As Heels approaches the finale of its second season, all that was starting to look so positive for the Duffy Wrestling League begins to unravel — but what else would you expect from the go-home show before the season finale? Read on to see what’s becoming of Jack, Ace, Willie, and the rest of the band of misfits in Georgia.

We open with Ace jogging to keep clearing his head and seek answers to his internal strife, and it leads him to picking up a job at a nursing home. It won’t last long, mind you, as you’ll soon see. 

Willie, meanwhile, is starting to lose her grip at home and at work, lashing out at her husband, daughter, and Big Jim at the DWL — and some are losing their patience with her gruff behaviour and outlook.

Rizzo, the chief scout for the Continuum enterprise sent to find out whether they should be backing the DWL or Dystopia, makes his own pitch to his boss Jen Lussier. He says that Gully is obviously out of his mind, but that Dystopia reliably sells out. On the other hand, the DWL is historic and family-run, and he clearly favours them. Lussier wants to visit them both and wants one of them to blow her away.

Jack gets the call from Rizzo and tells Staci that Lussier is coming.  He calls Ace and asks for his help, and his brother says he’ll be over after his first shift. Willie pulls Crystal aside and checks in on the offer from Gully for them both to defect. Crystal says she’s decided to stay, but Willie is still clearly tempted to leave.

Meanwhile, Staci is digging into the company’s finances, which she says is important ahead of the Continuum decision. Jack asks her to hold off while there’s so much going on — that’s a little foreboding. Oh yeah, Ace’s career at the nursing home seems to be over after a patient throws crap at him. That would probably do it for most people — bless the people that do work and offer care under those conditions.

The bad news now starts trickling in. Bobby and Crystal are at the doctor’s office, and he hears the report that his leg rehab is not going well enough for the doctors’ liking, and his recuperation is still going to be a long haul.

Ace arrives, in great spirits after the life-learning moment of having crap thrown at him, and he gets to work with Jack on how to impress Lussier. They set up a series of promos all around Duffy to showcase the spirit of the promotion, but we don’t see what they’re filming yet. 

They plan to host Lussier with a family style party, but what they don’t know is that she made a stop at Gully’s house on her way to Duffy — and he’s having an insane party that has her intrigued. Rooster spins a pitch for her about the darkness of human nature and how Dystopia respects and represents that. She seems somewhat impressed.

While everyone at the DWL waits for Lussier, Staci asks Bill if he had supported Tom with money, as it’s the only thing she figures could have kept the company afloat. She admits the debts they owe are going to make it impossible to sell their business. She’s worried about what Jack will do when he finds out, but Bill assures her he’s nothing like his father.

Lussier still hasn’t left Gully’s, and even tells her assistant to call the DWL and have them simply email their presentation to her. But, she wants The Condamned and Crystal right then and there, who she presumes are under Gully’s umbrella, and he says he can get them. He calls Willie and says he needs Crystal right now, but ends up stoking more reason for her to cut ties with the DWL and go to Florida.

Finally, Jack gets the call that Lussier isn’t coming and breaks the news to the crew. In defiance, and celebration, they watch their own promo package and cheer along. The video is great, but it’s sad knowing that it doesn’t get to the audience they meant it for..

Finally, Jack and Staci are at home when she comes clean about the financial issues and the “shady stuff” that Tom did to help the DWL stay in business (bribes are the tip of the iceberg), and she says Tom did things that could bring everything they’re doing crashing down. “I hate him,” are the final words of the episode from Jack, and we’re left until next week to find out how everything’s going to wrap up.

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