I wasn’t sure how to start this aside from describing how sad and confused I am. I was on Twitter yesterday when the heartbreaking news found its way to me about Bray Wyatt’s death…

Confused because when I saw the tweet, I kept staring at the screen and repeatedly say: “What? What?” over and over again. I couldn’t fathom how this happened. I still can’t.

The last I heard of him was at the Royal Rumble during a Pitch Black match against LA Knight. Also, I recall being informed that he was planing on coming back along with Alexa Bliss… Now, we won’t get to see that. Wyatt was someone that I enjoyed watching wrestle. He was very good at creeping me out with his Wyatt Family trio group wearing sheep masks, the rocking chair, the lantern and what not.

Although his character scared me sometimes, I liked him. He made doom and gloom look so electrifying to witness, even when his secondary persona became The Fiend. Only he could make that behaviour work.

He wasn’t afraid to go dark and literal. It’s a part of him, and he was raw enough to show it to us. Bray was definitely one of the reasons why I kept watching wrestling before I had to stop due to school. The way he moved, curved, spoke and laughed was mystifying. He didn’t seem real, but he was.

I never expected someone as direct as him would be wrestling, but all the more reason why he was the best.

I found myself crying and being silent for a little bit as I sat in the darkness of my room. I realized I never had the chance to see Bray wrestle live, and now I never will.

I’m not going to pretend like I know Terry Funk, but it doesn’t matter. He’s gone too. And I wish both Bray Wyatt and Terry Funk some peace.

Grayson Waller vs. Rey Mysterio 

You would think that Rey would be upset after being thrown like human waste by Grayson, but instead he looked Waller up and down like an alien. Ha!

After flinging Waller away, Rey imitates Grayson’s lunges that he does during his entrances. Ha! Commentary found this refreshing. Comical.

Rey connects with a couple of right hands to Waller’s skull as he towers over him using the ropes.

He shows tremendous balance for a moment until Grayson kicked him as he was about to jump back into the ring. Mysterio lands on the main floor.

Mysterio fires back by slinging Waller into the barricade. The Aussie Icon retaliates by coming down hard on Rey’s back as he went after him in the corner.

Rey starts to rally after the punishment he suffered as he sends Grayson shoulder first into the turnbuckle. A beautiful DDT came soon after.

Grayson shot Rey in the back of his neck, yet Mysterio delivers a brutal clothesline in return. He manages to trip Waller, but instead of continuing with the upper hand he has, Rey gets distracted by Austin Theory.

Lucky for Rey, that roll up didn’t cancel him. The double crossbody collision, however, did for them both.

Things weren’t going well already, but Santos Escobar attacks Theory from behind given he still has a score to settle. A mini brawl erupts on the main floor.

Rey whips out Theory with a sliding kick then proceeds to loom over him until Grayson came and knocked his ass out.

Rey could have lost if Theory’s hold on his ankle was strong enough and Santos didn’t drop kick him then and there. Mysterio body splashes Waller and wins.

Winner: Rey Mysterio

Following the first match, the WWE universe continues to honour and celebrate Bray Wyatt’s legacy. Tear-jerking social media posts from Braun Strowman, Big E, Sami Zayn, The Rock, Rhea Ripley, The Miz, Ric Flair, Mick Foley, Kevin Owens and more have made their way into our hearts.

As Iyo Sky prepares for her first upcoming title defends against Zelina Vega, Bayley wants to set the record straight. Whilst Sky did lose to Zelina twice in the last two matches she’s had with her, Bayley concludes that to be due to luck.

“Iyo is a once in a generational talent,” she said. So, we’re forced to believe that.

Iyo Sky (c) vs. Zelina Vega – WWE Women’s Championship match

At first, it was mainly a show off battle between the two then the match really started when Zelina slammed Iyo onto her backside and grinned. Ha!

Sky gets in control of things after body slamming Zelina’s body against the mat. Twice then transitions into a cross face.

Vega pushes through and fires back at Sky in full force as best she can with a Hammerlock Russian leg sweep DDT.

Zelina almost has Iyo pegged with that Meteora from the top. However, it’s always too early to say anything good.

Sky makes a comeback with an impressive missile drop kick to Zelina’s chest. Right when she was about to hit the mat again, Zelina turns it around with another DDT. It stunned Bayley and Dakota Kai.

Iyo couldn’t capitalize after the thunderous powerbomb she delivered to Vega, so she kept at it. She even escaped right after Zelina’s Code Red to prevent her from winning.

Later on in front of the announcement table, Zelina gets shoved into the steel stairs by Sky.

Iyo retains with a spectacular Moonsault over Zelina. An effort we hope to see Vega do again.

Winner: Iyo Sky

In the days of mourning that continues for all of us, Cody Rhodes pays tribute to Terry Funk who was one of his late father’s, Dusty Rhodes, rivals and friend.

