Jackie Fargo passed away on June 24, 2013 at the age of 82, and in honor of the ten year anniversary of his passing, Kayfabe Cave released a limited edition Jackie Fargo trading card “For a Cause.” For $25, shipping included, fans of Fargo receive one of just one hundred trading cards of “The Fabulous One.” 

Jackie Fargo card for a cause

“As a native of Nashville and Tennessee, the impact that Jackie Fargo had on the local wrestling scene is so important,” said Todd Camp, the owner of Kayfabe Cave. “Jackie is one of the fathers of Tennessee wrestling. When I heard he had no headstone to honor him, I immediately wanted to help this cause however I could. It’s a complete honor to have Charlotte Fargo’s blessing and approval to make her father a trading card.”

The card was designed by Camp and his wife using a photo of Fargo from the 1960s, and Camp said they “edited the photograph so it would give Jackie a nice heavenly appearance with the background of the cloudy sky behind him.”

Camp said Fargo’s daughter, Charlotte, loved it. The back of the card says “Thanks Pally” because he used to call everyone “Pally,” so “it’s kind of like Jackie saying thanks for being great fans and helping me get a headstone.”

Camp stated that “all proceeds will be donated to the Fargo family to help the cause of getting Jackie a headstone at his gravesite.”

Other than a scarce, Japanese, double-sided, hand-cut card of Fargo and Haystacks Calhoun from Gong Magazine, this seems to be one of the few wrestling cards of Fargo in existence, so purchase your Jackie Fargo Card for a Cause, while supplies last.       

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