Raw starts off quickly from Norfolk, VA tonight with “Main Event” Jey Uso. Oh the irony…

Uso starts on a diatribe before Kevin Owens comes out to tell Uce thathe’ll need to earn his respect. J-Day comes out and Dom gets booed out of the building and, before you know it playa…

Jey Uso/Kevin Owens vs. Judgement Day

Hey it’s a whacky tag team that doesn’t get along.

This is version #345 of KO/SZ/CR vs. J-Day, and it’s getting more boring each week. Boo Dom all you want, have spots a plenty, but this has gone on way, way wayyyyy too long. I can’t watch this anymore.

Usual tag team stuff even with the new tandem work between Uso and KO.

Uso’s mullet is dyed blue now, by the way, in case you’re curious.

Uso hits Thigh Slappers a few times over in the match. The interaction between he and Finn is the most interesting part of the match and a rivalry between the two, separate from the J-Day schmoz, could be interesting.

KO comes up lame when he goes for the Cannonball run, and every time we see this it’s concerning as to what’s a sell and what’s legit. He’s just that good.

KO with a spinning Superplex late in the match that just looks amazing. It gets 2 thanks to Priest.

Uso goes for a Thigh Slapper on Priest, who avoids it and KO eats the foot. Soon after, Balot hits the Coup de Gras for the three. Better finish than expected.

Winners: Judgement Day

Backstage, KO is nursing his injury when Uso comes in to apologize. KO wants none of it.

Elsewhere, Imperium arrives, dressed to the nines.

Before the break, a 9/11 tribute airs. Classy move.

Akira Tozawa vs. The Miz

Tozawa starts hot. Honestly, an NXT run would benefit him greatly.

Miz takes over with It Kicks and a Buzzsaw Kick. A couple other shots leads to three consecutive SCFs and the win.

Winner: The Miz

Gunther keeps the belt, but he looks very vulnerable now. HTM is smiling.

Backstage, Byron Saxton talks with Smiley Rodriguez.

Back from a break, Jackie Redmond chats with Shayna Baszler who talks up Zoey Stark until Chelsea Green interferes. Green’s in recruitment mode.Baszler challenges her to a match instead. Piper Niven returns to reclaim her gold. Ok then…

It’s Imperium celebration time. Gunther starts talking while a single piece of confetti falls to the mat. The idiots chant “what?” a couple times and he ignores them.

Not surprisingly, Chad Gable interrupts the proceedings. He starts yapping before Gunther invites him into the ring. The two face off with Gable promising to beat Gunther to avenge his daughter’s tears. Good promo. Gunther says baiting a match by using his daughter is disgusting, and I agree. Gable gets rightly beaten down soon after. Otis comes down and gets a beating as well.

Tommaso Ciampa is out next with a steel chair, and if we’re getting a match between the two I’m all freaking for it.

Backstage, Drew McIntyre’s ire is raised by Xavier Woods. Oh heel yeah.

Before the match between the two Redmond catches up with Ciampa and Alpha Academy. Now hold on a minute playa…

Xavier Woods vs. Drew McIntyre

Just wait for the heel turn to finish in three to four weeks and this will be an absolute squash.

Woods makes some offence and catches McIntyre off guard in a few spots, but this is a Drew beating.

Impressive power stuff from McIntyre but Woods is up to snuff, hitting a surprise Powerbomb after being lifted over the top rope.

Drew goes for the Claymore but eats a Thigh Slapper. It gets two for Woods. More offence follows from Woods but he can still only get two.

Claymore out of nowhere gets the sudden win for McIntyre. Solid match we haven’t seen to death.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

Cody Rhodes is out next. He wants to talk about Jey Uso, but Dumb Dumb comes out with JD McDonagh in tow. Dumb Dumb mouths off but gets whalloped by Rhodes. The numbers start out in their favour but Rhodes fights back and takes out both men rather handily.

Backstage, Drew McIntyre catches up with Jey Uso. A match between the two is decided for next week.

Chelsea Green vs. Shayna Baszler

Baszler starts intensely. She squares off with Piper Niven outside just to tease. Back in the ring, she reverses an Unprettier attempt into Piper’s Pit for the win. Crowd isn’t behind her as a face.

Winner: Shayna Baszler

Post match, Niven comes in and fares better in a pounding soundoff. Stark comes in to even the numbers and we seem to have a new taf team to be injured.

Backstage, we get another wicked promo from Shinsuke Nakamura. This is easily the best treatment he’s had in WWE since his debut.

Back out to the ring, Seth Rollins is out. He responds to Shinsuke’s promo and calls his rival out. The music plays, but Nakamura doesn’t come out. Instead, we see Nakamura taking out Ricochet backstage. This is another GREAT segment.

Backstage, Balor meets up with Uso. Says the door is open for him to join J-Day. Yeah… not gonna happen.

Alpha Academy/Tommaso Ciampa vs. Imperium

Very solid action between these men, particularly from Kaiser who continues to be on the rise. Vinci is easily the Marty Jannetty of the group, but as a trio there’s no one stronger in WWE today.

Otis has a good series and we get back to Gable vs. Gunther. Good short run before Vinci comes in impressively. The pier six continues. Gable gets the Ankle Lock on Vinci who taps while Ciampa has Gunther locked up. VERY strong match. I can’t do it justice.

Winners: Alpha Academy/Ciampa

Backstage, Tiffany Stratton and Becky Lynch promote their NXT Women’s Championship Match tomorrow night. The two sign the contract Adam Pearce has.

Rhea Ripley vs. Raquel Rodriguez (Women’s Championship Match)

Rodriguez starts hot but Ripley takes over with a nice top rope dropkick. Raquel gets the ADV going into the commercial thoguh.

Back from break and we’re in resthold city.

Doble KO spot with Yakuzka Kicks from both sides gets us to the duelling 10-count.

Back up, both women fairing well. Northern Lights from Rhea gets two.

Big Mami Cool hits Snak Eyes and a Big Boot. She’s not here to play.

Rhea regains the advantage and hits a Frog Splash for two.

Outside, Rhea tries for the Foley Cannonball, but Raquel catches her and Pendulums her into the desk. Chicana Bomb on the apron follows and Rhea scurries into the ring.

While the ref checks on Rhea, Nia Jax makes her surprise return, taking out Raquel. Riptide on the inside is academic.

Winner: Rhea Ripley

Well that was unexpected.

Back in the ring, Nia goes after Ripley and the crows is audibly booing.

Until next time, Stay Classy.