Baron Corbin, Becky Lynch, Cody Rhodes, Vanessa Hudgens, Kane, and Alexa Bliss also honour Bray Wyatt.

In order to pay respect to his name, the following match is a Terry Funk Tag Team match to commemorate Terry’s passion and hardcore style for tables, ladders and chairs.

Butch & Ridge Holland vs. The Street Profits – Terry Funk Hardcore Tag Team match

The moment the bell rings, the Brutes pounce over to their opponents and begin to beat the living hell out of the other. The Profits even manage to scurry a little bit.

Dawkins disposes of Holland against the steel stairs as Butch handles Montez. After almost getting his body parts torn off, Ford shoulder tackles Butch in order to create some space.

Butch drop kicks both Profits so effortlessly that makes him a one-man army. Where’s Holland?

Ridge gets rid of Montez, but Angelo turns him inside out as payback. The Profits are rolling as they plant Butch on his face. There’s a more aggression to Dawkins and Montez’ approach, and I like it.

More focused.

Butch took a high risk, and it paid off as he crashes on top of the Profits. Holland used Butch like Funk would use a ladder to knock people away. Ha! It was to great effect.

Things continue to deteriorate for the Profits as Holland bulldozes Dawkins so hard, I bet he lost a tooth. And his eye vision for several minutes.

My God. And if it couldn’t get any worse, the All Mighty Bobby Lashley shows up as everyone else is on the floor. Oh oh, the father is here.

That’s when some things changed in the Brutes’ favour, they pay homage to Sheamus with the Ten Beats. Or 20 according to commentary.

Dawkins and Ford do manage to turn things around as they deliver a massive Blockbuster to Holland that shocks everyone.

A Super Kick by Montez rocks Holland. And a clothesline by Ridge plants Ford. The audience are still waiting for tables, ladders and chairs to get involved.

Ford took way too much time, so Holland takes out both Profits. Butch looks to fly, but Lashley doesn’t let him as he shoves the rabid animal off the top and land face first against the apron followed by a spear.

Wow! Who runs looking like a bolder with legs? Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

The Profits use that opening to deliver a neck breaker to Holland through the table for a victory.

Winners: The Street Profits 

A clip of the first Firefly Funhouse promo with Bray Wyatt was displayed for us. I’ve never seen more than what I saw when Wyatt made his comeback somewhere towards the end of last year, I believe. Reviving the Funhouse.

I remember calling his friends Dark Sheila, Rat Bunny, but I didn’t see Pigsy. What a shame. I did see a dinosaur named Mercy the Buzzard. At least I think he’s a Dino. He could be a vulture for all I know.

Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels, LA Knight, Natalya, Iyo Sky, and John Cena pay their respects forward to Bray Wyatt. Knight being the last person Bray wrestled back at the Rumble. The following match are two wrestlers who were Wyatt’s signature opponents at a time.

And Finn having one of the most memorable storylines with Bray. The Demon vs. Bray. The Fiend vs. Balor. Finn vs. Bray. But we’re never going to get The Fiend vs. The Demon. That would have been something great.

LA Knight vs. Finn Balor

LA Knight notices the obsession, being the relative term here, The Miz has for him. TMZ caught up with Miz and asked him about his rivalry with Knight. He responds that if Knight remains a “fad”, he’ll never go to WrestleMania in Philadelphia next year.

Regardless of that, Knight makes sure to inform Miz that his career 12 years ago was simply background noise to a much bigger storyline being The Rock and John Cena. With all that said, “Miz, a wise man once told me, the next time you see me… run!”

I gotta tell you I laughed a little after that takedown of Knight Balor did in the early goings of this match, but what really made me snicker was that propeller movement Finn does on Knight’s back. Ha! I found it funny is all.

You don’t have to laugh with me, okay? Ha!

After that beating Balor was getting, he decides to take a breather. As I should too. Finn misses with an elbow drop that helps me laugh again at his weirdness and/or miscalculation.

But Knight does get whipped when Balor yanks on his ankle resulting in his head hitting the first turnbuckle harshly.

Knight turns the table with a neck breaker to Balor then a DDT.

Following the Slingblade, Finn thought he had Knight pinned, yet the Megastar hits him back with a clothesline.

Knight looks for the BFT, Finn has him scouted by driving an elbow down his chest.

LA Knight manages to ward off Balor with a successful BFT as he can now focus on his upcoming Payback match against the A-Lister The Miz.

Winner: LA Knight

I had tears coming down my face at least seven times tonight. It’s hard not to cry, especially with how easy water comes out of my eyes. Among all the recent deaths, Bray is the one that effects me the most because I connected with him.

I’m still perplexed, but not in denial. Which is why I can say thank you, Bray. Thank you, Terry.


TOP PHOTO: Rest in peace Terry Funk and Bray Wyatt. Courtesy of WWE