With circumstances beyond our control this week here is your quick rundown of Monday Night Raw.

The Judgment Day took to the ring…without Finn Balor. He is slated to fight Cody Rhodes tonight. The faction discusses getting back on the same page. JD McDonagh comes out to deliver a message from Finn. J-Day is not pleased to see him. He says things are okay with Finn. He is just preparing for Cody tonight. Ripley doesn’t take too kindly to JD telling her or the others what to do. JD says he is just delivering a message.

Sami Zayn rushes the ring. JD meets him and they brawl. JD damages Zayn’s already injured wing on a steel post.

Sami Zayn versus JD McDonagh

JD works on Zayn’s shoulder for most of the match. Finn Balor shows up. Zayn knocks him off the apron and scores the win with a Helluva Kick.

Winner: Sami Zayn

Adam Pearce meets with Chelsea Green to discuss the situation with the tag belts now that Deville is injured and won’t be back for months. Green wants to hold open try-outs for a new partner. Katana Chance and Kayden Carter appear. They want to challenge for the belts when Green has a new partner. Piper Niven attacks them both and declares herself Green’s new partner dragging her off.

Gunther and Imperium address the crowd. He says he has accomplished more in WWE than Chad Gable ever has. He laughs off Chad’s challenge to his title. Gable, Otis and Maxxine arrive on the scene. Gable believes he cannot only hand with Gunther, he can beat him. Ludwig hits on Maxxine again. She slaps him in the face.

Giovanni Vinci versus Chad GableĀ 

Gable avoids a powerbomb and pins Vinci with Chaos Theory. Gunther is furious. He demands a match with Otis so we get…

Winner: Chad Gable

Gunther versus Otis

Otis attempts his Caterpillar but Gunther boots him in the head and pins him with a powerbomb. Gable suplexes Gunther after the match is over.

Winner: Gunther.

The Judgment Day meet backstage. JD breaks in and they tell him to buzz off. Finn explains he will chat with him in a second. Finn says he will destroy Cody tonight.

Drew McIntyre is interviewed about what might be next for him in WWE. Matt Riddle show up and asks Drew to be his new tag team partner.

Matt Riddle and Drew McIntyre versus The Viking Raiders

The Viking Raiders continue to be pinfall fodder. Drew wins the match for his team with a Claymore.

Winners: Matt Riddle and Drew McIntyre

Raquel Rodriguez, Candice and Indi all chat about Rhea Ripley and how she is going to pay for what she did to Raquel. Raquel still isn’t cleared for action.

Riddle and Drew celebrate their win in the back. The New Day interrupt and challenge them for a match next week.

Rhea Ripley versus Indi Hartwell

Rhea dominates pinning Hartwell with a head butt and Riptide. Candice attacks Ripley from behind. Indi joins in.

Winner: Rhea Ripley

Michael Cole interviews Shinsuke Nakamura in the ring about what he did last week to Seth Rollins. Nakamura answers mostly in Japanese which encourages “What?” chants. Rollins comes out. Rollins tells Nakamura he didn’t have to blindside him for a title shot. He just had to ask. Nakamura shakes Rollin’s hands but whispers something to him. Rollins looks confused and taken aback by whatever was said to him. Nakamura appears to leave the ring but returns to Kinshasa Rollins into DreamLand.

The Miz complains some more about LA Knight, not shaking his hand, etc, in a backstage interview with Byron.

Trish Stratus versus Becky Lynch

The match breaks down with both women heading into the crowd and the arena concourse. Zoey Stark arrives and they double team Lynch. Adam Pearce is appalled at what happened. He signs a steel cage match between Lynch and Stratus for next week.

Winner: Double Count Out.

Imperium is backstage. Gunther rips on his henchmen. Gunther says he is going to demand that Adam Pearce sign his title match against Gable for next week’s Raw.

Cody Rhodes versus Finn Balor

Ripley distracts the official by leaping on the apron and arguing. Dominik crotches Rhodes on the ropes. Dominik hands Finn a chair. The official takes it away from Finn.

Ripley once again distracts the official as Priest throws his Money in the Bank briefcase to Balor. Cody catches it instead and nails Balor. He pins Finn with the Cross Rhodes.

Judgment Day attacks Cody after the match. Zayn arrives with a steel chair nailing Priest and Dominik. JD McDonagh puts a stop to the that. Finn hits the Coup de Grace on Cody and a double stomp on Zayn on the floor. Priest puts Zayn through the announce table with a Razor’s Edge. Finn hits yet another Coup de Grace on Cody.

Winner: Cody Rhodes