonis and Mister Saint Laurent start hanging up on MicroMan.

I was simply waiting for the SGC to show up, and they did. They took out Snisky and Adonis as MSL ran for the hills.

Later on backstage, a brawl broke out between The Calling and the SGC out of nowhere to conclude the evening. Jimmy Lloyd, of all people, joined the fight seemingly on The Calling’s side.

Winner: No one

By the way, the World Heavyweight Champion Alex Kane isn’t pleased that he doesn’t have a worthy competitor to wrestle with since people keep backing out knowing his the champ.

Ha! Ha! No one wants to blackout.


TOP PHOTO: Sam Laterna interviewing Salina de la Renta. Courtesy of MLW