NXT Heatwave next Tuesday has a stacked card for a weekly show, headlined by NXT Champion Carmelo Hayes defending against Wes Lee – both widely regarded as the two best North American Champions in the lineage. Deservedly, they’ve elevated themselves to the main event scene of the white-and-gold brand, facing off in an impromptu contract signing before Heatwave.

Tony D’Angelo and Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo (c) vs The Dyad – NXT Tag Team Championships 

The challengers are accompanied by Joe Gacy, Ava Raine, and a maskless army – that definitely isn’t hiding the missing Creed Brothers incognito. Every Dyad match feels like a countdown to their inevitable release, almost a year after publicly requesting it. But they show bursts of energy, controlling through picture-in-picture until D’Angelo makes the comeback. Ivy Nile appears to distract Schism while the masked Creed Brothers assist The Family in securing the victory, yet everybody is somehow still befuddled.

Winners: Tony D’Angelo and Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo 


Another great Eddy Thorpe vignette showcases his Native background, dancing to unleash his fighting spirit in preparation for Dijak.

Wes Lee interrupts Carmelo Hayes signing autographs, seemingly looking past Dijak towards the NXT Championship at Heatwave.

Andre Chase calls throwing in the towel “towelgate” when talking to Duke Hudson, who sides with Thea Hail in the ongoing dissension. Hudson is pulling off the longest of long-term back stabbings, and the game plan is foolproof.

Blair Davenport vs Dana Brooke

Brooke attempts to show protege Kehlani Jordan “killer instinct” but gets flustered off a two-count. She grabs the ring bell, Jordan stops her, and the match devolves into a messy exchange. But Davenport finally connects with two knee strikes and is thankfully victorious over Brooke, who hasn’t connected in a decade.

Winner: Blair Davenport


Dijak interrupts Hayes this time, but the champion responds, “As of right now, I’m the only one going to Heatwave – not you.”

Drew Gulak vs Trick Williams 

The “Trick Willy” singles agenda is in full force, proving himself more than a “purse holder” as shown on Damon Kemp’s t-shirt. The latter and Charlie Dempsey accompany Gulak and interfere numerous times before Brooks Jensen and Josh Briggs even the odds. Williams delivers an awkward spinning boot for the win, encapsulating a super athlete that hasn’t quite smoothed out the edges yet. But the major asset is clearly the charisma: “I know they call you the ‘Mad Dragon’, but next week, imma be dragon that ass, dawg!” he says to Ilja Dragunov.

Winner: Trick Williams 


Dabba-Kato is still bitter about Apollo Crews like a jealous ex, but he “returns soon” to NXT in a vignette. But frankly, he’s no longer a threat after losing to Axiom and Scrypts not long ago.

Baron Corbin gets cheered like a hero on his redemption arc, but Mr. Stone and Von Wagner in his New Balance 550s interrupt. Corbin flexes his supposed mic skills, but Wagner bites back in his unique voice: “Happy Corbin, Sad Corbin, Bumass Corbin… I don’t even remember your other eight gimmicks because they all sucked!” He gets Orlando standing for a table spot, but security separates the two towers before Heatwave.

Rhea Ripley calls out Dragon Lee and Lyra Valkyria for a mixed-tag at Heatwave. Dominik Mysterio does not wear the pants.

Mustafa Ali acts as a presidential candidate for the North American Championship. “The people of North America deserve better,” he says, in an extremely well-done, gritty vignette. When WWE production is used correctly, it’s unbeatable.

Wes Lee vs Dijak

The winner advances to Heatwave next week against Carmelo Hayes for the NXT Championship. While Lee would create a high-speed barnburner, Dijak may be more intriguing for the sure-fire David-Goliath match – much like this exact bout at Vengeance Day earlier in February. Lee’s same crisp agility is on display, although both nurse targeted limbs with their shoulder and knee respectively. Eddy Thorpe helps Lee connect with the Kardiac Kick and Spiral Tap for victory, and in defeat yet again, Dijak is arguably the most overlooked big man in wrestling.

Winner: Wes Lee


Valkyria and Lee, the luchador, meet up to discuss challenging Ripley and Mysterio while sharing Irish and Spanish dialect. 

The NXT Anonymous account caught a dispute between Tyler Bate and Joe Coffey, and the former vows to give his opponent peace and serenity. The product of leaves is quite the thing.

A fiery vignette from Ilja Dragunov makes Trick Williams look like somebody in legitimate danger, and it’ll be a miracle if “Trick Willy” gains the victory next week at Heatwave.

Tyler Bate vs Joe Coffey

Gallus looks naked without the NXT Tag Team Championships and potentially a bit directionless as of now. Bate gives Coffey one with an Airplane Spin, followed by a rebound lariat and outside dive. But Dabba-Kato spoils the match with a big boot and giant slam to Bate as Gallus escapes. Whatever happens to this guy, he’ll always be big – he has that going for him.

Winner: N/A


Bron Breakker barges into Baron Corbin’s parking lot interview, claiming he isn’t finished with Von Wagner. Corbin isn’t fazed, but he will be when Breakker inevitably obliterates him with a spear at Heatwave.

Hard Hitting Home Truths with Nathan Frazer is hijacked by Supernova Session with Meta-Four “live: from the moon.” Dar still has his counterfeit Heritage Cup, and Frazer drowns him out with a “fraud” button instead of investing in cybersecurity.

Jacy Jayne vs Thea Hail

Hail is accompanied by Duke Hudson and Andre Chase, who still carries a towel around despite “towelgate.” After commercial, Hail makes a comeback but is halted by a superkick and a potentially exposed turnbuckle. But Chase fixes the metal, inadvertently letting Jayne capitalize with a roll-up for the win.

Winner: Jacy Jayne


A much more grounded package highlights the family legacy of Humberto Carillo and Angel Garza, narrated by the voice of Humberto Garza about the importance of staying together.

Number-one contender Wes Lee forces an impromptu contract signing, stealing a table from Carmelo Hayes’ autograph session. Hayes obliges with his signature smack talk, telling Lee he’ll “fold like a chair on an Alabama boardwalk.” They discuss being the two best North American Champions in history, but Lee breaks out like a main-event underdog – footstomping the table to close the show. With authentic, genuine back-and-forth, Hayes and Lee created an incredible build with just one segment.


NXT 8/15/23

Orlando, FL

A surprising rarity for NXT, the segments on tonight’s episode outshined the matches. Letting the talents present themselves authentically produced great content – Wes Lee, Carmelo Hayes, Baron Corbin, and Mustafa Ali in particular.